Arcane Lord Chapter 960

Standing at the top of an arrow tower built of wood, the cavalry commander Booth raised his binoculars and silently watched the war in the distance.

After more than three consecutive months of entanglement, chasing and encirclement and suppression with the monsters in the border forest, he has learned a lot, especially his understanding of war, no longer limited to meet force without any skills With force, especially sneak attack and anti-sneak attack, cavalry’s high-speed movement and harassment tactics, he has already used quite skillfully.

You must know that at the beginning of the war, these wind cavalry from Brandt of the Prairie Kingdom suffered a lot. There were a few bad luck eggs that didn’t even see what the enemy looked like. Killed.

Because in the jungle, they can’t ride horses like in the plains and grasslands, and they can’t adapt to the sneak attacks launched by the monsters from underground and treetops. They are battered in just a few days. and exhausted exited the forest, watching Wharton lead Barbarian to kill.

But as there is a saying, actual combat is always the best teacher for the commander. It can eliminate the weak and make the true powerhouse stand out.

Undoubtedly, Booth was never a weak person. After a few weeks, he gradually learned how to deal with those omnipotent goblins and kobolds, and even used the speed of cavalry to hide a group of The hobgoblins behind the conspiracy were blocked in the cave, and all scorched corpses in a fire.

In the ensuing encirclement and suppression, the wind cavalry of the shedding body and exchanging bones gave full play to their advantages, defeating the enemy’s resistance time and time again, making them flee in panic all day long, and could no longer organize. Decent resistance.

In about two months, they caught thousands of captives from the forests, plains and caves that could not be seen at a glance, and then sold these captives to mines in the surrounding area. In exchange for those poor human mine slaves, and other materials, a fortress made up of stones, wood, lime and other messy materials was finally built.

Of course, for those monsters such as goblins, kobolds, orc, hobgoblins, semi-orc, ogre, etc., who can’t even build a hayloft, this is already a very strong fortress without any attack. Under the premise of city equipment, they would have to use at least ten times more force to be able to attack.

“Hey! Man! You have been holding your binoculars for a long time, don’t you want to make a comment?” Wharton asked carefree while gnawing on the succulent roast leg of lamb.

As a typical Barbarian warrior, he is never afraid to fight any enemy, let alone the number of enemies.

The real Barbarian warrior believes that it is a great honor to die in a vigorous battle, but to die in bed is a shame.

Booz gave a helpless glance at his friend who had been fighting with him for three months, and shook the head with a wry smile: “What can I think of the fact that is plain?

The Duke of Enn is much stronger than Earl Carl in terms of the quantity and quality of the army, and it is only a matter of time before the victory.

The problem now is that after the victory, the Duke of White will How to deal with us.

As everyone knows, this fortress is just blocking his route. If he can’t occupy here, he can’t do as one pleases invade the territory of Count Karl.”

Wharton obviously didn’t care about this, chewing on his mouthful of shrugged lamb: “So we are going to fight again?”

“With Duke White’s complaint to Linton City Judging by the degree of hatred, war may not be avoided unless we are willing to withdraw from this fortress completely.” The beard on Buzz touched the chin speculated.

“Withdraw from the fortress? Are you cracking a joke? This is a stronghold that we have built for more than two months! I would rather burn it than give it to the enemy. Since the Duke of Wynne wants to war, then we will give him war and let him see Barbarian’s bravery by the way.”

Wharton waved the leg of lamb in his hand and shouted passionately. It seemed that what he was waving was not a leg of lamb, but a sharp weapon.

Seeing that he was still reckless, Tutumonka slightly sighed and reminded with a hoarse voice: “Child, how many times have I told you, he is countless times stronger than himself Enemy fighting head-on is not called bravery, it’s stupid or bring about one’s own destruction.

When can you learn to be calm and learn to think like a real leader?

Look at your friend Booth. He has gone from a Knight who can only charge to an excellent commander who can skillfully use cavalry.

But you?

You are still obsessed with powerful personal power!

Perhaps as a fighter, there is nothing wrong with doing this!

But as a leader, you will bring the entire race into the abyss !

I’m dying, Wharton.

I’m afraid I don’t have time to teach you more about what leaders should do, so you have to be self-disciplined and set for yourself from now on The unbreakable bottom line, when should we attack, when should we retreat, when should we fight desperately, when should we give up all honors to compromise…”

For this soul who has helped himself out of trouble many times Shaman, Wharton was full of respect in his heart, hurriedly threw away the bones without much flesh, and said in a panic: “I’m extremely sorry, I let you down again, please don’t say those ominous words, you look He is less than sixty years old, and he must live for twenty years.”

Tutumonka smiled and exclaimed: “Twenty years? Haha, child, you can really comfort people.


No, I won’t live that long.

Because every soul shaman will feel a strong summon before he dies, it is estimated that in a few months, I will Give up this body and exist in another form.

So I hope that before I die, I can see you become a qualified leader. Now tell me that you can satisfy an old man’s last wish Is it?”

“Of course! I swear by my father’s name that I will become a qualified leader, leading Barbarian back to the wilderness and following the ancient tradition of life.” Wharton didn’t even think about it. He agreed.

He was obviously frightened, and he looked a little not knowing what to do.

After all, he is only in his early twenties. Maybe he can face doesn’t change when facing a powerful enemy and accept his death calmly, but when it comes to complicated internal affairs, he will immediately become confused .

“Very well, I look forward to your performance. Now let everyone prepare for battle. Director Abner is a smart man, he will definitely make the right choice, and…maybe There is another big surprise…” After all, Tutumonka glanced at the blue sky meaningfully, a faint smile appeared on his face.

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