Arcane Lord Chapter 965

The question is, can such a tactic that can be seen at a glance really cause harm to the insidious and cunning black Shadow Guard soldiers?

Obviously, the answer is no!

I saw the long sword in Yvette’s hand about to pierce into the armor at the moment, suddenly emitting weird rays of light, as if covered by some kind of energy on the surface, and then changed its direction…


With a crisp sound, Knight’s saber was forcibly cut off, and the cut was extremely smooth.

He obviously didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen. He didn’t have time to react. He was hit by Yvette with his sword hilt on his head, and he lost consciousness.

“How does it feel like to break Shanzhang? An idiot of the kind camp!” Yvette kicked the captive who fell into a coma, and sneered sarcastically.

Generally speaking, most of the feudal Knights are lawful neutral camps. They don’t care about good or evil, they just obey the lord’s orders, nothing more.

But this is obviously a special case, otherwise the Black Shadow Guardian’s decisive cut will not be able to exert formidable power at all.

Actually, the same kind of slashing as the slashing against evil is an extremely terrifying slash, except that one is aimed at goodness and the other is aimed at evil.

With this almost invincible slash, Paladin and the Black Shadow Guard have the strength to surpass the overwhelming majority melee professional.

On the one hand, they have extremely powerful martial skills, on the other hand they have the ability of spell, ordinary fighters, Knights, Barbarian, etc., it is almost difficult to get any cheap in battle.

No hesitation!

No mercy!

Yvette cut off the heads of the two Knights cruelly, tied them to the ropes, and hung them on the sides of the mounts, which can not only reflect their cruelty and coldness, but also intimidate those who are not strong enough. soldier.

After doing all of this, she retracted the tip of the broken lance, followed by the wound of another lance, jumped back on the purgatory horse, and continued to rampage on the battlefield, repeatedly hitting the infantry. Array.

Even though Yvette had only one person, he managed to tear apart the enemy’s phalanx, especially the death of the two Knights, which had an incredible blow to morale.

Uluzi keenly grasped this fleeting fighter plane and decisively ordered the two-winged cavalry to stop shooting and start a full charge.

At the same time, the mercenary group ambushing in the side bushes also came out, and in the blink of an eye they turned over the people killed by the crossbowmen in the back row.

The Barbarian warriors who are on the rise can no longer control the boiling blood within the body. They howl and use the violent ability. In just a few minutes, they are like a violent wind passing through the border and directly kill After more than two hundred swordsmen died, the ordinary person could not withstand such crazy attacks. The dead could not even keep the entire body.

Although the enemy commander also sent heavy cavalry in an attempt to save the defeat, what he absolutely didn’t expect was that at this critical moment, the closed gate of the fortress behind him suddenly opened.

The cavalry and Barbarian warriors stationed inside came out with a classic chrysanthemum poking tactic, forcibly ruining the last glimmer of hope.

In desperation, this aristocrat who seemed to be in his early fifties, left his army aside, turned around with seven or eight guards, mounted his horse and marched towards the Duke of Wyan. Flee in the direction of

He clearly knows his mission, and that is to let Duke Wyan know as quickly as possible that the army’s back path has been cut off, and now it is no longer the enemy, but himself that is at a disadvantage.

Watching the direction in which the enemy is fleeing, Adeline the wild elf immediately suggested: “Master, do you need me to chase them out?”

As a forest knight -errant, what she is best at is tracking and hunting, especially in the jungle and wilderness, almost no who can escape the hunt of knight-errant.

Andre shook the head with a smile: “No, it’s not necessary. I just want the Duke of Wynne to know the news that the back road has been broken, so that he will either turn around immediately and fight us to the death, or Conquer Earl Karl’s castle with the fastest speed, no matter which one you choose, it’s good for us.”

“If I remember correctly, you don’t seem to be at all carrying siege equipment, if Wynn The duke chose to occupy the castle, how do you plan to capture it?” Necromancer asked very puzzled.

“Hehe, dear Mante, the lack of siege equipment does not mean that there is no other means. When I was leaving, I took two barrels of gunpowder, which was enough to blow up a City Wall section.” Andre The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and he said his secret weapon.

Although after coming to land, the formidable power of primordial artillery and muskets has been greatly reduced, especially the latter, whose range is inferior to that of bows and arrows, which is completely sling, but the formidable power of gunpowder is still acceptable Destroy the overwhelming majority masonry structure.

Of course, if he encounters the kind of granite castle that has been fortified by magic, then he just has to admit that he is bad luck.

After all, like this kind of castle, the cost is at least 300,000 to 500,000 Gold Coin. Few inland nobles can afford to consume it. Even if it starts to consume, it is difficult to get High Rank. Mage or sorcerer.

As the Scales of Victory became completely unbalanced, the war also entered the guarding stage.

Under the command of Uruz, the killing has gradually stopped. The cavalry is responsible for driving the prisoners together, forcing them to throw away their weapons, and then Barbarian is responsible for tying them up with a rope, waiting for Andre’s hair fall, as for those injured Seriously, he was hacked to death on the spot, without any chance of treatment at all.

Every Barbarian warrior knows the preciousness of the divine technique, so they are not at all like letting Nina waste natural spells on the captives, because the captives use too much, and they will naturally get less.

Perhaps almost all of them are illiterate who don’t know a single word, but the truth is clear.

As for the prisoners who were tied up, they had no objection at all, and they didn’t even mean to resist at all.

You must know that Olaer continent has not yet developed to the level of national consciousness awakening. In the eyes of most ordinary soldiers, fighting is just a job. When the side of their loyalty is defeated, this job ends. No need to take your own life into it.

After simply counting the casualties and prisoners, Uruz quickly found Andre and reported: “My lord, we killed about 35 Barbarian fighters, 28 cavalry, and 40 mercenaries. There are 23 people, 23 longbowmen, 60 horses, and as many as 200 injured. Fortunately, there are not many serious injuries. They are undergoing divine technique treatment. I believe there will be no mortal danger, but a period of rest is necessary.”

Hearing that his death toll has not exceeded one hundred and fifty, Andre’s face immediately showed a satisfied expression: “Yes, it is completely within the range of tolerance, prisoners? How many have we captured? “

“There are a lot of prisoners, probably more than 700 people. There is no Knight, no nobles, and some fled into the woods during the chaos. For safety’s sake, I not at all send someone to pursue them. “

As a qualified commander, Uluz knows very well how dangerous it is to send people to chase down enemies who are hiding in the woods when the sun is about to set. He will never commit such a low level. wrong.

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