Arcane Lord Chapter 973

Just when the mother and daughter of Gloria and Elena were taken on the road to the fortress, the army of the Duke of Wynne also just arrived in front of Count Karl’s castle. Without any hesitation, he directly ordered his men to surround him, and under the supervision of the artisans with the army, he began to cut down trees to build siege tools.

Looking at the frightened guards above the castle, Duke Wyan showed a trace of pride on his face, and he smiled and asked his cronies around him: “Well, how long will it take for us to attack? Know that I am already a little bit I can’t wait to see how old friend Carl kneels in front of me and weeping bitter tears.”

“My lord, according to the calculations of the craftsmen, build enough siege towers, city breakers and slings. It will take at least two days, and the soldiers have just marched overnight and need a period of trimming.”

Although the cronies of the overwhelming majority nobles are those who are good at flattering and fawning, this is obviously a special case.

He didn’t mean to agree with the monarch at all. On the contrary, he was like a lifeless old fogey, reporting a large amount of data at a glance, which was boring to the extreme.

But Earl Wynne was not at all angry, but laughed happily: “hahahaha! Rose, you still lack a sense of humor. Well, let poor Earl Carl suffer for another two days, The castle will change ownership in two days.”

The middle age person called Ross, who remains unmoved at all, still reminded him expressionlessly: “My lord, I advise you to leave Too much, although the current situation is beneficial to us, it is not without worries.

Perhaps you are not quite clear. The cavalry squad we sent yesterday has not come back yet, if nothing else , They must have been killed by who.

According to the statement that only cavalry can wipe out the cavalry, at least one cavalry with about fifty to one hundred men is hovering around, and it is possible at any time We launched an attack on our camp, so starting from today, we must expand the patrol to ensure that the siege weapons will not be secretly damaged.”

“What? You said my people were killed? Found? Is there a corpse?” Duke Wyan’s face changed suddenly and frowned asked.

After all, although he has two thousand troops, the number of cavalrymen is only about two hundred and fifty. Even if one of them dies, it will take a long time. Even more how is the whole team dead.

Unlike the coastal city-state of Linton City, the inland nobles can equip hundreds or even thousands of cavalry with the huge profits brought by trade with no difficulty.

“My lord, these are just my personal speculations. No bodies have been found yet. But they have been missing for more than six hours. They either became deserters collectively or were attacked and all killed. You Which probability do you think is higher?” Rose pursed the corner of his mouth and asked in a mean tone.

“Damn! It seems that we are really in trouble! Expand the patrol range immediately, especially keep an eye on the siege equipment under construction. No problems are allowed.”

After all, the Duke of Wynne didn’t care if his men heard clearly, he hurried to his tent.

Pushing open the thick curtain, he saw at a glance a famous half-orc soldier sitting on a chair, reading a book called “The Art of Commander” very quietly.

I have to say that this scene is a bit weird, because semi-orc has always been one of the races that don’t like reading. They are more inclined to use violence to solve problems than strategy and wisdom.

Of course, this half-orc is not someone else, it is one of Laurelta Bottons’ capable men, who integrated all the monster commanders in the border forest-Case.

Seeing that Duke Wyan came in, the half-orc warrior slowly closed the book in his hand, lifts the head and asked faintly: “Let’s talk, what happened, that made you so panicked?”

“It’s the enemy! The mage named Andre in your mouth discovered my actions! He killed my entire team of cavalry last night!” Duke Wyan roared loudly.

He was obviously very angry, madly beating the decorations and furnishings in the tent.

“Oh? He moves so fast?” Case raised his eyebrows in surprise.

In fact, he had been notified as early as last night and understood how terrifying the Duke of Flames was. Even if Alone burned all more than two thousand soldiers to death, it would be no surprise.

Duke Wyan was quite dissatisfied with the half-orc casual attitude, he patted the table hard and shouted: “Damn! I ask you to fulfill the covenant right now!”

“Unfortunately, our covenant It won’t take effect until next year, even more how you have to conquer Earl Carl’s territory alone in order to prove your worth, knowing that I never cooperate with losers.”

Case didn’t even think about it. , Directly rejected the other party’s request.

In his eyes, the chirping guy standing in front of him is just a cannon fodder, a chess piece used to test the depth of the enemy, and it can be discarded after it is used up, and it has no retained value. .

“Asshole! Are you not afraid that I will shake your secrets out?” The Duke of Wyan threatened and exasperated.

He is not an idiot. He knows how dangerous it is to be an enemy of a member of the Linton City Wizards Association. The ordinary army simply cannot withstand the indiscriminate bombing of strong demon law.

Case sneered and spread out his hands: “Please feel free, I would like to see how many people believe what you say.

Don’t forget, the force you have now How did you come, why those nobles would support you? Without our assistance, Earl Carl is all talking about whether you can win or not, so instead of angering me here, it is better to attack.

According to my inference, since the enemy has begun to appear around, it means that the army you left behind in the fortress is finished.

If the movement is not fast, it will not take long before you will face the front and back flanking. Embarrassment.”

“You wait! I will make you regret one day!”

Seeing that he couldn’t move the other person, Duke Wyan gave him a fiercely stare. He turned angrily and left the tent. After a while, he yelled outside.

Case laughed contemptuously, lowered his voice and muttered to himself: “What an idiot without self-knowledge. No wonder he has such a big territory, but he can only live in the shadow of Linton City. I really hope he will not be carried away by anger, make any stupid decisions. “

as the left one Laoleitabo Martens relied on and right hands, he knew his task is to figure out How much strength is hidden in Andre’s territory, as long as this task is completed, it doesn’t matter whether Duke Wyan is dead or alive.

Ke Wyan Duke obviously did not have the consciousness of being a chess piece, and immediately after the first batch of engineering towers were built, he immediately ordered an attack.

With the sound of the desolate horn, the tragic offensive and defensive battle finally kicked off…

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