Arcane Lord Chapter 980

“Army? What army? Master Bishop, I didn’t ambush any army in the woods.” Andre blinked his eyes deliberately, pretending to be an unfathomable mystery.

Archbishop obviously doesn’t like this frivolous attitude very much, frowned and asked: “Then please tell me where your army is? Wouldn’t you want to fight thousands of troops on your own? “

As a pastor loved by War God, he knows the power of the wizard very well, but under the restrictions of the rules, anyone who leaves three kilometers away from it will lose, so the wizard is impossible Like a real war, using flying magic to bomb the ground from a high altitude, when the spell is used up, turn around and run, rest for a day before continuing. Repeated several times, most of the army will automatically collapse.

“Anyone? No, I think you have misunderstood. I have a large army, but this army is on my body.”

Said, Andre took off the robe he had put on, revealing the densely packed magic tattoo on his skin.

The front chest, back, and even the neck are engraved with mysterious and magical symbols. Although it looks a little red and swollen because it has just been made, but you can feel that if you are not blind The power permeating black oil paint.

Laureta Bottons, who was originally standing on the tower and was about to watch Andre make a fool of himself, his pupils shrank instantly, followed by a strange look, and said to himself: “Interesting!


He actually installed a two-way Transmission Gate on himself!

What a genius-like creativity!

Knowledge, power, and a brain that ordinary people cannot reach, This is the opponent I long for…

Dear mentor, I think I should thank you, thank you for finally letting my boring life find some fun…”

and At the same time, Duke Georgie, who was in the mansion in the city, also saw this scene through the crystal ball. Lifts the head and asked a gray-bearded old mage beside him: “My Excellency, what are these tattoos? Some kind of magic. Magic Talisman?”

The old mage named Mickey took out a magnifying glass from his pocket, cautiously observed for a long time, replied a little uncertainly: “It looks like some kind of Magic Talisman, It seems to be related to teleportation, it is too complicated, and my knowledge is not enough to understand for the time being. However, according to the ancient written in ancient records, during the ancient magical civilization, there was a technique for storing Arcane on the skin, very similar to these tattoos. “

“Then can you tell me the function of these magic tattoos? Is it a destructive power powerful plastic energy spell, or impervious to sword and spear protection magic, or a spell Is it the summon magic in spell?”

Duke Georgi doesn’t care where these technologies come from or what their historical origins are. He just wants to know whether this thing can defeat thousands of fully armed troops. .

“Duke, I can only tell you that the tattoo is undoubtedly Arcane of some kind of spell system. If nothing else, it should be summon and teleportation, and the spell level is very high, at least six. Above.”

With years of experience in the magic field, Mickey still analyzed some useful information from the patterns on the tattoos.

At this moment, he was completely fascinated by this kind of technology that he had never seen before, and he didn’t care about talking to his employer. He quickly took out a parchment from his pocket and recorded the tattoo design at a very fast speed. , Ready to take it back to study it.

In the eyes of a pure old mage, the struggle for power and private wars among the nobles are far less fascinating than knowledge and technology.


The sudden appearance of magic tattoos immediately made the already excited audience even more enthusiastic, and after Andre became a voter, a series of muscles happened After the change, the slightly thin appearance before disappeared completely, replaced by a perfect inverted triangle shape.

The chest muscles, abdominal muscles, and arm muscles looked strong but not strong at first glance, which caused many young girls to scream, while the ladies held their handkerchiefs to cover their mouths, and their eyes caught on A terrifying green light came out.

Seeing that the scene is getting more and more chaotic, Archbishop shook the head annoyed, and then said: “Well, since you think you can fight thousands of armies this way, then I can’t stop it. , But please remember that war is not a child’s play. Now I announce that the private war between your two families has officially begun! Please retreat to your own position, and you can fight freely after I sound the horn.”

“Outsiders, you are dead!”

Dandy put down his last ruthless word, turned and took the army grandiose back to the open space on the side of Linton’s Western District, planning to line up here.

But before he could go far, Andre yelled in a playful tone: “Enjoy the last ten minutes of your life. I promise with my life that you will Say goodbye to this World completely.”

After saying this, he also glanced at Zebulun who was following behind the team.

The latter’s face changed drastically in an instant, and he subconsciously touched the poisoned dagger hidden in his chest, and his heart was full of struggle.

According to the etiquette of the battle, both sides retreated about 500 meters, leaving an open space in the middle as the battlefield.

The only thing that makes everyone feel weird is that one of them is a professional army armed to the teeth, and the other is a naked youngster. No matter how you look at it, the combat effectiveness of the two sides is incomparable.

After all, President Boris of the Association of Algorithm Engineers cannot guarantee that he can defeat thousands of professional soldiers at once, even more how among these soldiers, there are more than a dozen Knights and three wizards.

Feeling the cold-murderous qi rushing towards you, Andre’s mouth was slightly tilted, and he muttered quietly with a voice that only he could hear: “Today’s weather is good. It’s a good day for barbecue. I just don’t know. What is the taste of cooked human flesh? I hope the young ladies on the picnic will not vomit too much…”

tone barely fell!

War God’s bishop cautiously, took out a horn with golden rays of light from a box, lifted it up and blew it!


With the deep sound spreading across the earth, Dandy, who could not bear his emotions, drew out the long sword and roared loudly: “All Army charge! Chop that damn mage into meat sauce for me!”

Obviously, when there is only one enemy, all tactics and strategies are useless, and crowded tactics are the simplest , The most direct, rude and most effective means.

What is the scene of thousands of people charging?

It’s no exaggeration to describe a landslide and tsunami!

Looking at the enemy rushing up from the opposite side, Andre suddenly laughed without warning, and knew that he was so happy…

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