Arcane Lord Chapter 956

Heavy taxation has always been the biggest obstacle to the population growth of Olaer continent. It is also a heavy shackle that has been unable to further the economy, society, and culture for thousands of years.

No lord at all realized that from the perspective of long-term development, this kind of aggressive behavior actually harmed his own interests in the end.

After all, population is the cornerstone of all civilizations. Without sufficient population, there will be no sufficient labor force. Without sufficient labor force, sufficient surplus value cannot be produced. Without sufficient surplus value, business and economy cannot be promoted. The dual prosperity, extreme economic and commercial backwardness led to low incomes for the lords, which led to the lords frantically squeezing tenants and serfs on their own territories. Due to the frantic squeezing, the farmers did not have enough food to raise their offspring…

In a way, this is a terrifying endless loop.

Just imagine, when most territories have only a few thousand to tens of thousands of people, what can the lords do?

In fact, they can’t do anything. They can barely maintain their rule. Let alone push for reforms, a small-scale natural disaster may cause extremely serious consequences.

When encountering a large-scale famine, the first reaction of the nobles is often not to help the victims, but to recruit all the strong and strong in the territory into the army, and launch attacks on the surrounding areas that have not been affected by the disaster. And plunder to grab the food they desperately need.

Because no matter whether it succeeds or fails, nobles can achieve the goal of stable rule through war. Although successful, they can grab enough food and wealth, but if they fail, they can greatly reduce their inability to feed. The population of China prevents hungry victims from running around, causing turmoil in the territory.

So wars are commonplace throughout the continent, and they are fighting almost every year, month, and day.

Sometimes it is a war between countries, sometimes it is the private grievances of nobles, and sometimes it is against monsters such as goblins, orc, semi-orc, and kobolds.

It is these wars that have ensured that the feudal system has been as stable as a rock for thousands of years, and no force can threaten it.

I secretly sighed the hard life of farmers and tenants in this World, and Andre shook the head helplessly.

Reform is never something that can be accomplished overnight. He can only do so much at present. As for the rest, let’s wait for the time to come.

After all, such issues related to the basic social structure, unless as a last resort, it is best not to use violence to promote it, otherwise it will inevitably inspire greater contradictions.

Abner seems to have noticed the master’s discomfort, and hurriedly asked cautiously: “My lord, is there anything wrong with my work?”

Andre waved his hand gently: “No, you did a great job, much better than I expected, but there is always an idea in my mind about business ideas. But if you want to put this idea into practice, you must improve your leadership. Purchasing power, that is, let them have enough money on hand. Do you have any good suggestions in this regard?”

“Make tenants rich? Are you sure you are right?” The chief of interior affairs was surprised. Obviously, his open mouth was extremely surprised.

He couldn’t believe it in his dreams that one day he would hear such “apostate” remarks from a lord.

In many traditional concepts, keeping tenants and farmers poor is a necessary means to maintain the dignity and status of the nobles, because only those “mud legs” are so poor that they can see the majestic castles of the nobles , Gorgeous dressing, luxurious diet, they will have a kind of inferiority from the heart, and this inferiority will become a powerful tool of governance.

“Yes, I am very sure that even in my plan, the slaves in the territory will be released in batches and eventually all converted into civilians. They will have their own property and land.” Andre Without concealing it, he directly expressed his thoughts.

“My lord, I do not recommend that you release slaves on a large scale because this will greatly increase operating costs. Can you tell me more about your business idea?”

Although Abner immediately wanted to object to this “whisperous” plan, but in the end he resisted it.

The reason is simple. He doesn’t want to question the authority of the lord in front of that many outsiders, but intends to use eloquence to convince Andre to dispel the thoughts.

As a smart person, Andre saw the careful thought of the inner seed manager at a glance, and smiled nodded: “No problem, but before getting into the topic, I can ask, you know that all business activities , How does the profit come about?”

Abner lowered his head and meditated for a few seconds, and soon replied: “It’s a demand, my lord. They are only when people have a demand. Will be willing to spend money to buy a certain commodity, which is why, food, salt, cloth and other necessities of life have always firmly occupied the bulk of the trade share.”

“Yes! You said too much. Great, demand is the basis of all business activities, so tell me again, is a person’s needs proportional to his income?” Andre step by step guides the other’s thinking.

He knew very well that it was difficult for a stubborn traditional feudal chief to accept the new economic concept, so he didn’t tell it directly, but let the other party understand it.

Abner’s thinking time was shorter this time, and he definitely replied after a second: “Yes, a person’s needs are proportional to his income, because only when someone’s income reaches To a certain extent, he will consider how to enjoy life, collect artworks and art, appreciate poetry and stage plays.”

“Very well, it seems that you have understood that the need for survival is greater than the need for spirituality. Truth, then the last question is, if farmers and tenants have money on hand, would they also want to buy some luxury goods and experience the life of the nobles? When there is demand, will businessmen flock here to sell Selling goods? With countless merchants, will the commercial tax increase significantly?”

As a series of questions blurted out, Abner instantly realized what Andre wanted to explain, and his eyes widened. Muttered to himself: “so that’s how it is ……so that’s how it is …… You want to increase the income of the citizens so that they can buy more goods and attract more businessmen to come.” , Use commercial taxes instead of agricultural taxes! This way you will not only gain the gratitude of the people, but also a prosperous trading town!”

“hahahaha! My dear manager, it seems you accept the new Knowledge is still fast. In fact, the traditional idea of ​​searching for wealth and burying it in a vault is wrong. Money, this thing, will only become more and more when it circulates.”

Andre laughed and patted Abner’s shoulders, speaking out an unchanging truth in the economic field.

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