Arcane Lord Chapter 985

Watching the sudden change ahead, Andre’s mouth curled slightly, and he said to himself: “It’s interesting. I actually endured it until the last minute. I should praise you for taking the time. Appropriate benefits, or you should praise your caution, dear Zebrun…”

As a smart man, he won’t overlook any details, especially when this kind of obvious waiting As a result, he chose the behavior of standing in line.

Obviously, Zebulun was not willing to kill his brother, but compelled by circumstances. At this moment, his heart may be full of self-blame, maybe full of hatred…

But this is not important. The important thing is that no matter how dangerous this guy is, Andre is confident that he will take this valuable pawn under his control and make it act in a direction that is beneficial to him.

Sandel, whose faith has collapsed, didn’t realize that the war was over. He still knelt on the ground alone, staring blankly at the front, not knowing what he was thinking.

A large Fire Element came to the front and wanted to get rid of it easily, but it was stopped by Andre.

I saw him come to the desolate priest’s side and said in a low voice: “If you want to regain your faith and restore your original priesthood, remember to come to me before morning and night tonight.”

Hearing these words, Sandel’s eyes suddenly flashed, and he turned his head subconsciously, trying to hold Andre to ask for clarity.

But it’s a pity that Andre didn’t intend to explain the meaning in front of so many people. He threw off the priest and swaggered through the Fire Element. The blazing flames did not burn any skin, but looked like Like being attracted by some kind of attraction, a gorgeous giant fire ring formed around him.

Whenever he passed by the Fire Element, the Fire Element would kneel down to show humility. In front of the Prince of Fire Element, the Duke of Flame chosen by Isol Desser, they were nothing but Is a humble servant.

Everyone onlookers was shocked!

They couldn’t believe what happened before them!

The Fire Element, known for being irritable and difficult to control, is actually kneeling to a mortal mage!

Is your eyes blinded, or is this World too crazy?

No one can give the answer, except for those who already know Andre’s true identity!

In this way, through the thousands of Fire Element army, Andre came to Zebulun. The latter did not hesitate. Under the gaze of countless pairs of eyes, one-knee kneels, with incomparable Respectfully said: “Praise you, the Duke who lives forever in the flame!

You are the symbol of killing!

The messenger of destruction!

You are The only spokesperson on the Fire Element plane in the material world!

Please allow me to surrender to you on behalf of the Bruce family. Please forgive my brother’s stupid offense and forgive us humble mortals. For this I am willing to dedicate my family All of you will become your loyal servant.”

As the last word fell, the scene suddenly boiled.

Although Zebulun never mentioned the four words Duke of Flame from beginning to end, but the bard used to describe the words of Duke of Flame without falling a word, as long as you are not a fool Hear what he wants to express.

“The gods are here! There is nothing wrong with my ears, right?!”

“The Duke of Flames! Actually, the Duke of Flames!”

“I will I know! In this world, besides the Duke of Flame, is there a second mortal who can control so many Fire Elements?”

“Oh my God! No wonder the messenger of Bacaro City handed us a letter of surrender! They were attacked by the Duke of Flames!”

For a while, everyone seemed to be beaten with blood, regardless of whether they knew it or not, they were crazy with the people around them. Share your excitement.

What does it mean for the Duke of Flame to appear in Linton City?

Although can’t be called is one of the most powerful forces in the entire continent, it is far beyond the limit that an ordinary person can imagine, except for the elderly giant dragon or Ancient Dragon, Legendary Apart from superpowers such as professionals and voters of deities, there is almost nothing that can threaten its existence, and the eternal life in the flames alone can make the enemy feel a headache.

The most important thing is that the Duke of Flame itself possesses incomparable destructive power, and ordinary troops cannot cause damage to it.

Especially on the battlefield, with no difficulty can defeat a professional army of thousands or even tens of thousands. It makes the number completely meaningless. I am afraid that there will be no monsters and enemies dare to dare to Linton City in the future. Enemy.

Feeling the deafening cheers, a sneer appeared on Andre’s calm face, then he bent down and pressed it to Zebrun’s ear.

“You are very clever, but a little too clever, you even played this little trick with me.

But I am in a pretty good mood today, so I won’t pursue it for now.

Remember, this is the first time, and also the last time. Bring your lovely younger sister to me within two days, don’t play any tricks, or I promise even if you hide her In the alien plane, I can also dig out little by little, understand?

Under Andre’s cold gaze, Zebulun shivered subconsciously, and hurriedly responded: “Understood! I swear there will never be any more small movements! “

“Very good! Now go to gather the army and count the property. Within a day, I will see them intact and handed over to me. “

After that, Andre didn’t even look at the other person, waved directly at the Fire Elements, and turned to move towards War God Archbishop.

For the material world After receiving the order, the hopeless Fire Element quickly crossed the Space Crack and returned to its own world.

Since the crack is not big this time, not at all the giant Fire Element appears. Most of them are small and medium-sized mentally underground. They are just like puppets, just out of instinctive obedience, unable to understand too complicated things.

“Master Bishop, I think I have won this The victory of the war, can you announce the result? “Andre leaned slightly and asked.

War God’s Archbishop looked at the youngster standing in front of him with complicated eyes. It took a while before he replied and replied: “Yes!” You have won this war, Lord of Flames, I am honored to be able to witness your reappearance with my own eyes, hundreds of years later. “

As a powerful elemental lord who is not inferior to any god, the elect of Isol de Serre is the same as all the elect of the gods in the world, no matter where you go, whether you like it or not. If you like it, you must give a certain degree of respect.

As far as status is concerned, equivalent to second only to the saints and incarnations descended by the gods in the material world. Anyone who disrespects them is equivalent to insulting them. The god himself.

What are the consequences of insulting a god?

The lightest thing is being chased and killed by the church and believers of the god!

Then How about angering a powerful Fire Element lord?

Basically, as long as you see Fire Element in this life, you must roll as far as you can, otherwise once discovered, it will definitely be irreconcilable……

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