Arcane Lord Chapter 966

“Seven hundred people?”

Andre raised his eyebrows in surprise. He did not expect that after a great battle, so many people would choose to surrender. Instead of getting into the woods to escape.

You must know that the tall trees in the border forest can become a natural protective umbrella. Once you get in, it is impossible to pursue them again.

As if perceiving the doubts of his allegiance, Uruz immediately explained with a smile: “My lord, please believe me, as long as you don’t meet those cruel lords who like to slaughter prisoners, no one wants to risk being The danger of wild beast swallowed into the forest.

Perhaps you think the dense forest is a perfect shelter, but in fact it is a dead place.

Because of the day After the color goes dark, many carnivores will start to hunt for food, wolves, bears, tigers, leopards, vipers, scorpions, centipede, giant spiders, etc., there are too many things that can kill people.

Unless you are a master of jungle survival, or an idiot who knows nothing, it is the smartest choice to become a captive obediently and honestly.”

Andre muttered to himself, suddenly realized: “So that’s how it is, which means that the prisoners are more afraid of the forest than us…”

“You are right to think so, but I think the word choice is more appropriate. The prisoners choose We have a greater chance of surviving. By the way, what do you plan to do with them? Ask for a ransom, or lock them up and wait until the Duke of Wyan is defeated before they are dealt with together?”

Obviously, Uruz The options for slaughtering prisoners are automatically filtered.

After so long of understanding, he has almost been able to figure out the thinking and character of his allegiance object. As long as it is not as a last resort, he will never issue an order to kill innocent people.

Glancing at the captive like a walking corpse, Andre squinted his eyes for a moment, and then said in a meaningful tone: “No, I neither need a ransom, nor will I lock the captive. Instead, I intend to transform them into soldiers who belong to me.”

“You mean to force them to fight for us?” Uruz startedled, his face full of incredible expression.

Although in the history of Olaer continent, it is not that there is no special case of capturing prisoners and forcibly enrolling into the army, but they are all on the premise of thoroughly defeating the opponent, otherwise there is a possibility of sudden defection on the battlefield. Case.

For a good commander, the less uncertain factors like this, the better, even more how your own army can be said to be strong and strong, and there is no need to supplement it.

“Yes! In the current increasingly unstable situation, I think it is necessary to expand the army appropriately. At least two thousand people are needed to ensure that the crisis may occur at any time. Don’t worry. , These prisoners don’t need you to take over, I’ll find a powerful manager for them.”

Speaking, Andre is riding a purgatory horse slowly patrolling the battlefield with the black Shadow Guard tricks I beckoned: “Yvette, come here, I have a task for you.”

The latter trot to the front without saying anything, and bowed with one hand on his chest. “Master, do you have anything to call me?”

“Are you aware of those captives? I am going to hand them all to you, no matter what method is used, I hope that before dawn, tomorrow, Seeing them become my minions. Tell me now, can you do it?” Andre Blunt asked.

“Do you mean “any” method?” Yvette’s eyes flashed with dangerous rays of light, and he deliberately added an accent on any two words.

Andre almost nodded without even thinking about it: “Yes! Any! I can even accept the eleventh smash law!”

The eleventh smash law, as the name implies, It is to eliminate the panic and cowardice of the army, strengthen their determination to fight, and implement a cruel military law.

Usually, ten people are used as a unit to draw lots, and one bad luck egg is randomly drawn, and it is beaten to death with a stone or a stick, so that every soldier will feel fear in his heart. Will become extremely brave.

Of course, this extreme method is not arbitrarily used by whoever. If the executor does not have enough ability, it will cause the army to change in an instant.

But the Black Shadow Guard is the best person to execute the 11th smash order, because they are exuding evil and despair all the time. Any ordinary person standing within three meters will Feeling the trembling from the heart, a little bit of courage will lead to a mental breakdown.

With this ability, few soldiers dared to resist the orders of the Black Shadow Guard, and it is precisely this that they can become the most ideal commanders of the evil army.

Yvette licked her lips excitedly, and said cruelly: “As you wish, my master, before the sun rises tomorrow at the latest, you will get a command no matter what An army that will be executed 100%…”

“Very good, I look forward to your results.”

Andre is very smart, didn’t ask specific methods, and didn’t want to know the prisoners. What kind of torture and abuse he would suffer, he just wanted to see the results, nothing more.

Ivette was authorized to quickly ride a hell horse, circle around the place where the prisoners were, and release his desperate aura as much as possible. Coupled with the heads of Knight hung on both sides, some people insisted after a while. I couldn’t help but started to kneel on the ground and weeping bitter tears, begging the other party to let him go.

But instead of letting these poor bugs go, Yvette raised the spear and nailed it to the ground alive, no matter how painful the other party was and did not stop.

In the whole process, she didn’t say a word, let alone show any expression, as if she was doing an insignificant thing instead of killing unarmed prisoners.

Although the death toll is less than ten, it has an incomparable effect. Many people fear Yvette, second only to fear death itself.

After using cruel means to establish prestige, Yvette began to yell at the prisoners, let them line up in two rows and start running around the battlefield. Every ten minutes, she would catch up and let the hell horse burn. The person who died at the back.

Several times like this, the captives are like crazy, running with all their strength, no matter how hard and tired they are, they dare not slack in the slightest.

Especially the last dozen people completely used all one’s strength. Two of them forcibly ran into heart failure, fell to the ground in pain, struggled, convulsed, and finally died slowly.

This “death run” continued until everyone couldn’t run before Yvette ordered to stop.

Due to excessive exercise, the captives have already lost the ability to think. No matter what she says, these guys will do without the slightest hesitation. I believe the next taming work will be very easy…

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