Arcane Lord Chapter 964

“Cock cock…C cock cock…”

With the sound of crisp horseshoes, two knights wearing silver full body armor left one left One right, charge from both sides.

They rode flat-end lances, constantly adjusting their posture and position to find the best stab position. The other hand raised the shield to block the opponent’s stab gun.

In contrast, Yvette is like a devil coming out of hell. Whether it is black armor or a fire-breathing mount, it feels evil and terrifying.

But she looks much more relaxed than her opponent, and she doesn’t even bother to use a shield, so she is holding her lance, while controlling her speed, while quietly putting her other hand on her waist. Hold the saber firmly.

Because the purgatory horse is constantly blazing flames all over his body, no one notices these deadly small movements.

One hundred and fifty meters!

One hundred meters!

Fifty meters!

Thirty meters!

Ten meters!

In just half a minute, the two sides met in the center of the battlefield.

They can see the enemy’s eyes through the gaps in the visors and feel each other’s rapid breathing and heartbeat.

No nonsense!

No need to talk!

For fighters like them, as long as there is a fight, it is enough!

As soon as they were about to meet, the two Knights suddenly speeded up their horses in an attempt to beat Yvette with their equestrian skills.

Although every cavalry can master this skill, it may not be used at critical moments.

Watching the cold light lance getting closer and closer to her chest, Yvette did not show any panic, but the corners of her mouth slightly cocked, followed by slightly staggering her body. Let the lance of one of them pierce the shoulder.

The severe pain at the moment of the impact made her feel a suffocation, but in the same way, she also inserted the magic stinger in her hand into the heart of one of the Knights, and the opponent’s shield and armor were completely absent. Any cushioning effect, then both rolled off the mount.

The only difference is that one of them is seriously injured and still alive, while the other has become a corpse.

Because all this happened so quickly, almost no one could see exactly what happened just now.

In the second Knight’s stunned effort, the hell horse suddenly turned his head, biting on the neck of his hip horse, followed by a hot flame from his mouth, alive. The head of the war horse burned into coke.

As for him, he was subjected to inertia and flew straight out of the horse’s back, fell to the ground with a plop, and failed to get up for a long time.

Be aware that the hell horses from the black Shadow Guard sergeant summon are not horses, but a kind of purgatory creature with high intelligence. They are not as timid and easily frightened like horses. Like the devil, cunning, cruel, and cold, he will make his own judgment based on the situation.

Obviously, this horse took advantage of Knight’s distraction and decisively launched a sneak attack to help the owner kill the opponent’s mount.

After all, on Olaer continent, even a three-year-old child knows that Knight with a horse and Knight without a horse have at least two levels of fighting power difference.

“hahahaha! Nice work! I will reward you later!”

Yvette laughed wildly and pulled out the stabbing gun embedded in his shoulder, got up from the ground and used it The special ability obtained from the fallen Paladin profession-sacred healing.

This is the reward of the evil gods for those who abandon goodness and join the evil camp Paladin. Generally speaking, the higher the level of Paladin, the more benefits they can get after falling.

As a dazzling red evil light enveloped the wound, the broken bones and muscles quickly healed, and even a scar was not left behind.

But like all treatment spells, although the wound is healed, it takes about a week for the bone and muscle tissue to fully recover. Therefore, Yvette did not use the injured right arm, but took it out with his left hand. Long sword, walk straight to the fallen Knight.

As an evil black Shadow Guard soldier, she will never have such feelings of compassion. It doesn’t matter whether the opponent is young or old, a woman or a child, sober or unconscious, it doesn’t matter. I don’t mind launching an inhuman massacre at all.

Knight, with a dizzy head, seemed to hear the sound of footsteps, and hurriedly struggled to get up from the grass and drew his sword to prepare for the challenge.

Because of Fiercely’s fall, the shield in his hand had already disappeared, and the iron helmet was severely deformed by the impact, completely blocking the sight of his right eye.

Of course, compared to the purgatory horse that sneaked behind him to wait for a sneak attack, the trouble at the moment is only for pediatrics.

Yvette undoubtedly enjoyed the despair that his opponent exudes in the face of death, and teased with a smile: “You know? If I were you, I wouldn’t take advantage of the choice. Use the fastest way to commit suicide, because once you fall into my hand, you may not even be able to commit suicide.”

“Vicious woman! Don’t want to interfere with my attention!” Knight remain unmoved retorted.

The voice coming from the fully enclosed helmet is very low, at least thirty-five years old, obviously not the kind of youngster who is easily irritated.

“Interference? Haha, do you think I still need interference with the current situation? Guess what, if we attack at the same time one after the other, how likely is it that you will survive?” With that, Yvette stopped five meters away from the opponent.

She knew very well that if she took one step further, she would immediately enter the enemy’s attack range.

Knight glanced coldly at the purgatory horse with fire star ejected from his nose, the remaining unmoved replied: “At least I can choose perish together! Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s your mount, according to me I know that once the purgatory servant of the black Shadow Guard dies, it will take a year to summon the second one, right?”

“Wow, it seems that you know the black Shadow Guard very well. But the question is, can you really do it?”

tone barely fell!

Yvette suddenly rushed into the opponent’s defensive circle, raised the long sword in his hand, and fiercely pierced the opponent’s chest.

The purgatory horse saw the master act, but also not to be outdone, attacking from behind.

Knight seemed to understand that he was absolutely impossible to survive the front and back flanking, so there was a trace of determination in his eyes. There was no intention of parrying or evading, and he ran into the sharp sword tip and tried to use his body. As a price, the card owner Yvette’s weapon, then used his sword to pierce the opponent’s throat!

Undoubtedly, this is a typical perish together tactic. It does not require thinking of tactics or skills. It only requires a brave and fearless heart and sufficient awareness.

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