Arcane Lord Chapter 970

“Earl, please rest assured that the castle is as solid as a rock. No matter how strong the enemy is, it cannot be used here. We have plenty of food, weapons, arrows, and stones. It’s stubborn, and it’s no problem to stick to it for a month.” Knight seemed to see the monarch’s worry and hurriedly said comforted.

Carl waved his hand with a wry smile: “No, I am not worried that the castle will fall, but that the Duke of Wynne will fly into a rage out of humiliation when attacking for a long time without any success. , Take the fields and peasants in the territory. You must know that he is not the kind of person who obeys the rules. When necessary, he can even unite with the monster in the border forest.”

For the bad reputation of Duke Wyan Knight has heard about it, subconsciously nodded: “You are right. I personally suggest that it is better to ask the surrounding lords for help before the castle is under siege.”

“You don’t need to worry about this. As early as half an hour ago, I sent five waves of messengers. As long as there is no accident, I will arrive at my destination by tomorrow morning at the latest.”

When it comes to this matter, Count Carl’s face is a little better. To a point, although his strength and influence are not at all as powerful as his opponents, after all, he is also a nobleman who has lived on this land for more than two hundred years, and has relationship with many lords. As long as he is willing to pay the corresponding price, Getting reinforcements is not a problem at all.

“Can I take the liberty to ask, have you asked anyone for help?” Knight cautiously asked.

“Viscount Luxem, Earl Cullen, David Baron, Gault Baron, and Duke Philente, I believe they will not watch the Duke Wyan annex my territory, so they will Send reinforcements as quickly as possible.”

Earl Carl obviously trusts his Knight very much, and even this kind of sensitive and private topic has no intention of concealing it.

Knight also did not live up to this trust, bowed his head for a moment, and immediately suggested: “Earl, why didn’t you ask for help from the south? After all, they are the closest to our territory, and once Wyen The Duke controlled the business road leading to the inland, and the biggest loss was undoubtedly them.”

“Seek help from the south?” Count Carl’s eyes lit up, but he quickly shook the head helplessly. “No, no, we are inland nobles. No matter what happens, Linton City cannot be involved. This is a customary rule for hundreds of years. I don’t want to be the first to break it.”

As there is a saying, the first person who dares to break the rules will often get huge benefits, but it also means that they will take a very big risk, and even become the target of all surrounding lords. The target of the siege.

Earl Carl has never been an adventurous person. He would rather ced a part of his territory using traditional methods than cracking a joke with the future of the entire family.

“Earl, you are misunderstood. I am not asking you to ask for help from Linton City, but from a nobleman in Linton City.

Have you forgotten that? Is the fortress standing in the glorious place?

As far as I know, it belongs to a young mage named Andre, with more than one hundred elite cavalry and two hundred heavy armored infantry stationed in it. Within two months, they swept all the goblin and kobold tribes within tens of kilometers around the border forest, and their combat effectiveness was amazing.

According to the tradition that no more than half of the troops will be sent, the opponent’s territory will at least return With the same number of cavalry and infantry, plus a small number of militias, our neighbor can pull up an army of thousands with no difficulty.

even more how he himself is an unfathomable spellcaster, The surface strength alone is enough to pose a serious threat to the Duke of Wyan.

The most important thing is that the Duke of Wyan will probably not let go of the fortress that stands above the traffic, so the two of them There is bound to be a battle anyway, why don’t we take advantage of it?”

Obviously, this 40-year-old Knight is very smart and took a small loophole.

Although the inland aristocrats severely rejected the wealthy trading port of Linton, they never rejected the aristocratic class who ruled it, and some even maintained very close relationships, every few generations. There will be a marriage to strengthen the bond between each other.

To a certain extent, this is not at all something strange. It’s like two European countries fighting for life and death in the Middle Ages, but the nobles should still hold banquets and hold banquets. The mutual marriage of marriage will not be affected in any way.

At any rate, the aristocratic class in the entire southern region was split from an ancient empire. The bones were broken and the tendons were still connected.

For this proposal, Earl Carl is undoubtedly very excited. The beard on the chin touched the chin and looked thoughtful for several minutes. Nodded quickly agreed: “What you said makes sense, maybe it can be small Use the following.

But to be cautious, we can’t use words like asking for help.

Why don’t you find someone you can trust and take my wife and daughter. See this youngster and test the attitude of the other person.

Remember, it is said to be a refuge outside. I believe that with this reason, no one can get rid of anything wrong.”

Seeing that his suggestion was adopted, Knight was overjoyed and beat his chest: “Please don’t worry, I will let my two sons personally escort them to ensure that there will be no accidents.”

“Very good Arrange as soon as possible before the enemy arrives, and bring some gems by the way. Mages are generally interested in these shiny things.”

After all, Earl Carl patted Knight on the shoulder. , Walked towards the bedroom alone.

He needs to say a few private words to his wife before leaving to ensure that he can get reinforcements as quickly as possible.

Because the faster the reinforcements come, the less damage the territory will suffer and the easier it will be to recover.

Once the war lasts for more than a month, basically don’t expect to harvest the wheat in the field. Even if Duke Wyan can’t take it away, it will be burned out.

Although private wars between nobles rarely kill each other, they will never show mercy in terms of destruction. Some of the more fierce guys may even spend a lot of money on the opponent’s land. Sprinkle salt in the arable land, making it impossible to sow for a few years.

Of course, this kind of local tyrant’s behavior is not something anyone can afford to play, but it will certainly not be difficult to set a fire.

After more than ten minutes, a carriage escorted by five people slowly left the castle and galloped along the path behind the forest to the direction of the Turs Valley.

A young and beautiful mother in the carriage is comforting her thirteen-fourteen-year-old daughter…

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