Arcane Lord Chapter 963

“Yes, I need your support and authorization now.”

Uluzi is not a pedantic person, so open your mouth and ask for the rights you deserve .

As a commander, he must establish prestige, let the soldiers obey him, and believe that he can bring victory, but if there is not enough rights, the so-called prestige is just a joke.

Looking at the perseverance in the opponent’s eyes, Andre gently nodded: “No problem, I now authorize you to become the commander of the entire army. This is my sword. If someone doesn’t obey the order, you He has the right to dispose of it by himself.”

As he said, he took off the rapier he hung around his waist and handed it over.

Uluzi understood what this meant, and hurriedly turned over and got off his horse. He knelt on the ground in front of everyone, raised his hands and took the rapier, swearing loudly: “Please rest assured, I will use this sword Defeat the enemy and bring you victory!”

“Go, to prove your talents, I’m here waiting for you to bring the news of victory back.”

Said After all, Andre stretched out his arm and made a false support. He wanted the proud Barbarian warriors and cavalry to clearly see his support for Uruz to ensure the smooth transfer of command.

As expected, no one dared to stand up against it, even if they did not trust this commander who did not know where he came from.

Uluz can even feel strong doubts from Barbarian’s eyes. If he cannot win a brilliant victory next, then he will never have the opportunity to become the leader of this army.

No hesitation!

No more thinking!

After he got the right, the first thing he did was to order to start the formation. The longbowmen were in front and the Barbarian fighters were behind. The cavalry was deployed on the wings and started to advance at a moderate pace. As for the number of people. The few mercenary regiments took advantage of the enemy’s attention and were attracted by the large forces, and silently walked along the bushes to the side, preparing to launch a fatal blow when they were deadlocked.

Looking at Uruz’s skillful commanding ability and simple and effective tactics, Andre instantly realized that he had found a very good commander.

Although it is not yet known whether he has a big picture, at least he reacted very quickly, much better than those idiots who can only play a wave.

But in order to prevent accidents, Andre decided to add an insurance.

I saw him rushing to the black Shadow Guard behind him-Yvette beckoned, and the latter immediately came to the front and asked in a low voice: “Master, what do you want?”


“summon your servant! If you find that the enemy’s Knight is abnormal, cut into the battlefield at any time. In addition, replace your spear head with this, and try to hurry when you start. I don’t want to see Duke Wyan’s Knight rushed into the phalanx to kill him.”

As Andre said, he took out the spearhead that once killed Gerald from the dimensional bag.

Because this thing is made of Mithril, most of the steel armor cannot block its piercing. With a single blow, it can easily pierce the opponent’s defense.

Yvette gently touched the tip of the gun with her finger, and a cruel smile appeared on her face immediately: “As you wish, my dear master, I believe those Knights found their armor pierced After wearing it, you will definitely show a very wonderful expression.”

“What are you waiting for, go and enjoy this beautiful evening, and there is a heated war, you like blood and death. Is it?” Andre asked with a smile.

He can feel that the spirit of the woman in pure black armor standing in front of him is becoming more and more excited, like a hungry wild beast, eager to swallow a fresh life.

“Of course! Please allow me to escape for a while, summon purgatory creatures are a very dangerous thing.”

Yvette leaned slightly with one hand on his chest, and quickly moved from The horse jumped down and quickly replaced the gun head of the lance, then Alone retreated to the open space behind, one-knee kneels and began to pray to a certain evil lawful god.

In the blink of an eye, a group of bright flames began to form a huge circle of fire on the ground, followed by the flames spreading rapidly, forming complex and mysterious patterns.

A burst of sulphur from purgatory began to spread in the air…

The flames are like life, as the breeze beats and flickers, gradually forming entities…

one minute, from the center of the flame, rushed out from the center of the flame, a black steed exuding high temperatures all over its body. Its eyes, mouth, and hooves were burning blazingly, like a nightmare coming out of a nightmare. All those who saw it trembled.

“A purgatory horse? This is really a surprise…” Andre muttered to himself, narrowing his eyes.

After reaching Fifth Level, any black Shadow Guardian can summon a creature from the lawful evil purgatory. As his servant, the higher the level of the black Shadow Guardian, the more summon creatures will be. Powerful, the purgatory horse is undoubtedly one of the more powerful ones. It is said that the black Shadow Guard soldiers above the tenth level can even drive the devil to serve himself.

Without a word, Yvette jumped straight, jumped onto the horseback, pinched her legs, and ran straight towards the battlefield. In the process of running, she put down her hideous mask, like The messenger of Death God.

Any place that has been trampled by a purgatory horse, whether it is flowers, trees, or soil, is all burnt to black.

Speed ​​up!

Speed ​​up!

Speed ​​up again!

With the muscular strength and life force of the purgatory creatures far exceeding that of normal horses, Yvette rushed into the fighting battlefield in just about ten minutes, like a heavy tank, and went through it instantly. A phalanx of infantry of a hundred men.

The poor ordinary soldiers didn’t even react, they were engulfed by the flames from the purgatory horse, screaming and fleeing. With their poor knowledge, they didn’t know what to do. Deal with a fire-breathing horse.

The enemy commander who was commanding the battle was stunned. He immediately yelled at the Knight around him, ordering them to attack immediately, otherwise it won’t be long before the infantry in front will begin to dominate in fear. Back down, and even turned into a rout…

Soon, two fully armed Knights jumped on their horses, rushed out from the back, and went straight to Yvette’s direction.

Seeing this scene, Necromancer curl one’s lip asked in a playful tone: “Master, is it really okay for her to rampage like this? It seems a little bit different from the order you just issued?”

Andre smiled and spread out his hands: “It’s okay, I can tolerate a little change in the plan. After all, Yvette did a good job, didn’t she? She successfully attracted the other party’s Knight. , As long as she can beat the opponent next, then I can ignore some details.”

“What if she fails to do this?” Mante continued to ask meaningfully.

“Hehe, you are really a nasty guy. Well, since you want to know, then I can tell you clearly that she will be punished, very severely punished…”

After saying this, Andre stopped paying attention to Necromancer beside him, and focused on the changes on the battlefield.

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