Arcane Lord Chapter 968

Faced with the old shaman’s serious questions, Andre did not intend to keep hiding it, because he could detect that in just a few months, the life force of the old man had weakened Many, no doubt, he is slowly approaching the end of life, to death.

Although Andre never mind lying, he doesn’t really want to deceive a person who is about to die, especially if this person is his ally.

So he took out a handkerchief and wiped the oil stains on his mouth. He gently nodded: “Yes, I have checked it out. The other party has a great background and strong strength. If you want to start If you attack, I am afraid it will be difficult to achieve any effect. Even I can’t guarantee to defeat him now.”

“It doesn’t matter, I can understand your difficulty, just give me his name. “Tutumunka looked very indifferent, not as excited as Walton at all, and even his tone did not fluctuate.

But the more this happens, the more Andre knows that the other party has made up his mind to retaliate, only helplessly sighed.

“Oh…well, the chief messenger who planned all of this was Laurelta Bottons, and the specific executor was a semi-orc warrior. Their purpose was simple, and that was to level the forest. All the resistance forces in the Barbarian were too proud and absolutely impossible willingly acknowledge allegiance, so they naturally became the target of annihilation.”

“Laureta Bottons? Duke of Linton?” Picture There was a strange color in Tumonka’s eyes.

Obviously, he completely didn’t expect that the person who destroyed his tribe would turn out to be a great nobleman standing at the apex of power.

Be aware that although Barbarian occasionally looted one or two noble estates in the winter or spring when food is scarce in order to alleviate food stress, it usually does not destroy anything, nobles After the manor is retaken, sowing and autumn harvest can still be carried out. The contradiction between the two parties is not big, at least not big enough to kill to the last one.

In fact, the damage caused by Barbarian is far less than the harassment of farmers by monsters such as goblins and kobolds.

Aware of the old shaman’s surprise and doubt, Andre had to explain Said: “Yes, Laureta Bottons, the Duke of Linton City is just one of his many identities, he is also an apprentice of a certain Legendary mage, an arch mage with a caster level of up to fourteen, secretly controller More than half of the cities in the Green Sea Alliance, according to the information I got, this time Duke Wynne suddenly launched an attack on Earl Carl, which he manipulated in secret.”


Tutumenka could no longer maintain his composure, and immediately stood up.

After all, he is not a Barbarian who knows nothing about magic. He understands what the Legendary mage means. Since the gods can’t bring down the saints and incarnation, the Legendary mage is the most powerful force in this world!

Perhaps the soul shaman can be considered a good spellcasting profession, but it is still far behind the mage.

The reason is simple, the power of soul shaman comes from the spirit world, so the stronger they are, the more they will be strongly inspired by the spirit world and eventually become a part of it.

The overwhelming majority soul shaman completely abandoned the body before the tenth level and became a member of the spirit. Not to mention the Legendary level, even Level 14 and above are extremely rare.

But the wizards are different. From the very beginning, the wizards have aimed at the Supreme truth of the universe. So far they have not found where the source of their power comes from, the magic that permeates every corner of the universe. What energy is, even Legendary mage is tirelessly researching.

If a Legendary mage planned this conspiracy behind the scenes, the only thing Tutumunka could do is to remain silent.

Although hatred is like a blazing flame, constantly devouring his mind, but in order not to destroy the Barbarian tribe in the radius forest, he must endure, endure, and endure.

Be aware that no matter in any world or social system, there is a general rule!

That is power and truth!

If you have a big fist, you have the right to speak loudly. If your fist is small and you want to force your opinion, you will either be completely ignored or beaten to death by someone with a big fist. second possible.

Looking at the old shaman’s desperate and painful eyes, Andre said comforted: “It seems that you wisely chose to give up revenge. This is good, because I’m not ready to talk to Laureta. Bottons is in full war. But don’t worry, there will be a battle between us at the latest in the middle of next year.”

“Aren’t you afraid of the Legendary mage behind him?” Almost found the problem, his face showed an incredible expression.

“Afraid? Why should I be afraid? Do you think I would choose Laureta Bottons as my opponent without the permission of the Legendary mage? Remember, my friend, this is a mage An ancient and dangerous game with a mage, a contest of wisdom and power, you are just accidentally implicated. If Lauretta gets serious, you will never escape.”

As Barbarian’s role in the territory grew, Andre didn’t want to hide some things anymore. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he directly chose the showdown.

He believes that with the wisdom of the old man in front of him, he should know what to do is the best choice for the remaining Barbarian tribe.

The young leader Wharton clenched his fist tightly. Normally, with his impulsive and sensitive character, he should have jumped up and clamored loudly to smash his enemy into pieces.

But I don’t know why, he actually held it back, his eyes were like a few days and nights without sleep, covered with scarlet bloodshot eyes, looking terrifying and hideous.

Tutumunka didn’t say a word. Patted Wharton’s shoulder, followed by took a deep breath and asked: “What do you need us to do? Let go of this hatred and continue to bear it? Or become your hands. Sword?”

Andre shook the head with a serious expression: “No, hatred is a powerful force, you should keep it, and I did not say that you are not allowed to retaliate. But there is a premise, that I have to wait for this year to pass.”

“After this year? What do you mean?” Tutumonka frowned subconsciously.

“Like the literal meaning, according to the rules set by the Legendary mage, next year will be the date of our war. In other words, when the last day of this year passes, we can tear away the false peace. , Launching attacks everywhere.”

After all, Andre’s eyes showed a hint of excitement and expectation…

Since coming to in this world, he has been the number one When confronting such a powerful enemy head-on, just thinking about it makes people feel like they can’t stop.

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