Arcane Lord Chapter 975

Human beings are very strange creatures. Their measure of value is often not determined by the specific role of things, but on the difficulty of seeing them. The more they experience suffering untold The more hardships get is regarded as treasures, on the contrary, the more easily obtained, the less cherished.

One of the most obvious examples is that men pursue women. No matter how gentle, considerate, and beautiful a woman is, as long as there are no difficulties and obstacles in the pursuit process, then the man who pursues her usually Don’t care too much.

But if a woman who is not beautiful, knows how to control the rhythm, make full use of her own advantages to refuse to welcome, and inspire the desire to conquer in the man’s genes, then she can be firmly in this game Occupy the initiative, even if a man succeeds, he will love it, for fear of accidentally losing it again.

I have to say, this is a complete sadness.

As a smart person, Andre never makes anyone think that his kindness is cheap, let alone allow anyone to talk to himself.

He wanted the lady in front of him to understand the heavy price, so he deliberately acted very rudely, and did not give the other party a chance to narrow the distance between each other.

It was obviously the first time for Gloria to participate in the interest negotiation between the nobles, and it was a little bit unsuitable for the confrontation.

After hesitating for a while, she asked, “Then what do you want? Did you watch my husband’s land be annexed by the Duke of Wynne?”

“Madam , You have to understand that everything needs to pay a price, just like a farmer handing over half of his harvest to the lord in exchange for the lord’s protection. If you want me to help Count Carl, then show some sincerity. . I am a pragmatist and I don’t like empty brackets and promises. Now tell me, what do you plan to exchange for my troops?”

Andre’s tone is neither sharp nor arrogant, as if He was talking about an insignificant little thing, but he tore through all the hypocritical parts of the negotiation and pointed to the core of the problem.

Although he didn’t have much ambitions for the neighbors around him, he hoped to take this opportunity to expand his influence and slowly penetrate through trade.

In fact, so far, he has reached the limit in terms of land expansion. Whether it is the farmland within the valley of the Tulse Mountains, or the fortress-centered pasture, all need a lot of It is unlikely that the gap in the labor force will be filled in more than ten years.

In many cases, the larger the area of ​​the territory is not the better, but the population density must be ensured, otherwise the empty land and no one are useless.

Gloria fell silent because she didn’t know what Andre wanted, but Andre knew what she wanted.

The negotiation between the two parties is not equal from the very beginning, so passivity has become inevitable.

Hesitated again and again, after all, the countess couldn’t bear the anxious emotion, cautiously took out a scepter-shaped seal ring from her underwear.

“This is a symbol of the supreme rights of my husband’s family. Any treaty and document will take effect immediately as long as it is stamped. There is no need to worry about renege on a debt in the future. How, are you satisfied with this price? “

Staring at the exquisite pattern on the ring, Andre’s mouth is slightly tilted, nodded with a smile: “Yes, I am very satisfied!

Since you have clearly expressed your sincerity, Then I don’t have to talk nonsense.

The requirement is very simple. Count Carl must swear to belong to me. Of course, this kind of affiliation can make it secret and undisclosed.

I He does not need to hand in tributes every year, nor does he have to spy a bit of the land. He only needs to use the name of his inland nobles to establish a social circle that can influence the surrounding lords.

As long as you can be with me Signing a secret agreement like this, then I can immediately order the army to go out, completely defeat the Duke of Wynne, and even help your husband to occupy his territory.”

Why the nobles can stand in this Is the world thousands of years old?

The reason is very simple. In order to protect their own interests, they have firmly grasped their rights. The elements that maintain their rights are those boring banquets, cocktail parties, gatherings, hunting and so on.

This huge network of relationships completely nets the populace, and only those with a noble bloodline or identity are eligible to get tickets to Game of Thrones.

As for the common people…

No matter how loud the noise is, it is only a quick one, and it will not be long before the nobles will completely disappear under the suppression of the nobles.

In fact, Olaer continent, like Earth, has experienced many large-scale peasant uprisings, some of which overthrew the regime at that time.

But what will happen in the end?

It was either a counterattack by the remaining nobles, or a collective gang fight from the surrounding feudal countries until all the insurgents were killed.

It can be said that the nobles use bloody facts to tell every commoner how miserable the end of offending their interests is. Therefore, many farmers who cannot survive now prefer to escape into the mountains and become bandits instead of playing again. What a trick to overthrow the rule of the nobility.

As the time spent with the nobles is longer, Andre can understand the unwritten rules under the feudal system, especially those seemingly useless marriages and alliances, which are completely another kind of war. form.

Now he intends to expand his influence and strength control, coupled with the gap between the inland nobles and coastal nobles, it is very necessary to support a chess piece.

Gloria didn’t expect the conditions to be so loose, and asked in disbelief, “Really? Only this one?”

Andre pretended to be free and easy: ” Yes, madam, there is nothing else to ask for apart from this.”

“Well, what are you waiting for, quickly take out the pen and paper and let us sign the terms.”

Gloria looked a little impatient, and wanted to bring the reinforcements back as soon as possible, for fear of unpredictable changes over time.

In her eyes, this kind of private affiliation is nothing at all, as long as it can keep the territory and title, it doesn’t matter if it is completely reduced to a vassal.

As a mage, Andre takes quill pen, parchment and ink wherever he goes. In just a few minutes, he wrote the corresponding terms on paper.

After confirming that there was no problem, Gloria put a few drops of wax on it, and then put her husband’s seal on it.

Just finished all this, she immediately asked eagerly: “Now that you have what you want, when can you start marching?”

“Anytime, But I personally recommend that you leave after breakfast. After all, on the march, it’s hard to eat fresh fried eggs and rabbit meat.”

After all, Andre smiled and rolled up the parchment. Put it in your pocket.

With this secret agreement with the family seal, he can hold Earl Carl in his palm. Once the other party dares to make a small move, he only needs to disclose the content above without having to do it himself. The inland nobles who disliked Linton City can devour Earl Karl alive.

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