Arcane Lord Chapter 977

“Constantly a bidirectional cross-plane Transmission Gate?!”

Chairman Boris was stunned by this whimsical idea. He opened his mouth wide for a long time. Came back to his senses in shock.

In his life, he has seen constant transmission of spell, protection of spell, gain of spell, and perish together spell, but he has never heard of anyone putting a two-way Transmission Gate constant on himself.

This is not because of technical difficulty or too high requirements for the caster, but rather a problem with ideas.

What is the cross-plane Transmission Gate?

It is a superb space folding technology. In order to reach the destination through the longest distance at the fastest speed, apart from this has no other purpose.

If a person keeps the Transmission Gate constant on himself, he can at most be a humanoid self-propelled outside the Transmission Gate, and even if he wants to perform cross-plane transmission, he has to find another way.

As an archmage, Boris really doesn’t understand the meaning of doing this. If it’s not too rude, he wants to reach out and touch the youngster’s forehead to see if he has a fever. Confused.

Andre is not a fool. He can understand the meaning expressed in the eyes of the other person, and quickly explained: “Master, what I want to keep is a Transmission Gate leading to the Fire Element plane!”

“Fire Element plane? Oh… I see… You want the summon Fire Element army anytime, anywhere…” President Boris showed a suddenly realized expression on his face.

He knows Andre’s other identity, and he also understands the Duke of Flame’s ability to control overwhelming majority Fire Element. If there is a constant Transmission Gate on his body, it is equivalent to carrying a large-scale team anytime and anywhere. Fire Element army.

What does a Fire Element army mean on Olaer continent?

It means that once the number exceeds thousands, there is probably no army that can stop it, because no matter it is a sword or a long-range weapon, it is difficult to treat elemental creatures with thousands of degrees of high-temperature flames. What kind of damage is caused? Once a large number of Fire Elements flood into a human gathering area, this area will turn into a fire sea.

As there is a saying, unless you have enough water, it is too difficult to kill a Fire Element.

“Yes, I want to make myself an army of one person, a Duke of Flames not just in name only, but also in reality!” After that, Andre handed a few parchments full of lingua franca To the archmage. “I know that it is very difficult for Arcane level seven to be constant, so I found a relatively convenient method, which is magic tattoo.”

Boris took a look and immediately said excitedly: “Interesting! It’s so interesting! The spell structure is stored on the surface of the skin with a tattoo, and then released instantly when needed. It can be charged repeatedly when used up, which is more convenient than the magic item!”

“But It also has a disadvantage, that is, each tattoo requires a very large piece of skin. Taking the human body structure as an example, there can only be three tattoos at most, otherwise it will affect each other if it is too dense.” Andre said the magic without panic. The only flaw in tattoos.

In fact, nothing in the world is perfect and without blemish. The more powerful things are, the more restrictions they are.

Take magic tattoos as an example. Generally speaking, only a large area of ​​skin like the front chest and back can barely get two spells of less than six levels. If you have a seven-level spell, you need to The entire front chest and back skin are all occupied. If you want a second one, you must shave your hair and get tattoos all the way from the shoulders and neck. Then the entire face and head will look extremely hideous.

As a human with normal aesthetics, Andre is not so frantic that he has to rely on disfigurement to increase his strength, so he has been thinking about it after getting the tattooing technique, and has not made up his mind until today.

“youngster, you don’t understand the origin of magic tattoos.

Its original inventor was to reduce the huge price of spell constant, so this technique has a strong and extensive Sex and applicability.

Especially for those low-level wizards, it is completely equivalent to an extra life-saving method, which can greatly increase their chances of surviving after encountering danger.

With your wisdom, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand, if this kind of technology is popularized inside, how great is it for the entire Linton City Wizards Association?”

Speaking of which, President Boris There were strange rays of light flashing in his eyes.

Andre shrugged his indifferent face: “Of course, I understand its value, so I used it to discuss with you. In fact, I don’t care about giving the ownership of this technology to the association. I want to complete the magic tattoo for the two-way Transmission Gate before dawn tomorrow. You can do whatever you want with the rest.”

Hearing this, President Boris laughed immediately:” hahahaha! Good! I appreciate your attitude towards knowledge and technology the most!

Be aware that since the third decline of magic, many selfish wizards have hidden all kinds of rare technologies. I would rather take it to the funeral than share it with my peers.

This not only led to the loss of a lot of precious Arcane and magic knowledge, but also caused the wizards to be inferior to the generations, and now they are even unable to communicate with the gods. The church contends!

If we want to re-emerge, we must abandon the previous value one’s own old broom attitude and use a tolerant attitude to support the diffusion of knowledge.

However, This kind of support does not need a price, so no matter who in the association wants to use magic tattoos in the future, they must pay five times the spell level, and this money association takes one third, and the remaining 2/3 belongs to you. I don’t know you. What do you think?”

Seeing the archmage determined to promote tattoo storage technology on a large scale, Andre smiled and spread his hands: “No problem, you know how much gold and silver I have now, And there will be more and more in the future, so money is just a string of numbers to me, it doesn’t make much sense.”

“Yes, I know you are very rich. With the business alliance Power is expanding rapidly, and the entire South Sea Territory will sooner or later become your inner lake. By then you will control the economic lifeline of countless coastal city-states and at the same time dominate the lives of millions of people.

You still have to give your money. It represents not only a reward, but also an attitude, an attitude that encourages everyone to share knowledge and technology.

Okay, that’s all for nonsense , Quickly took off his clothes, now it’s less than ten hours before dawn, it’s not easy to complete a seven-level magic tattoo, let’s hurry up.”

After that, Master Boris raised his hand. From the Arcane garden of the mage tower, summon a dozen palm-size pico.

Because drawing complex and precise magic patterns on the skin requires very fine craftsmanship, he can’t do it alone at all. He has to leave it to these little fellows to help it…

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