Arcane Lord Chapter 958

“so that’s how it is ……” Andre looking thoughtful nodded.

Although his military talents can only be regarded as above-average, he also understands the importance of logistical supplies, especially for cleaning up areas like subtropical jungles with lush vegetation, if there is no stable In the rear, just sneak attack and cold arrow can make people exhausted.

After communicating this point, he immediately stood up, came to the map hung in the hall, and asked without looking back: “Tell me the location of the fortress and the comparison of the forces between the two sides.”


The cavalry who had endured the hardships of a long journey, without saying anything, came directly to the front, pointed at a place about 35 kilometers away from the Valley of Tours, and quickly replied:

“This is where we built the fortress. It is located on a high ground at the edge of the forest. There is an underground fountain in the middle, which can provide enough drinking water. In addition, the four-meter-high city wall that has been erected is enough to defend against extinction. Most of the harassment of monsters and wild beasts.

As for the strength of the warring parties, the Duke of Wyan has about three thousand five hundred men, including two hundred and fifty cavalry, one thousand Archer, and six hundred. The sword and shield infantry and the rest are long spear soldiers. In terms of scale, Tong must have carried out a large-scale mobilization. Maybe there are many borrowed from surrounding allies.

Count Carl was a lot worse in relative terms. He only took less than 1,600 men. Among them, about 100 cavalry, Archer 340, and the rest were infantry with messy weapons. Our scouts even found them. Many of them were temporarily recruited militias.

They lined up on the ten-kilometer grassland of the fortress. When I set off, they were still in a state of negotiation, not at all, really fighting.”

After listening to the detailed forces of the two warring parties, Andre immediately squinted his eyes and said to himself: “It seems that this is a war of disparity in strength, a premeditated aggression, an unprepared raid, Earl Carl is defeated…”

“You are right! Booth Captain thought so too. He also felt that after Duke Wyan defeated his opponent, the next step might be to force us to hand over the fortress. , Because the location of the fortress just blocked his only access to the Earl of Karl’s territory, so I was sent back for help.”

This cavalry from Brandt in the Prairie Kingdom is obviously not that simple-minded , A reckless man with well-developed limbs.

He not only speaks clearly, but also firmly remembers the structure of the opponent’s army. For the vast majority of illiterates who have difficulty counting from one to a hundred, he can be called smart extremely.

In normal times, Andre will definitely try to promote or cultivate, but now he is not in such a mood.

Because the Duke of Wynne and Earl Carl are the two most important neighbors in the north of his territory, once one of them annexes the other, they can immediately form a strategic double-team to the south, just like two giant crabs. Clamp, the owner of the road leading to the inland, forcibly levied a lot of taxes on all caravans passing by.

Obviously, this will seriously infringe the interests of Andre and his allies, especially the increasingly prosperous salt trade. No one should be allowed to hold the neck.

Thinking of this, his face quickly darkened, and he continued to ask: “Tell me, how many troops are in the fortress, and who is in command?”

“One hundred and fifty people Wind cavalry, two hundred Barbarian warriors, Buzz Captain, Wharton leader, and Tutumon Kashaman are there, there are about three hundred goblins, seventy kobolds and five ogre captives in a short time Sticking to the fortress shouldn’t be a problem. But the problem is that we have too few troops. If Duke Wyan uses siege equipment, it will be able to flatten the four-meter-high wooden city wall after three more days.”

There is no doubt that the situation is much worse than expected.

Andre doesn’t feel that Earl Carl can block the aggressive old rivals, so he must act and be fast.

After hesitating for a few seconds, he immediately ordered the same dignified interior director: “Go and gather all the troops in the mountain within the valley, and at the same time recruit some militias, and let them be responsible for guarding. The castle. Remember, after I leave, immediately put away the suspension bridge and block the gate and enter a state of war. I have a hunch that behind Duke White’s action, someone must secretly contribute, otherwise he will never be able to support that many professional soldiers. “

“Understood! I’ll send someone to prepare!” Abner gave a salute and hurried toward the mountain within the valley.

After a while, he rode a fast horse from the castle and ran straight towards the barracks, attracting the attention of many farmers and slaves along the way.

Perhaps because of the sudden incident, the atmosphere in the hall suddenly became tense. Even Little Loli, who has always been lively and active, sat obediently and honestly in his seat, cautiously observing the instructor. expression.

You must know that since Andre became the master of the Tours Valley, there have been two wars here in just six months or so, so everyone knows how cruel wars are.

The half-orc thief Del drank the ale in the glass in one sip, got up and came to the front, whispered suggested: “Master, do you want me to go now and sneak into the other camp to scout?”

Andre pondered for a moment, and soon nodded: “Alright, but try to be careful, I suspect this may be a temptation from Laurelta, he wants to find out our details.”

“Don’t worry, no matter who he is in collusion with, I will find evidence.” After that, Del put on his hood, covered his ugly face, led a steed and a small amount of dry food in the stable, and galloped towards the battlefield.

In fact, this war between the nobles in the two regions has never been seen by Andre.

After all, the Duke of Flames can control the power of the flame at will. As long as he transforms into an elemental form and rushes in, with no difficulty, he can defeat these army of ordinary persons.

But the problem is that the time and place of this battle are too coincidental, it’s like being controlled by an invisible big hand, combined with yesterday’s clash between the dock and Lauretta, a little bit People with a little brain can’t help but make associations.

Although there are more and more resources at hand and my own strength is getting stronger, I dare not relax at all in Andre.

Because he knows better than anyone that Laureta Bottons is an apprentice chosen by the undead king-Absalon Blackburn. He is a mage who has accepted the inheritance of ancient magical civilization since he was a child. It is by no means the kind of enemy that can be easily defeated to survive by defeating opponents in cruel trials.

So from now on, Andre must not make even the slightest mistake, otherwise, with Laureta’s amazing insight, he will be able to find his weakness immediately.

In this dangerous game between mage and mage, unless it is the final moment to decide the victory or defeat, you will never be able to show your trump card…

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