Arcane Lord Chapter 979

Seeing that War God’s Archbishop accepted his bet, Dandy looked a little proud and asked his entourage: “Beth, our opponent? Why hasn’t he shown up yet? Could it be afraid right?”

“My lord, I’m afraid we’ve come too early. I heard that the mages often stay up late. Maybe your Lord Andre hasn’t woken up yet.” The handsome boy who seemed to be only fifteen years old stood up and responded.

Although he only wore an ordinary chain mail and a low-quality long sword on his waist, he could easily tell from his speech and manners that this was by no means an ordinary youngster.

In fact, attendant is not a low-status profession like many people imagine, but a rather noble profession.

Generally speaking, the servants of the nobles are the sons of their own vassals, all of them are of noble origin, and they can be taken around by fancy, they definitely have outstanding talents, and even often participate Making suggestions is definitely not something that anyone can do.

Many people who came from attendants tended to perform well in a certain war, and turned into powerful pets.

There is a good saying in the noble circle. If you want to understand the character of a nobleman, you can analyze it by looking at the attendants around him.

Obviously, Dandy’s personality is impulsive and he is not good at thinking at all, so he found a meticulous attendant to make up for it.

This youngster, called Bass, is still reluctant to say anything bad about his opponent even at the level of tearing his face right now, because he knows that some things are easy to say, but it is difficult to take them back.

Things can be done absolutely, but the words cannot be absolute.

If things are done and the enemy is dead, naturally there will be no danger; but if you don’t wait to do it, you will not only anger the enemy, but also ruin your own future. In the end, if it fails, the consequences will definitely be worse than death.

“hahahaha! Dear Beth, you are always so cautious. Believe me, that mage has nothing terrifying, he just happened to have better luck, but luck is an illusory, impossible thing, always favored Someone, let me break all this with my own hands today!” After all, Dandy glanced at the seven or eight mysterious persons in black armor behind the team from the corner of his eye. These people It is his hole card for victory.

Just when Beth was about to persuade him, a white light suddenly fell from the sky in the open space not far away, followed by a huge roar in the air.

The next second…

Two silhouettes came out of the light group, one of them is the president of Linton City Wizards Association, and the other is today. Andre, one of the two protagonists.

But their mental state doesn’t seem to be very good. They all look tired, and they have very serious dark circles. You don’t need to ask to know that they definitely didn’t rest last night.

Glancing at the onlookers all around, as well as the beautiful picnic tablecloths, snacks, and tea, Andre’s mouth twitched slightly, and he muttered: “Damn! These people have something in their heads. What, come to visit with food and snacks? Don’t they know that this is a bloody war?”

“hmph! Just a group of idiots who think they are aloof and remote! The so-called human society The elite is this ugly state. I have long been used to their whimsical behavior. Well, I am not interested in being watched as a monkey in a circus. You can solve the rest by yourself.”

Boris The archmage sneered and cast a teleport spell directly here, instantly disappeared without a trace.

I have to say that he is always full of resistance and prejudice to the nobles, and he can’t understand the greedy and face-saving behavior of the other party.

Moving some painful and itchy skin on the chest and back, Andre went straight to the War God Archbishop under the attention of the public, owed a little, and took the property prepared in advance. Give the list to the other party.

Of course, the property in this inventory is only around Linton City, and does not include the property in Sardinia.

Bishop looked at it for a few seconds, and quickly nodded said: “Very well, now both of the bets have been witnessed by the great Hector. If anyone dares to violate the agreement, I swear I will launch it. The power of the church initiates the hunt! Because this is disrespect to God!”

“Of course, Lord Bishop, I swear that the Bruce family is by no means the kind of renege on a debt! We truly have a long history A nobleman of history! Unlike some foreign nouveau riche!” He said, Dandy glanced at his opponent provocatively.

Andre laughed disapprovingly and retorted in a contemptuous tone: “I don’t know whether the Bruce family renege on a debt, but I know one thing, that is, when the war is over, the world will There is no Bruce family anymore.”

Dandy was obviously irritated, staring at two bloodshot eyes, and gnashing teeth cursed: “You wait! I’ll want you to pay for this sentence soon The price! The price of blood!”

“Hehe, let us wait and see.” The shrugged bladder of Andre indifferent expression was full of joking and disdain.

For a person who is about to die, he has always been very tolerant, and he will not go to war for a few words of irony.

“Okay, please restrain yourself, both of you. Don’t forget your identities, and don’t continue to make rude behavior.”

War God Archbishop raised his hand, Preventing the two sides from continuing to spray each other, in his eyes, instead of talking big, it is better to hurry up and get a real thing.

After all, War God—Hectim teaches believers that they should try not to make noise as much as possible…

No one wants to be an enemy of War God’s church, so both parties are Wisely closed his mouth.

The reason is very simple. The believers of War God are out-and-out lunatics. They regard war as higher than their lives and wander around war-prone areas all day long, sometimes in order to challenge stronger enemies. Even use his own flesh and blood relatives as bait.

Once you are wanted by the war church, you may escape unless you hide in the deep mountains and old forests.

It can be said that the war church is like a mad dog without a rope. The price of being an enemy is too high, and there is no benefit. People with normal IQ will not actively provoke it.

Finding that both of them were quiet, Archbishop was satisfied and nodded: “Okay, getting back to business, I now declare the rules of war.

First of all, the battlefield is set up three kilometers below your feet. Within the range, no matter which side of the soldier pulls out this range, it will be regarded as killed and will never be allowed to return to the battlefield. Master Andre, let your army enter the battlefield now. Sneak attacks and ambushes are not allowed.”

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