Arcane Lord Chapter 971

“Baby, don’t cry, come into mother’s arms.”

Earl Carl’s wife, Gloria, picked up her daughter in blue dress , Stroked her brown hair lightly, trying to stop the scared little fellow from crying.

But obviously, this strategy does not at all have any effect, especially the high-speed carriage, which makes the girl feel trembling in fear, crying yelled: “wū wū wū wū…I don’t want to leave the castle I want to go home! I want to go home!”

“Don’t make trouble, Jelena, your father is in danger now. The reason he let you leave the castle is to protect you.” Gloria tried to explain to her daughter why she left home overnight.

It can be seen that she is like an overwhelming majority lady. She has no experience with children at all. Usually, she is looked after by a dedicated maid, so she has no idea what a child needs at this time. what.

Hearing that father is dangerous, the girl named Jelena didn’t mean to stop, she cried more fiercely. In addition, the woods at night were extremely quiet and the cries spread very far. It even caused an echo.

The accompanying guards really couldn’t stand it, they lay on the car window and reminded: “Madam, you better let Young Lady calm down as soon as possible, otherwise we will be exposed. You must know that Duke Wyan’s army is very Maybe it’s in the vicinity. Once I was found, I…” Before he could finish his words, a crossbow arrow flew towards him, accurately piercing his right eye.

In an instant!

The young man who was less than twenty-five years old plopped and fell from his horse. The blood dyed gushing out reddened the glass on the car window. It looked like this under the moonlight. Fierce, terrifying…


Little Loli, who was originally unstable in spirit, screamed harshly and turned to push the car door to escape .

Fortunately, her mother reacted fast enough, and she pulled her tightly and held her tightly.

I only heard the fully armed coachman shouting: “Enemy attack! Enemy attack! I see a silhouette in the woods ahead! I must turn around immediately!”

” Everyone come with me! Stop these cavalry! Buy time for the lady and Young Lady to escape!”

Another guard drew out a weapon and rushed up against the enemy’s arrow, leaving a few others Also without the slightest hesitation follow closely from behind, they are undoubtedly very loyal, and they have no hesitation in knowing that it is dead end.

In just ten seconds, they collided with the cavalry who rushed out from the opposite side of the woods. Everyone was doing their best to keep the opponent from chasing.

But unfortunately, the difference in number is too obvious. In less than three to five minutes, the bodyguards were all killed, and the cavalry who followed were biting the carriage and holding on to the armor. The badges worn on them can be easily identified. They are all soldiers under the Duke of Wyan.

As everyone knows, the carriage speed is always impossible to be faster than the cavalry, so after a while, the distance between the two quickly narrowed, through the rear window, the chasers can even see In the carriage, the mother and daughter lose one’s head out of fear.

With the help of the bright moonlight, one of the cavalrymen recognized the identity of the opponent and immediately laughed wildly: “Hahahaha! Guys! We are going to catch a big fish! If you read it right, then it must be It’s Count Carl’s wife and daughter!”

“Awesome! Pay attention! Don’t accidentally hurt that lady and Young Lady! I believe Lord Duke will be very happy to see them in his tent. Inside!” Another cavalry also echoed loudly.

In fact, due to the high prices of equipment and horses, basically anyone who can become a cavalry either possesses an extraordinary ability or is a descendant of a small nobleman without inheritance rights.

They belong to the reserve of the aristocratic class. As long as a certain war is performed well, they will be promoted immediately. Therefore, they are not like ordinary soldiers who have a natural awe of the aristocracy.

Just when these guys were ecstatic and a little forgetful, up ahead suddenly made a sou sou sound. Before anyone could react, more than ten people rolled off their horses. Some His neck was broken alive, and some screamed while covering the wound penetrated by the arrow.

I am afraid that they will not dream that they have just enjoyed the pleasure of bullying the weak not long ago, and now it is their turn to be bullied.

Without time to think about it, Captain, who is in charge of command, quickly raised his shield, and while blocking the arrows flying in front of him, he shouted with his hands: “End! End now! Don’t even think about it. Retreat! We will all be shot by bows and arrows!”

Under his order, the remaining 30 cavalry quickly gathered together, fiercely staring at the enemy blocking the front.

In fact, these unexpected cavalry are no one else, but the wind cavalry led by Booth himself.

Seeing that the opponent formed a close charging formation, he sneered curl one’s lip, and directly lifted his right hand and shook it above his head.

The rest of the people immediately understood. With 3 or 5 people as a squad, they quickly circled a large circle from both sides. They didn’t mean to fight melee at all, but repeatedly shot with bows and arrows. Anyway, horses The target was so big and without any protective gear. After two rounds of shooting, a dozen bad luck eggs changed from cavalry to infantry.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the cavalry tactics that Andre has personally taught, especially against those heavy cavalry who never wear long-range weapons and also like to wear plate armor and full body armor. The effect is simply not ordinary. Great.

Although riding and shooting is not at all as powerful as many experts boast, and even the effective range rarely exceeds 50 meters, it is undeniable that it is really disgusting.

Seeing more and more horses being shot to death, the Cavalry Captain finally couldn’t help cursing loudly: “Despicable! Are you cowards who only shoot arrows from a distance? Dare to be like a man Same, dignified is coming to a fight to the death!”

“Despicable? Hehe, sorry, your poor aggressive method doesn’t work for me. Since it can shoot you all at a distance, why should I take the risk? How close? Now I give you two choices, one is to stand still and be shot slowly, and the other is to put down the weapon and throw it at. In the name of Andre Baron, I guarantee your personal safety.”

After more than two months of intriguing confrontation with monsters, Booth is no longer the rash man who is easily provoked.

He has begun to learn to let go of his so-called dignity and honor, and defeat his opponents while minimizing his own casualties. As for what the opponent says, it’s all in one ear and out the other. Anyway, as long as he can After winning, he can retaliate back afterwards.

The Cavalry Captain trembled with anger, and couldn’t believe that there would be such shameless people in the world.

As a person with a noble bloodline, he could not bear such insults at all, raising his lance and shouting: “Charge! Kill this base and shameless villain!”


“Kill him!”


More than thirty people swarmed toward Booth’s location, they The purpose is very simple, that is to kill the enemy commander, hoping to take this opportunity to create chaos, and then escape.

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