Arcane Lord Chapter 959

The direct sunlight in the afternoon hit the ground, bringing unbearable high temperatures, especially in plain areas without any shade, where the temperature has reached almost 40 degrees. the above.

The Duke of Wynne and the Earl of Carl are arranged in a neat phalanx, facing each other near the wasteland located about fifty kilometers in the Tours Valley. This wasteland has a very beautiful name called Guangyao place.

It is said that Lucia Goddess of Chenguang once was here and personally defeated the evil army from underground, so her powerful divine force remained.

Under the nourishment of divine force, this land is full of countless sacred sunflowers, which will not wither all the year round. At first glance, it is as if you are in a golden ocean.

But now the soldiers and Knights are not at all in the mood to appreciate the beauty. To be precise, they are enduring pain and suffering.

Due to direct sunlight, the metal armor can become hot in just a few minutes, and the people inside are more like being locked in an oven, sweating all over the body, and physical strength. With a lot of water loss, it is estimated that some people will fall to the ground after heatstroke in another half an hour or so.

If the monarchs of the two sides were not negotiating in front of the battle, I am afraid that Knight could not help but launch a charge and use a vigorous war to solve everything.

But Duke Wyan obviously didn’t want to fight, but tried to negotiate to annex the opponent’s territory. After all, in his eyes, Linton City was his greatest enemy.

“old friend, you should be aware of the power gap between us, so I sincerely recommend that you follow my advice to marry and let the two families merge into one.”


Earl Carl riding a horse is subconsciously frowned, and his eyes are full of doubt and distrust.

As a traditional inland nobleman, he is not unfamiliar with the merger of the two families. Generally speaking, he is the first male heir to the strong side and the female heir to the weaker side. In this way, their descendants will be able to obtain the right to inherit the two territories.

In history, many great aristocrats used this method to annex their land and eventually move toward glory.

The problem is that speaking of which is easy and difficult to operate.

Especially for the disadvantaged party, there are too many unpredictable variables. For example, what if one of them cannot bear children? What should I do if I die suddenly? What if the strong party suddenly changes his mind?

Know that once the two parties marry, one of them can as it should be by rights and get the right of succession. With the right of inheritance, there is a reason to legitimately interfere in the other’s territory, and even use this as an excuse to provoke War of inheritance.

Regardless of the outcome, the weakest party will always suffer the most. If it is serious, it will be completely expelled and lose the title of territory and nobility.

Duke Wyan saw the other’s concerns, lightly patted the neck of the mount, and solemnly said: “Yes, marriage, my eldest son will marry your eldest daughter, and inheritance is the dowry. If you can agree to this, I will retreat immediately. I believe you should be clear that my ambition is not inland, but in the south. As long as we can win Linton City, we will immediately gain countless wealth. Why bother for a little bit of land?”

“For you, it may be just a little bit of land, but for me, it is indeed the precious wealth that the family depends on for survival and continuation. I’m sorry, I I don’t want to be involved in your revenge, and I don’t want to be an enemy of Linton.” Earl Carl shook his head and refused without the slightest hesitation.

Perhaps before the Duke of Wyan showed his hostility to Linton City, he would think about it carefully, but now, he would rather war than have a little involvement with it.

Maybe others are not clear about the grievances between the Duke of Wynne’s family and Linton City, but Earl Carl knows it all, especially the previous Duke was hanged in public like a clown. For the whole family It’s a great insult.

It is precisely because of the feeling of shame and anger that the current Duke of Wynne is always accumulating his strength, waiting for an opportunity to initiate a battle of revenge, eager to use blood and death to draw an end to all this.

But Earl Carl knows very well that the city of Linton cannot be defeated by a large army and brave Knight.

As long as the mages in the tower still exist for one day, no foreign enemy can break through the tall city wall.

But it’s a pity that Duke Wyan didn’t realize this, he sneered and said sarcastically: “Are you afraid? You are like those cowardly guys, afraid of the power of Linton City, right? “

“This is not fear, but self-knowledge, as if hounds should not provoke lions, wild boars should not provoke elephants, and you should not provoke Linton City.” Unceremoniously pointed out his own attitude.

“Well, it seems that the negotiations have broken down, let’s go to war!” As he said, Duke Wynne glared at the opponent, turned his horse’s head directly, and ran towards his army.

Earl Carl took a deep breath and went back to the phalanx to signal Knight to prepare for war.

Soon, with the sound of a loud horn, the sky-shaking drums began to make a loud sound of peng peng, and the infantry phalanx on both sides began to move forward in neat steps.

At the same time, the Archer phalanx began to throw a large area, and the sharp arrow used the acceleration of gravity to cross one after another beautiful parabola in the sky, and then fell like raindrops, and the thrust was moving forward. Infantry phalanx.

At a glance, a large number of unshielded infantry fell to the ground instantly like harvested wheat, screaming and wailing in pain.

As for the cavalry, the troop on both sides, they are still silently waiting for the charge order in the rear.

Whether it is Duke Wyan or Earl Carl, they understand that once heavy cavalry is put on the battlefield, it means the final battle. Before that, they will try to use infantry to tear the opponent’s defense line first. , Let the enemy take the lead in putting the cavalry into the battlefield.

No ambush!

There is no strategic deception!

There is no crafty plots and machinations!

Some are just the frontal collision of blood and fire!

Just like the wars on Olaer continent for thousands of years!

After three rounds of bow and crossbow shooting, the infantry phalanx finally met in the center of the battlefield. First, the four-meter long spear fiercely collided with each other. The soldiers in the front row were almost killed and injured immediately. Swordsman, who was holding fighting shields on both wings, swarmed up to start a melee.

The scream of killing can be heard clearly even if it is several kilometers away.

Generally speaking, due to physical limitations, such a high-intensity fight will not last too long. Once one of them is exhausted, the heavy cavalry of the other party will immediately start charging, in a spurt of energy defeats the opponent.

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