Arcane Lord Chapter 983

“Talk about it? I don’t think we have anything to talk about!”

As Zander said, he quickly used a divine to treat serious injuries. The technique allows the severely injured lungs to heal quickly.

As a senior priest, a wound like this that is fatal to an ordinary person can only be regarded as a minor injury in his opinion. As long as there is a divine technique for healing, he can’t be considered what big trouble .

What makes him really tricky is the reaction that Andre showed in the moment of the fight!

A mage is not afraid of close hand-to-hand combat!

Is there any reason for this?

Be aware that the thorn did not bless any spell. It was definitely a response from the body’s instincts, which completely brought out the three words fast, accurate, and ruthless to the extreme.

“Don’t rush to refuse, how do you know that our contradictions cannot be reconciled? After all, everything in this World revolves around the two words of interest. As long as we can find common interests, we will definitely be able to Work together, don’t you?”

Noting the very afraid eyes of his opponent, Andre did not panic and threw away the blood-stained handkerchief in his hands, smiling and talking, as if the two were not corpses everywhere across The battlefield of the field, but sitting in the house and conducting negotiations.

Zander doesn’t understand what this means. Cautiously guarded, the light from the corner of his eye is swept around on the ground for fear of hiding magic traps and triggering spells.

He obviously knows the danger of the mage very well, so he dare not care at all, because in the short confrontation just now, he has deeply realized how dangerous and difficult this youngster is…

Andre doesn’t seem to care about the attitude of the audience at all, and each minding their own business continued: “Look at the Iron Fist holy emblem on your chest. It should be the god of tyranny-the priest of Golden.

In other words, the reason why you support the Bruce special family is only to have a stronghold in Linton City, followed by slowly infiltrating the ruling class, and finally fighting for legal missionary qualifications to build a temple.

If you can, it’s best to let the nobles agree with your ideas and make this influential city a member of the tyranny ruling coalition.

To be honest, I don’t reject tyranny, even I feel that high-handed rule can maximize efficiency.

Humans are a race full of desire and enjoyment. Although they are not lazy, they are far less industrious than dwarves. They can only be controlled by absolute order. It will create a miracle.

So you see, I recognize the idea of ​​the god of tyranny, as long as I am willing to give up that loser, I promise to give you a chance to enter Linton City, I don’t know you How do you feel about it?”

There is no doubt that this is a naked temptation. Through inductive language and empty promises, it shakes the opponent’s will.

In this regard, the mages are natural experts, expert first-class intelligence and logical thinking ability, so that they can with no difficulty see through a person’s most desired things, and then use them.

Zander is heartened!

The reason why the Church of the Tyranny God sent so many middle and high-level pastors at one time is to expand its power to the southern coast and slowly corrupt the upper strata to achieve the purpose of promoting tyranny.

But as an evil priest who has been lurking in the dark all year round to incite rebellion, division and riots, Sandel is not so easy to trust a stranger, even more how the stranger is still in a hostile state.

After hesitating for a few seconds, he finally probed: “How do I know if what you are saying is true? Guarantee? I need a genuine guarantee!”

“Guarantee? What kind of guarantee do you want?




Or magic contract?

It seems that you still don’t quite understand. It’s not me who is desperate right now, but you!

Think about it, if all the pastors sent by the Church of the Tyranny are destroyed, then they How long will it take to send a second wave again?

Will the expansion of the Church of the Tyranny stop because of your failure?

After you die, you see the god you believe in Should you be punished afterwards?

So, you have no second choice except trust me.”

Andre’s voice at a moderate pace, but it’s like a heavy hammer , Knock every word fiercely into the other’s mind.

He is good at spying on people’s hearts, almost as easy as blowing off dust, he broke the opponent’s psychological defense.

What is the most afraid of a pastor?

Definitely not death!

Because they have a pious belief, they will go to the kingdom of the gods to be reborn after death, enjoying far more generous treatment than ordinary believers.

What really makes them feel scared is the inability to complete the tasks assigned by the gods, especially those grumpy Evil Gods, who may throw the souls of the losers into the torture room, and torment around the clock. Flogging, then curing, then flogging, repeated this way for decades, hundreds of years, it can be called life better than death.

Obviously, Golden, the god of tyranny, is such a terrifying god.

I saw Sandel turning his head with an ugly expression, glanced at his companion who was being besieged by countless Fire Element army, and quickly thought about the gains and losses.

After half a minute, he took a deep breath and said: “Okay! I can promise you! But please let go of my brothers and sisters immediately! All of them are precious to the church Wealth! If you kill any of them, then you are the enemy of the church, and there will be no possibility of cooperation between us anymore!”

Andre drew an unnoticeable smile across his mouth, gently nodded: “Of course, no problem, but before that, should we shake our hands to show friendship?”

Speaking, he stretched out his right hand, due to the light. , No one noticed the red light flashing across the palm.

“I hope you believe it!” Sandel didn’t notice the abnormality at all, took off his iron gloves, and also extended his right hand.

Just when the two hands are held together!

Andre’s hand suddenly released a dark red light, followed by an energy symbolizing life force, which was forcibly extracted from Sandel’s within the body. The intense pain made him unable to bear Live screamed.

“Ah! Despicable! You dare to plot against me!”

“hahahahaha! Idiot! Don’t you know that we are on the battlefield now? There is no place on the battlefield. Needless to say, deception is just a trick of the lowest, don’t you even have to teach this? It’s sad, if the tyrants are all stupid pastors like you, then I’m really worried for him.”

Andre unscrupulously used his poisonous tongue, laughing and mocking his opponent.

With the super magic skill-spell Shenfa, he successfully cast a Level 3 Arcane-vampire touch, drawing 30 points of health from the priest, and at the same time increasing himself by three Ten false lives.

Before the spell effect disappears, any damage he has suffered will be healed instantly as long as it does not exceed 30 points.

It can be said that through a successful deception, Andre successfully pushed his enemy off the cliff…

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