Arcane Lord Chapter 976

As the sun completely rose from the horizon, Andre finally ordered the army to go straight and moved towards Count Carl’s territory.

In order to ensure that the Duke of Wynne can be solved at one time without leaving any future troubles, in addition to leaving a small number of Barbarians to garrison the fortress, the rest can be said to be dispatched, especially the fast-moving cavalry, very early They have all been thrown out, quickly filtering out the hidden spies like a net.

Because the speed of travel is not fast, I only walked 60 kilometers when it was dark, and there was still a half distance to the destination, which meant that the solution was resolved within three days according to the original plan. The troublesome probability failed.

He has no extra army to bring back to Linton City at the moment to fulfill the private war agreed with the Bruce family.

Perhaps Laureta Bottons’ purpose is to see Andre fight alone, so that the identity of the Duke of Flames can be completely exposed to everyone’s sight.

If this is true, then he will undoubtedly succeed, because there is only one day left, even if he turns around now, he can’t rush back to Linton City.

Looking at the beating bonfire in the tent, Andre sighed helplessly, muttering to himself: “Well, my dear opponent, anyway, you won this round, but not the next time. It’s easy…”

“Your Excellency, what are you whispering? Who won you?” Gloria, who was also sitting by the campfire, asked softly.

Although Uruz suggested to let her stay in the fortress and wait for the news, the woman, for some reason, insisted on taking her daughter to follow the army.

“No, it’s nothing.” Andre shook the head with a smile. “Madam, I suddenly remembered that I still have something to do. I’m afraid I can’t accompany you to move on.”

Gloria was obviously taken aback by this sentence and almost threw the barbecue in his hand on the ground. “What’s the matter? Are you going to withdraw the army?”

“No, you misunderstood. The army will still attack the Duke of Wynne according to the original plan, but I will leave. As for the command, I It has been handed over to Uruz, if you have any questions, you can talk to him directly.”

Speaking, Andre turned his attention to Uruz, who was looking at the map. The latter knew the whole thing. the whole sequence of events, hurriedly asked concerned: “My lord, are you sure you don’t need to bring some troops back? Our cavalry can rush back to Linton City in one day.”

Andre Waved his hand: “No, since some people want to make a fool of me, then I simply let them see enough, I will let everyone know that I am an endless army!”

At the last word, a sharp cold light flashed in his eyes.

Uluzi has never seen anyone daring to arrogantly claim that he is an endless army, and the whole person is instantly stunned, completely unsure of what to say.

Gloria was also confused, scanning the faces of the two men back and forth, trying to find some clues.

But unfortunately, before he could see anything, Andre stretched out his two hands and made a series of complicated movements in the air, followed by the mysterious incantion began to echo in the tent In less than one minute, he went straight through the Transmission Gate and disappeared without a trace.


The first time I saw the lady who sent the spell, lose one’s head out of fear, shouted.

Don’t think this is weird. As Fifth Level Arcane, teleportation can be regarded as an out-and-out high-level magic. The entire southern region can be counted on one’s fingers that can be used on its own strength.

Not to mention the country bumpkin living in the inland, even the coastal city-states are rare.


Feeling the body being squashed and forcibly squeezing through the cracks in the space, Andre only felt that his eyes were blurred, and he immediately appeared between the towers of the Mage Association. .

He didn’t have any intention to stay, he walked quickly across the corridor, came to President Boris’s room, and knocked hard on the door.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

“Master, are you there? I need your help for something!”

In a few seconds , A powerful voice came from inside: “Come in! The door is unlocked!”

Andre opened the door immediately and saw that Sir President was cautiously positive, filling a few drops of negative The energy of vampire blood dripped on the heart of a goblin that had been broken.

In a blink of an eye!

A stench radiates from the lower body of this bad luck egg!

The terrifying negative energy corroded the heart in a very short time, and the severe pain caused it to lose control of all parts of the body, and all of a sudden, feces and urine flowed!

But the Archmage Boris, who was in a state of experimental concentration, automatically filtered these, staring his eyes wide to observe the changes in life forms.

Soon, the entire heart began to age and die rapidly, followed by the blackening and stinking of blood, which flowed throughout the body with the circulation system.

I saw the goblin who was supposed to die suddenly struggling violently, let out a painful cry, and finally exploded with a bang, all kinds of disgusting blood, minced meat, bones, internal organs, brain plasma, and even The excrement from the incontinence just now scattered all over.

There is no hesitation!

Andre directly set himself a shield technique to keep these disgusting things out firmly. He would rather fight against Laureta Bottons rather than get a little touched. .

As for Boris, it was obvious that he was prepared early, neither the impact of the explosion nor the mess of dirt could have any effect on him.

Smelling the stench and bloody smell permeating the room, he sighed helplessly and whispered: “Damn it! It failed again! And it’s the stabilizer problem again! I figured out a way to make it. Be calmer…”

“Master, take the liberty to ask, are you just trying to transform a goblin into a wise undead creature?” Andre asked curiously.

“Yes! Since acquiring that vampire, I have been experimenting with his blood, trying to make up for some of the vampire’s weaknesses. But this is not easy. I have failed in two days. Thirty times. Forget it, let’s not talk about it. You seem to have mentioned asking me for help? Come on, what trouble did you have this time?”

President Boris asked, As he raised his hand and snapped his fingers, the rags, brooms, and buckets in the corners of the room came back to life, cleaning every corner at an extremely fast speed.

No need to ask, he must have fixed spells such as item activation for these cleaning tools.

“Master, I hope you can help me maintain a two-way cross-plane Transmission Gate!”

There is no polite meaning at all, Andre directly put forward his own request , Even though he himself knew that this requirement was quite excessive, after all, it involved interplanetary teleportation, and at least level seven magic was needed to do it…

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