Arcane Lord Chapter 974

Two fried eggs, a fresh stewed rabbit meat, and a small piece of freshly baked bread. This is the breakfast that Andre got in the fortress.

Although it looks a little rudimentary, for the entire army stationed around the fortress, it can already provide the best food.

The rabbits were shot and killed by the soldiers on patrol. The simple thing was that they came out from the nests of wild ducks. Most people can only eat bacon, salted eggs, hard bread and A bowl of vegetable soup.

After all, everything in the march is simple, the food is how simple and how to prepare it, as for the taste…

It can only be said that it is slightly better than pig food, and it can barely be swallowed. The advantage is that the portion is sufficient. Whether it is rusks, cured meats or pickled eggs, it is available in unlimited quantities.

Just as Andre had just swallowed two fried eggs in his stomach and was about to destroy the rabbit meat, he suddenly heard a sound of footsteps outside the house, followed by the door of the room knocked.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

“Report! Your Excellency! We found a suspicious carriage during our patrol this morning! The other party claimed to be the servant and wife of Count Karl And daughter! I escorted them back. I don’t know if you see him indirectly now?”

“Earl Carl’s wife and daughter?”

Andre obviously didn’t expect his men The soldier would bring such a burst of news, subconsciously put down the fork in his hand, letting the juicy rabbit meat on the plate escape.

After thinking for a few seconds, he immediately said: “Bring in, I just have time now.”

tone barely fell!

I saw that the rough wooden door was pushed aside, and a fully armed cavalry stepped forward two steps, bowed solemnly, and pointed to the three people behind introduced: “My lord, this man dressed as a coachman claims to be a servant, and the two ladies are the earl’s family.”

After speaking, he stepped aside, silently waiting for orders.

Gloria was obviously very surprised at Andre’s age. She could hardly believe that the apparently underage boy in front of her was actually the target of her husband’s request for help. For a while, she froze in place. Know what to say.

But when the young mother was hesitating, the younger Elena suddenly let out a disappointing cry from her belly, staring at her with her big eyes, staring straight on the table. Rabbit meat and bread.

Undoubtedly, after a whole night of tossing, the girl is now stomach rumbling with hunger, so when she sees food, she feels a little uncontrollable, if she hadn’t been a strict nobleman since she was a child Education, I’m afraid I’ve already shouted Hungry music loudly.

Andre, who has always been good at observing, noticed this, and pushed the rabbit meat and soft bread forward, said with a smile: “Beautiful Young Lady, I don’t know if I’m lucky enough to invite you in Breakfast?”


Ilena licked her lips, lifts the head and looked at her mother with longing eyes, hoping to get a positive answer.

No mother in the world wants to see her child starving, so Gloria is nodded without the slightest hesitation.

After getting permission, the girl stepped to the table and gave a very ladylike dress up: “Hello, I am Elena, the eldest daughter of Count Carl, I am very happy to join you. Breakfast.”

I have to say that watching a cute little girl pretend to be a very interesting thing.

Andre got up very cooperatively and politely said: “Please sit down, Jelena Young Lady, I’m sorry I can’t provide you with better food, because this is a fortress that has just experienced war, so absolutely Most of the food is marinated. Trust me, you will not like them.”

“It doesn’t matter, rabbit meat and fresh toast are already good.”

After all, the girl sat down, picked up the knife and fork and quickly cut a piece of rabbit meat into her mouth, completely forgetting that this knife and fork was used by a strange man sitting opposite.

Looking at her pretentiously elegant and efficient eating rate, Andre immediately realized that the other two adults were probably hungry too, and hurriedly waved at the soldier standing next to him, instructed: “Go , Let the kitchen stew a rabbit, fry two eggs and bring it. Also, take this loyal servant to eat.

“Yes, my lord. “

The young cavalry gave a salute and dragged the somewhat reluctant coachman to leave the room.

As soon as they left with their front feet, Gloria couldn’t wait to ask:” Are you the Andre mage who became famous in the past six months? “

“Yes, authentic. “

Andre can feel that this lady seems to have something to say, so she admits it generously.

He doesn’t believe that in the current extremely bad situation, Earl Carl will be for nothing. Send out his wife and daughter.

After getting the affirmative answer, Gloria was obviously sighed in relief, and hurriedly took out a crumpled letter from his belt, and a finely carved one. The carefully crafted wooden box is gently placed on the table.

“Morning Goddess Lucia bless you, I finally saw you. This is a secret letter from my husband, Earl Karl, in the box. It is a small gift, please accept it. “

Looking at the lady’s composure expression, Andre not at all immediately opened the envelope, but smiled and asked: “Secret letter? If I remember correctly, I don’t seem to have friendship with your husband, do I? Wouldn’t he want me to send troops to attack Duke Wyan’s army? “

“Why not? As far as I know, you seem to have wiped out the one third of the Duke of Wyan just last night. With his character, you will never give up. as the saying goes Well, the enemy of the enemy is a friend. You and my husband have the same enemy, why not work together? ”

Gloria is obviously not a woman who will go back and forth when encountering some danger and setbacks. She tried to persuade with the information she collected on the road.

But very Unfortunately, Andre is also not the kind of person who will be shaken by a few words.

I saw him stand up and walk to the map hanging on the wall, pointing to Count Carl’s territory and saying: ” Madam, if I’m not mistaken, Duke Wyan has led his army to surround your husband’s castle, which means that his territory is currently empty and there is no guarding power at all. . Please give me a reason. Why should I take a huge risk to rescue your husband instead of marching westward and plundering wealth in the domain of the Duke of Wyan? “

Nothing in the world is priceless, even though Andre has been prepared for a long time, he can set out to rescue his neighbor at any time.

But he does not seem to make the other person feel , My friendship is so cheap, you can just come and go without paying a little price.

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