Arcane Lord Chapter 967

Man is an animal first, and then an intelligent creature that surpasses most living things.

This also means that humans also possess many of the same characteristics as animals. If anyone has such characteristics, then he can domesticate humans as animals.

Obviously, this is exactly what Yvette is doing.

She used death to completely destroy the resistance consciousness of all the captives, and then planted the seeds of fear in their hearts. By consuming physical energy, she forced everyone to make them think, leaving only the completely mechanical Obedience.

No food!

No drinking water!

No rest!

This terrifying woman desperately squeezed the potential hidden in the body of the captives. In less than two hours, she successfully instilled the message that she was the master of the fate of all.

After repeatedly confirming that there are no exceptions, she was nodded satisfied and reprimanded loudly: “You rubbish! Maggots! Worthless scum! Remember! From today, you will obey me unconditionally. Order! Even if it’s going to Blade Mountain! Going to the pan! Don’t shrink back a little! Otherwise, I promise, those were just appetizers! Understand?”




“According to orders…”

The captives who had long been tormented by exhaustion, fear and death threats to the confusion, responded weakly.

Although from the outside, Yvette is definitely an out-and-out beauty, but in their mind, they have long equated it with the devil, even lifts the head. There is no guts at a glance.

“Damn! Didn’t you guys eat? I can’t hear you!” Yvette was obviously very dissatisfied with this sloppy attitude, scanning the crowd with dangerous eyes.

The captives were so scared that they all shuddered, and hurriedly shouted, “Yes! I understand!”

Although they wanted to say that they really hadn’t eaten , I am tired, hungry, and thirsty now, but considering the consequences of telling the truth, I decided to give up.

But they don’t know that, many times to tame a person is to start with these little things, and when they notice it, a subconsciously conditioned reflex has been formed, and it is difficult to change it back. Up.

“Very good! I am kindly allowing you to eat now! Enjoy this meal, I suggest you eat more, because before you prove your worth in the war, no one wants to eat again Anything.”

After that, Yvette put an evil smile on his face, raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

Standing by the side and watching for two hours, the young man who felt his back was chilly, hurried to the front and asked in a trembling voice: “Please…please…what do you have… ……Order…”

Yvette pointed to the captive who was sitting on the ground, and unceremoniously ordered: “Prepare some food for these garbage and maggots. It doesn’t need to be too good, pig You can eat it.”

“As you wish…” The young man glanced at the captive with pity, and quickly went to have someone prepare food.

Because the previous war lasted very short time, when the enemy fled, not at all had time to burn the supplies with the army. The cavalry captured more than 1,000 people’s rations for about ten days, plus the fortress Hoarding, there is no shortage in the army, and there is even some surplus.

After a while, several dozen steaming cauldrons were carried to the captives. As Yvette ordered, they were all mixed with bran, animal offal, sewage, blood clots, etc. The only thing to be grateful about the pork stew together was that there was a lot of salt in it, which allowed them to replenish the salt they lost from sweating.

As there is a saying, people who are extremely hungry, even a piece of shit is fragrant.

The captives flocked to the pot frantically, clutching the hot chaotic stew with both hands, and stuffing them desperately into their mouths, even if their tongues were burned.

Andre, who was sitting at the gate of the fortress eating dinner, looked at everything indifferently, and asked Uruz sitting next to him: “How do you think these prisoners will be in the next battle? What’s the performance?”

“My lord, I really don’t want to comment. Your entourage is taming these soldiers according to the method of taming beasts. No, to be precise, these soldiers are no longer humans. They are wild beasts full of hunger and thirst in their hearts. Once they join the battle, they will immediately resemble wild horses, killing all the living things in front of them, in exchange for the favor of the master.”

Uruz endured the disgust from the bottom of his heart and analyzed the team composed entirely of prisoners of war from beginning to end.

In his eyes, this cannot be regarded as an army at all, but a group of out-and-out thugs who might lose control at some point.

Because according to the current situation development, those people will one day fear Yvette rather than fear death itself. They would rather die in battle than taste the price of defeat.

In other words, this is a group of lunatics who can only win but cannot defeat. Maybe the battle strength will be very amazing in a short time, but it is a true evil.

Andre shook the head with a smile of indifferent expression: “No, my dear commander, you did not understand what I meant.

Do you know?

There is a famous saying in my hometown that you can do everything in order to win the war. You are not qualified to be weak in the war, let alone to talk about morality, because only after you win, you have Qualify to evaluate them.

History is the history written for the victors, and the war is also the war praised by the victors.

Although I don’t really like Yvette’s approach, It is undeniable that the prisoners she trained can replace the Barbarian soldiers on the first round charge on the battlefield, greatly reducing our casualties.

As a commander, you have to understand that war is spent. Don’t give up any means to weaken the enemy and strengthen yourself, even if it is cruel and dirty…”

“Hehe, these words are really very good, I haven’t seen them for some days, you think about the problem The way of becoming more and more mature, if Wharton can be one-tenth of you, no, one-twentieth is smart, I can also close my eyes satisfied.” Tutumenka touched the gray beard, sincerely Sighed.

As a soul shaman, he can clearly feel that the youngster sitting opposite him, his soul has become much stronger.

Looking at the old man’s intriguing eyes, Andre smiled and teased: “Don’t worry, I believe he will be a qualified leader one day, but before that, he has to be literate, Barbarian There are too few people who are literate, let alone getting knowledge from books.”

One after another was taken out as a typical Barbarian leader—Wharton, who didn’t dare to speak at all and kept his head down. Eat hard, trying to make others ignore yourself.

Seeing this picture of him, Tutumonka laughed kindly, immediately lowered his voice and asked Andre: “A few months have passed. Have you investigated the results? I don’t have the time left. That’s too much. Who slaughtered the Barbarian tribe in the border forest, and who planned it all behind the scenes?”

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