Arcane Lord Chapter 969

Fighting with the sky, fighting with the earth, fighting with people, there is so much fun!

As a person with a strong desire to control, Andre has never been afraid of fighting, and even a little like that kind of thrilling excitement. He never likes to take it passively, but is good at creating opportunities and taking the initiative. , Acting style is full of aggressiveness.

In this regard, Tutumonka has a deep understanding. He has no doubt that next year’s Linton City will be full of foul wind and bloody rain, so looking thoughtful nodded.

“Do you mean…I can do whatever I want next year?”

Although Andre wants to say that even if you do assassinate, it will be nothing but nothing It’s just to die, a Level 14 mage can protect himself by too many means, not to mention the apprentice like the immortal king this level spellcaster, it is not surprising that he will be resurrected immediately after being killed.

After all, Arcane has all kinds of strange things, and the number is countless. It is the Level 3 magic that can extract health from the enemy and then use it to recover its own injuries-vampire touch. It is enough to make countless professionals feel a headache.

However, for the sake of the old shaman’s dying, he certainly replied: “Yes, no matter what you want to do, it doesn’t matter whether you are in my name or in your own name. As long as there is a chance, you can even kill Laureta Bottons. There is no need to worry about retaliation afterwards.”

“Very well, I will follow your request and continue to endure until the last day of this year and wait for next year. When the first day comes, I will retaliate in my own way. Maybe I can’t really kill a powerful mage, but I can let him taste the unforgettable pain.”

In other words, Tutumonka turned around and walked slowly into the fortress on crutches.

His steps are so staggering, and his back is full of bleakness. When anyone hears that his enemy is so strong that he has no choice, he will naturally show the weakest side.

Looking at the old shaman leaving, Wharton stared at two scarlet eyes and asked: “Your Excellency, you will not stop us from taking revenge, will you?”

“Yes, revenge It’s everyone’s right. I will not stop it, but will give you some help.

But revenge is not without cost. If you plan to revenge on a target that is countless times stronger than yourself, then It’s best to think about the price first.

Tutumunka Shaman is already prepared and has delayed his death for this reason, so I won’t say anything about his choice. Dao four, but I want to ask now, do you have this consciousness?”

Andre’s voice is neither rush nor sharp, as if to explain an insignificant truth, rather than preventing a victim Hatred dazzled the sane youth.

However, it is a pity that Wharton couldn’t understand the painstaking effort, so he directly put on the sentence “I had this enlightenment”, and then went after the old shaman.

Looking at these two stubborn guys, Andre sighed helplessly, and said to Uruz beside him: “Recently, pay attention to whether there are any guys worth training among Barbarian. It seems that Walton is probably It won’t last long, we have to find a substitute.”

“Understood! I will pay attention.” Uruz agreed without thinking.

He is not an idiot. It is easy to analyze what a simple-minded Barbarian will do when he is dominated by hatred.

As long as Wharton dared to trouble Laureta Bottons, it would be unlikely to survive.

After a simple dinner, the army led by Andre stationed in situ and began to rest. Now that the opponent’s retreat has been cut off, he doesn’t need to rush for time anymore, just send out More than a hundred cavalrymen marched along the route of the Duke of Wyan. Once they caught up, they immediately launched harassment tactics. They carried out sneak attacks and archery day and night, making their opponents exhausted.

After all, in a real war, most of the complex tactics will die midway due to various accidents. On the contrary, those simple tactics that are repeatedly used are easier to succeed.

Uluz’s idea is very simple. There are two main points. The first point is to delay the advance of the Duke of Wynne, and strive to allow the opponent to automatically retreat after running out of food supplies; the second point is to rely on sports warfare. , Forcing the Duke of Wynne to be unable to concentrate on attacking the castle of Earl Carl.

In the middle of the vast desert, he saw firsthand how those sand thieves rode camels and used harassment and sneak attacks, forcibly dragging down a powerful caravan, and today he learned how to use his opponents.

As for the captives who were tossed to the death, they fell asleep on the grass without an image. After mental and physical torture, they were really exhausted. In addition, they ate too much. Because of more food, I sleep like a dead pig.

I don’t know if I was afraid of playing these people to death, or suddenly discovered that Yvette did not continue to toss the prisoners, and returned to the tent alone to rest.

Just as the army just fell asleep, in the castle more than a hundred kilometers away, Count Carl was frantically recruiting people to prepare for the enemy troops approaching the city.

No way, who made him lose almost all of his army in a battle.

Despite the terrible obedience and discipline of mercenaries and adventurer, personal strength is not bad anyway, and the most important thing in defensive warfare is personal ability.

Seeing his beloved fortress occupied by messy civilians, Count Carl felt unspeakably uncomfortable.

After a while, he lowered his voice to the Knight warned who was following him repeatedly: “Let the servants keep an eye on those damn mercenaries and adventurers! I bet there must be many professional thieves among them. , I don’t want to see that all the valuables in the castle will be stolen in a few days.”

Knight glanced in disgust at the man peeing in the corner, and immediately bowed with one hand on his chest. “My lord, please rest assured, the lady has personally locked all the precious things such as jewelry, coins, silver tableware, clothes, spices, etc., into the underground vault, and sent five veterans and three hounds to guard it. Sure.”

“Very good! At this critical moment, everyone must be vigilant, knowing that the army of the Duke of Wyan may appear in front of us at any time.”

I don’t know if it was the shadow of being almost wiped out during the day, Earl Carl looked very nervous, both hands shaking uncontrollably.

In fact, if he had a choice, he would never lead his army to attack in the plain area with a stronger opponent than himself.

There is no way. The rule of war between the nobles of Olaer continent is to fight in the field first and then retreat to the castle. Unless the strength of the two sides is too different, they will be regarded as coward and trash by the entire class. Once posted This label, then the family will become the laughing stock in the nobility circle.

Don’t think it’s funny. It means that the daughter of this nobleman can’t get married. The son can’t find the right wife. Neighbors will take a small advantage around the territory. In short, absolutely I haven’t had my birthday, so I know I will be defeated. The nobles still have to brace oneself and fight a field battle…

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