Arcane Lord Chapter 972

“Non-headed idiots! It seems that I have to teach them what a real cavalry is!”

Watching the enemy rushing wildly at him, cloth Instead of showing any panic, he showed a trace of undisguised contempt and sarcasm.

I saw him raise his right hand again and make a fist.

In an instant!

The wind cavalry surrounding them all took out a long rope. The two sections of the rope were tied with two iron balls full of spikes. They were running on horses while waving the rope vigorously. Let the two iron balls spin at an extremely fast speed, and finally aimed at the enemy who initiated the charge and threw it over.

Relying on the speed of the horse and the inertia of the iron ball itself, this terrifying weapon in midair whistled past caused a great deal of damage in just an instant.

Anyone who is directly hit by an iron ball either has a brain crack or is pierced into the body by a sharp spike. The rest is trapped by the high-speed rotation rope and immediately loses the ability to move. .

As for the guys who fell from the horses, it’s even more bad luck. Not only do they have to withstand a huge sudden impact, but they also have to be careful not to be hit by their own horses. They grieve all over the place for a while, and finally succeed in rushing from the crowd. Not even five people came out.

And what awaits them are ten full bows and arrows on the bowstrings!

“Let it go!”

Booz waved his hand and gave the shooting command.

There is no hesitation!

No mercy!

Along with the sound of bowstring vibration, the last few enemies were shot into hedgehogs, and slowly fell on the road to charge.

The sturdy armor did not play any protective role, because all the parts of the arrow were on the face and neck.

Before they died, their eyes widened, and they didn’t want to believe that with their bravery, how could it be impossible to connect close to the opponent, they were killed by a variety of weird weapons.

New tactics!

A weapon you have never seen before!

Booz is applying the knowledge learned from Andre to the war at a very fast speed. The more he understands, the more he can realize, “The advantage of cavalry is speed and distance.” The essence of this sentence, the charge is secondary.

Because in front of the dense formation of infantry, the charge is not cheap at all, but it is easy to trap yourself and cause a lot of unnecessary death and injury.

Taking advantage of their own contemplative efforts, Brandt’s wind cavalry in the Prairie Kingdom swept the battlefield as quickly as possible. They disassembled the corpse’s weapons and armor and tied them to spare horses. I am going to take it back and fix it as a strategic reserve.

After all, the price of a pair of half-length armor or breastplate is at least 400 to 600 Gold Coins. It is considered to be damaged, and it can be used after a repair.

The remaining baubles such as coins, rings and body protection symbols belong to whoever finds them. In about ten minutes, they ransacked all the valuables.

A youngster with several rings in his hand came to Booth and asked enthusiastically: “Head, what are we going to do next? Continue to move forward according to the original plan, or go after that. Carriage?”

“Idiot! Of course it is to chase the carriage! Don’t you hear the voices of those people, there is Earl Carriage’s wife and daughter in the carriage!” The other grade is younger. The cavalry rolled the eyes replied.

Glancing at the morale of his men, Booth smiled and shook the head and explained: “I just saw the direction that the carriage flees. It happens to be the location of the fortress, so there is no need to chase it. It won’t take long for them to slam into the follow-up troops themselves. And we don’t need to move on anymore, because these corpses are enough to make Duke Wyan understand that there is a deadly cavalry hidden around him, no matter what he wants to do. I dare not devote all my energy.”

“So, can we find a place to camp and rest?” Youngster’s eyes lit up slightly, and his face was filled with surprise.

“Yes, send a signal to let the other opponents move closer to us, and half an hour later, camp in the woods just passing by.” Booz Calm gave the order.

He knows very well that the more than one hundred people he has brought are not enough to confront the two thousand fully woven professional army. The only function is to distract the opponent and unable to concentrate everything. Power launched an attack on the castle.

Soon, as a signal arrow burning with flames was shot into the air, the cavalry scattered in the woods retreated one after another. It didn’t take long to gather together and arrange the order of the night’s vigil. , They fall asleep without saying a word, not caring about the surrounding environment, and mosquitoes that make people headache.

The calm night passed quickly. When the first ray of sunlight in the sky hit the ground, a carriage covered with blood slowly moved forward along the horizon.

After several hours of running, the two Pebo horses, which are known for their endurance, were exhausted and no longer had the energy to run. They could only drag the carriage forward slowly.

Because of rushing to escape and not discerning the direction, the driver doesn’t know where he is now, let alone where to go is the right direction. Only cautiously guarded to prevent wildness that may appear at any time beast, monster and thieves.

There was silence in the carriage at this moment. The severely frightened girl was exhausted and fell asleep in the arms of her mother. Occasionally, her mouth babbled and she didn’t know what she was saying. .

Gloria’s expression was dumb, staring with both eyes and staring at all around, even a hare sprang out of the grass, her whole body tremble with fright.

This young lady finally understands how terrifying war is, especially the dark red blood on the car window reminds her of how fragile the lives of herself and her daughter are.

Just as the three horrified birds cautiously entered the light spot, they suddenly heard the sound of horseshoe trampling in the distance, and a row of fast-moving cavalry soon appeared on the horizon. .

Although the coachman wanted to turn the front of the car to hide the carriage, the Berbuma, who had almost lost all his energy, couldn’t run at all, and had to stop in place, begging for protection from the gods.

one minute ……

two minutes ……

Five minutes……

Seeing the fully armed cavalry getting closer and closer Gloria felt her heart tangled together, as if waiting for the trial of fate.

But the battallion cavalry didn’t seem to care at all about these two carriages. They whistled past from both sides, and only one cavalry stopped and shouted at the coachman: “No matter who you are! No matter where you come from ! Come with me now!”

“Your Excellency! I am Count Karl’s servant, and his wife and daughter are in the car. I ask you to give them noble treatment!”

Finding that being captured is inevitable, the coachman hurriedly reported the owner’s name, hoping to get some preferential treatment…

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