Arcane Lord Chapter 986

Prince Fire Element——Isoldesell is the controller of angry flames, also known as the lord of angry flames. He is a powerful alien creature with extremely grumpy temper.

So how bad is his temper?

More than three thousand years ago, there was once a divine force god who tried to imprison the Duke of Flame and force him to fight for himself.

As a result, less than a day after he got it, Isol Dessell took the Tearing Space and personally led the boundless Fire Element into the kingdom of the gods and destroyed everything he encountered along the way. Whether it’s buildings, believers, or anything else, they all turned to ashes under the raging fire. Even the gods themselves were hit hard by the flames of anger, and compelled by circumstances escaped and hid.

However, the luck of this god was not so good. The hiding place was discovered by the god of thieves who passed by. The latter directly launched a sneak attack without saying a word, which made this god finally fall and become countless disappeared in history. One of the gods in the long river.

Through this incident, almost the entire universe felt the madness of the Lord of Flames, and no one dared to trouble the Duke of Flames since then.

After all, the element represents neutrality, and there is no tendency for good or evil. Even if there is no way to become an ally, there is no need to become an enemy.

To some extent, the Duke of Flames is a very good body protection symbol. As long as they don’t do anything angry and grievous, no one dares to easily deal with the person who holds this title.

Although War God’s Archbishop is also considered to be a distinguished one, it is still a bit short in front of the voters, so his mood is like his eyes, very, very, very complicated.

We must know that every appearance of the Duke of Flames is bound to be accompanied by a lot of destruction and destruction. It is like a moving disaster, wherever it goes, it will bring misfortune and death.

According to historical records, most of the Duke of Flames could not bear rejection and loneliness, and finally chose to return this power to Isoldessel and find a place where no one is quiet. Die.

Of course, from the perspective of War God, the appearance of the Duke of Flame is not only not a bad thing, but also a good thing, because its appearance is bound to accompany more wars and help expand the War God’s influence.

After sensing the complex thoughts in the other’s heart, Andre lowered his voice and said with a faint smile: “Don’t worry, dear bishop, I’m different from the previous Duke of Flames. I won’t go easily. Destroy something, let alone slaughter those civilians who are helpless. I am a complete utilitarian and only do things that are beneficial to me.”

“I hope so…” War God’s bishop lightly shook the head, and handed over two parchments filled with property lists. “Here, this is your spoils of war. If necessary, I can ask the Temple Knight to help monitor until all the property is delivered.”

“Thank you, the supervision is unnecessary, my new servant will Take care of everything.” With that, Andre turned his head and glanced at Zebrunn, with a hint of playfulness in his eyes.

Bishop is naturally impossible. Forgetting the scene just now, an expression of disgust immediately appeared on his face, as if what he saw was not a person, but a pool of shit.

“Are you sure you want to take a family killer as a servant? Let me remind you that cold and ruthless scum like this is simply a natural betrayer. They are completely ruthless and shameless. If I were you, Trouble will completely vanish will be killed immediately!”

Kindicide is a taboo in the entire continent, although secretly poisoning, assassination, spell control and other methods are endless, but in front of that many people It’s not surprising that he would still bear a considerable notoriety even when he killed his elder brother face to face, even being rejected by the upper class.

Andre obviously doesn’t care about these, the indifferent shrugged arm: “Why not? Have you ever said that everyone in the world has weaknesses, and I just happened to hold him Weakness. As for the moral issue, there is no need to be too entangled. What I have is a way to make the betrayer not better than death.”

“It seems that you are indeed different from all the Duke of Flames before. That’s it for today Okay, goodbye.” Archbishop finished this sentence meaningfully, and immediately walked towards the city gate with a large number of temple Knights and priests.

Just as he walked on his front foot, the old George, who had been waiting aside, came to him and offered his hands a shaggy pup who was just born not long ago.

“Congratulations, my young friend, you have won another glorious victory. I can’t remember how many times you have won. According to the tradition among the nobles, I represent All allies present a one-week-old purebred Kraal Hound. I hope it can protect your family in the future.”

“You are so kind, count, very cute little thing, I am very Like it.” Andre cautiously hugged the pup who hadn’t opened his eyes.

According to ancient southern legends, the Kraal Hound symbolizes guardianship. If there is a war between two nobles and one of them successfully annexes the other, the relatives or allies of the winner will be given one. Only the Kraal cubs who have not opened their eyes, this dog will take care of the souls of those enemies, and prevent them from being unwilling to become undead creatures and come back to take revenge.

In Andre’s view, this kind of legend is just a legend that’s all. For the Krahr Hound to have such great ability, it has long been classified as a magical beast by the mages, rather than a domesticated hound. .

However, as a dog lover in his previous life, he didn’t mind raising a loyal bulldog. Quan regards it as a pastime anyway.

Countess Anastasia also presented a golden riding whip with symbolic significance. The complicated gold thread and pattern on it are not ordinary goods.

The remaining conservative aristocrats also gave gifts to express their hearts.

Andre doesn’t reject all those who come with a smile. He understands that what these people give is not a gift, but an open alliance. Anyone who has given a gift will be divided into In their own camp.

In this way, under the gaze of most of the ruling class in Linton City, a brand new power faction was born. Maybe it is still immature, but under the influence of the Duke of Flames, it will not take long. Will grow into a real huge monster.

Laureta Bottons is undoubtedly a very patient person. He always stood by and waited for Andre to finish everything before he stepped forward and invited: “Dear friend, also Remember what you promised me three days ago? Now that the annoying fly is dead, why don’t you go to my mansion to relax?”

“No problem, I do need to relax. After all, this Only the annoying fly is dead, and there is another one waiting for me to deal with it. You should understand how annoying it is to have a buzzing sound in your ears.” Andre said in a pun.

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