Arcane Lord Chapter 961

Just when the Duke of Wyan fought with Earl Carl, Andre finally completed the assembly of the army, starting from the Tulse Valley and marching towards the fortress.

A total of three hundred and seventy cavalry, four hundred Barbarian warriors in heavy armor, two hundred and fifty longbowmen recruited from the surrounding area not long ago, and a sandstorm mercenary group The total number of mercenaries together just made up more than a thousand people.

Although there are not many in number, it is well-trained, well-equipped, and most of them have seen blood. They are by no means improvised militias.

Especially cavalry and Barbarian fighters, they are simply the elite of the elite.

After several months of arduous training, the former are basically professional-level fighters, and are equipped with solid breastplates, fully enclosed helmets, lances, machetes, compound bows, and four A quiver has a total of 80 arrows, which can not only throw a bow and arrow at the enemy from a distance, but also initiate a charge, tearing the formation with the powerful impact of the war horse.

The latter is not bad either. Normally Barbarian is an excellent warrior in adulthood. He has strong strength, good endurance, and a more terrifying rage ability. Once he enters a melee, he can beat the enemy in just a few minutes. Falling flowers and flowing water.

They are equipped with heavy half-length armor and horned helmets, and their weapons are relatively messy. Some are Warhammer, some are axes, and some are broad-bladed swords.

The only one part is that everyone has a row of throwing axes hanging on their waists. Before rushing into the battlefield, the enemy will first taste at least two rounds of hiding the sky and covering the earth. Rain, as for the other hand holding a fighting shield, mainly used to block arrows flying from a distance.

Although Barbarians have lost their fast-moving Innate Ability after wearing heavy armor, they are still not inferior to any elite soldier in terms of speed of action.

Watching the grandiose army passing by, Andre asked Uruz Sadat who was following behind him without looking back: “How about, are you ready to become the commander of this army? Do you know that they are very proud. If you can’t bring a glorious victory, they probably won’t obey your command.”

“Of course, I’m already prepared and able to It is my honor to be the commander of such an elite private army.” Uruz’s eyes showed enthusiasm and expectation.

Since he swore allegiance to him, he has been waiting silently. Today finally has the opportunity to prove his worth. How could he not be nervous or excited.

“Very good! I like self-confident people. As long as you can achieve the set goals in the next war, I will canonize you as Knight and put the fortress on the edge of the forest and the surrounding ten kilometers The land is given to you as a beneficiary. In this way, you can pick up clansman for resettlement, whether it is farming or grazing, it doesn’t matter.”

Andre is never a stingy person. , Especially for those capable people, they have always been generous, even more how is just a fortress built by a trifling in two months, plus ten kilometers of undeveloped wasteland.

However, this move became respect and appreciation in the eyes of Uluzi. The whole person almost shed tears with excitement. He quickly took a deep breath and promised: “Thank you for your generosity! With the great desert God-in the name of Akamala! I swear that I will always be loyal to you and your family and never betray!”

For him who lost his homeland, owning a piece of land is better than any money, Both wealth and beauty are important.

Because of this land, he can let clansman, who was forced to wander around, have a home, live a stable life again, and thrive.

You must know that in the Kamla Desert, an oasis with a radius of ten kilometers can almost cause a fierce battle among dozens of tribes.

But now, as long as Uluzi offers his loyalty and ability, he can immediately get it with no difficulty, making him feel like he is in a dream easily.

Andre was obviously satisfied with the response of the other party, smiled and waved his hand: “Haha, don’t rush to thank you, don’t forget the conditions, you need to complete the set goals first. Remember, this war I am I won’t do it myself. If I encounter a difficult opponent, I’ll ask my followers for help.”

“Understand! I won’t let you down. After all, this is my value. !”

After resolute and decisive said these words, Uruz beat his chest hard, then turned his horse’s head and ran to the side of the mercenary group, excited to share this with the clansman. Heavy news.

In just a few minutes, the entire sandstorm mercenary group roared with excitement, and some people even knelt down to salute Andre.

It is foreseeable that in the next battle, they will definitely show up a thousand percent of enthusiasm to work hard, even at the expense of themselves.

People who have not lived in the desert will never understand how precious a piece of land can be planted and grazing, let alone what price they are willing to pay to obtain such a piece of land…

Staring at the mercenary group in a state of excitement with cold eyes, Necromancer came silently behind Andre, said with a faint smile: “My evil master, your grasp of the human heart is simply It’s breathtaking! Look at these poor guys. They were fascinated by a wasteland. I didn’t know that it was just a carrot tied to a stick. It was used to make a donkey and a horse run hard until exhausted.”

“No, Mante, you have to understand that value is different in everyone’s mind.

Some people think that gold and jewelry are the most valuable because they can be bought Any kind of commodity in the world, even family affection and love;

Some people think that power is the most valuable thing in this world, because you can control the life and death of others if you have power. Forcibly plundering wealth, forcing others to like and love themselves.

For these displaced homeless people, a piece of land that can survive and multiply, a warm home, and a stable life are all right to use money I can’t exchange for precious wealth.

So it’s not that I use worthless wasteland to deceive each other. Instead, I gave the other party what I most hope for.

In human interaction, at the right time, giving a suitable gift, or giving a suitable promise, it often produces unexpected effects.

So when you decide to win some For this goal, it’s best to have a thorough understanding of his personality, preferences, and troubles, so that you can use seemingly cheap things like me to gain loyalty and gratitude.”

When talking about this remark, Andre’s eyes released deep rays of light, as if to suck people in.

Undoubtedly, he is now a qualified high-ranking person, and he is also skilled in the use of tactics and loyalty under the expert. It is estimated that it will not be long before he will be able to like in the game of power a fish back in water, playing everyone on top of the palm……

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