Arcane Lord Chapter 962

Although the distance of thirty-five kilometers is not too far, it can be completed by a person walking quickly for about five hours. If you switch to running or horse riding, the time is even shorter.

But the problem is that marching is not a rush. It must strictly control the speed. On the one hand, it must ensure that the soldiers’ physical strength is not exhausted; on the other hand, it must send scouts to investigate the surrounding situation to prevent the enemy from being hit. The ambush.

Generally speaking, an army in the Cold Weapon Age will never travel more than 30 kilometers a day. Basically, it will stop to rest, camp, and eat until 2nd day. Keep going.

But Andre obviously didn’t have the time to let the army move slowly as usual, because he only has three days to solve the sudden troubles, so he must move fast, otherwise he definitely can’t lead the army on time. Return to Linton City for the appointment.

Although he can easily kill thousands of ordinary soldiers alone, this will undoubtedly be very embarrassing.

After all, the reason why aristocratic private wars are talked about by countless people is that one of the most important aspects is that the parties on both sides will not easily join the battle. They will sit in the stands like a spectator and enjoy the fight. , If someone gets off the court in person, then it will undoubtedly be considered a lack of grace.

Andre even felt that perhaps Laueretta chose to provoke the incident at this time, in order to let himself lose sight of one another, and even take the initiative to expose some hidden strength.

Undoubtedly, this is a very successful strategy. At least it makes him feel very uncomfortable. It is like two annoying flies, one flying around in front of his eyes, and the other There is a humming noise behind me, and the only thing I can do at the moment is to choose one to shoot to death.

Obviously, Andre chose the Duke of Wyan, he would never allow the business route to the inland to be interrupted by anyone.

After more than four hours of fast marching, the team finally entered the battlefield of corpses everywhere across the field before the sun went down.

Because there is no burial, many carnivores, such as wild wolves, foxes, crows, eagles, etc., are enjoying the corpse meal, even if they see humans approaching, they don’t mean to let go , Instead issued a threatening growl.

Just when Andre wanted to send someone to count the number of corpses, he suddenly found that the half-orc thieves Del did not know when he appeared behind him, and bowed respectfully.

“Master, no trouble, if you want to know the loss of both parties, just ask me directly.”

“Tell me, what did you find?” Andre is not in the mood Nonsense, blunt asked.

Dell took off his hood and pointed to the replied corpses everywhere: “The first is the loss of both parties. The Duke of White lost about 400 people, most of them infantry.

Count Carl lost almost all of his soldiers. About a thousand people died in the battle. The rest fled. Under the protection of fifty cavalry soldiers, he escaped back to the castle battered and exhausted. Other lords around asked for help, it was impossible to hold the territory.

In addition, I also found some interesting things in Duke White’s portable item during the melee.”

Speaking, Del took out a few letters written on parchment from his arms.

Andre took a look and found that these were all privately written letters from the lords around Linton City to Duke White. There was a message between the lines that they had formed a close alliance.

It is no wonder that the Duke of White can pull up a professional army of 3,500 people, of which more than half should come from the support of allies.

Obviously, this news is absolutely unusual, especially when the eyes are so sensitive, it is like pouring a bucket of oil into the fire.

“Give me the fastest possible speed to investigate all the lords who participated and figure out who is in charge of all this behind the scenes! Here are ten drafts of 500 Gold Coins as part of this operation Funding. Remember, whether you are buying, threatening, or assassinating, in short, before the situation is completely out of control, I want to know what they want to do.”

After that, Andre handed a few golden tickets to Half-orc, with chilling rays of light in his eyes.

He can basically be sure that Duke Wyan’s sudden military action is definitely from Lauretta’s instruction, because in the entire Linton city, besides this guy, there is no second person who can Achieve a unity of scattered inland nobles.

“Understood! Please rest assured, I promise to return you the truth for up to a week. But as a semi-orc, I am not very convenient in human society. I don’t know if you can let Yvonne Na acted with me.”

After putting the golden ticket into his arms, Del immediately made his request, and at the same time cast his eyes on the half-elf bard who was lazily riding on the horse.

Andre glanced at the half-elf with a faint smile on his face, and asked: “Yvonne, what do you think?”

“Me?” the poet pointed to Pointing to his nose, he quickly spread out his hands with a smile: “It doesn’t matter, anyway, it’s just stealing information. If you need it, I can act at any time.”

Andre satisfied nodded: “Very good, Then you two are solely responsible for the investigation. If necessary, I authorize you to launch an assassination to completely muddy the water. In any case, this alliance cannot be really operated.”

The two who got the order Personally, quickly disappeared on the horizon on a horse.

Their task is not easy, especially after hundreds of years of marriage, confrontation, and war between the inland lords, the relationship is simply complicated and messed up.

To find out all of this, we must first investigate their historical grievances, and then we can judge who has played a leading role in the alliance and who is forced to join…

Passing through the battlefield of corpses everywhere across the field, the team continued to advance, but before they had gone far, the scouts sent out to explore the road hurriedly turned back and brought back a bad news, that is, the fortress ahead Surrounded by an army of about one thousand and two hundred people, the enemy was not at all anxious to launch an attack, but began to build fortifications.

After listening to the scout’s report, Uluzi went directly to Andre and explained with a solemn expression: “My lord, I don’t think we have time to rest. The Duke of Wynne divided his army into two. Keeping the main roads all the way, the other way is bound to rush to Count Carl’s castle. Once he has captured the castle, then we will be like rats trapped in a bellows. No matter which side we attack, we will be attacked by the other side.”

“So we are in a race against time?” Andre asked blankly.

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