Arcane Lord Chapter 978

In the early morning, with the first rays of sunshine rising from the sea level, the residents of Linton ushered in a new day.

But today is a little different from the past. When the city gate was just opened, a large group of people swarmed out of the city, and in just a few minutes they filled up the slightly higher ground outside the city. .

One by one, they carried picnic baskets and spread them on the ground with beautiful floral fabrics. They drank tea, wine, juice and other beverages while eating delicious snacks, silently waiting for the two of you today. The protagonist arrives.

That’s right!

These nobles and merchants living in the city are all watching the war between Andre and the Bruce family. For them who are extremely deficient in spiritual life, this is a rare entertainment.

Widowmaker Bonnie, who controls the entire city’s gambling industry, even offered outrageous odds of 1:1 for Andre and 1:100 for the Bruce family, clearly wanting to make a fortune fiercely.

Although anyone with a bit of a brain can see something wrong with this odds, as there is a saying in Capital, if capital has a 50% profit, it will It will take the risk. If there is a 100% profit, it will dare to trample on all the laws of the world. If it has a 300% profit, it will dare to commit any crime, even risking being hanged.

Obviously, with a profit of 3,000%, it is absolutely enough for some adventurous people to take a gamble. In just two halves, Widowmaker Bonnie received nearly 100,000 Gold. Coin’s gambling capital.

If Andre loses, then selling her will not be able to lose so much money.

Although Bonnie had full confidence in his lover, he couldn’t help taking a breath after hearing his subordinate’s reimbursement, and stayed up for a nervous night last night.

No, as soon as the city gate opened today, she took Scarlao and Benson to the outside of the city, with both eyes always looking around, even if she was wearing an expensive tutu. It also failed to reflect the slightest aristocratic temperament.

Seeing that more and more people started to pay attention to their side, Scar Guy really couldn’t stand it, and hurriedly lowered his voice to persuade: “Boss, please don’t glanced around, it’s really shameful.”

“Ashamed? Why?” Bonnie lowered his head and glanced at him, asking with confusion.

As a girl who started as a pickpocket from the bottom of the slum, she did not understand the importance of etiquette and posture in interpersonal communication.

After all, even if it is a beautiful woman with a beautiful appearance and a good figure, a full of swear words will make many men lose their appetites. In the eyes of aristocrats, a true beauty must first be outstanding Temperament, knowing how to appreciate painting, art, stage plays, etc., glanced around like a thief is definitely a taboo.

“Because you are now wearing an expensive dress, everyone will subconsciously regard you as a member of the upper class. If you continue to be rude, I am afraid that it will not be long before you will be rejected and despised Remember my words, no matter what happens today, you do not show a little surprised, as far as possible the performance of some of calm, which is good for our development and growth. “

Because many people eye miscellaneous Relationship, Scar did not dare to say too much about the internal secrets of the gang, only a simple reminder.

As the most educated member of the gang, he faintly possesses the power of under one person above ten thousand people, so he dreams that the whole organization can go further and fully integrate into Linton City.

Just when Bonnie was about to say something and so on, there was a slight vibration on the ground, and an army of thousands of people appeared on the ground. After a while, I arrived at a distance of less than three kilometers from the city gate.

The leading man holding a lion flag shouted at the city gate: “The Bruce family and its allies are here! Irreconcilable today!”



“Hah! Hah! Drink…”

With thousands of people shouting uniformly, the scene suddenly became lively. People at the picnic put down their food and cups and raised them. The telescope in hand, observing the quantity and quality of this army, soon began to discuss.

“Wow! I seem to see the Stag banner of the Salmon family! And the swordfish banner of the Usher family! It’s amazing! So many families are united!”

“hehe! What is this! I heard that the entire wizard association seems to be standing behind Mage Andre!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Even Earl George is his hardcore ally!”

“There must be a good show to watch today!”

“Linton City has not had a private war between nobles in many years! Thinking about it makes people tremble!”


For a while, there were whispering voices everywhere outside the city gate, especially those who suppressed the Bruce family’s victory. Seeing the emergence of this majestic team, I felt confident. Immediately mention quite high.

The Archbishop of the War God Church in the city, dressed in strong armor, slowly descended from the guard of the temple Knight to the front of the army, and said solemnly: “Please hand over the collateral to me! My lord will personally supervise it. The victory of this war! No matter who dares to use despicable means! He will become the enemy of our lord! He will be chased by the church forever!”

“Your Excellency! This is the wealth and land of my family , The list of houses! Please have a look!” Then, the Bruce family’s current patriarch-Dandy presented a parchment with his hands respectfully.

“Very good! I will take care of it first! Until you decide the outcome!” Archbishop glanced at the items on the list, nodded satisfied.

As the pastor of War God, his mission is to put as many cities and countries in war as possible, eliminate the weak through war, and enhance War God’s influence on the material world.

So for the church, not only will this private war not be prevented, it is very happy to see it happen.

Know that War God Hektim is an absolutely neutral deity. He never favors any party in the war, even if one of them is his own believer.

In his eyes, war is a kind of force that exists in the entire multiverse. It exists from the moment of birth. Light and darkness, order and chaos, justice and evil, etc. are always in In the non-stop war, my duty is to let the war continue forever, until the day the universe is destroyed.

I have to say that this kind of thinking is full of paranoia and neuroticism, and even under the influence of this idea, many kings have developed the country into a military machine of war, which eventually led to the destruction of their own country.

But there is no way!

In addition to being a War God, Hectim is also the god of warriors. Only where his church exists can he train high-rank professional warriors, so even Linton City can only Hold your nose and let the other party preach the teachings of War God everywhere…

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