Arcane Lord Chapter 987

As the instigator, Laureta Bottons certainly does not understand, who is the other fly in Andre’s mouth, slightly smiled, teased: “Since it’s a nasty fly, Then slap it to death. Anyway, it’s just no effort at all for you, isn’t it?”

“But what if I find that there is a threadman behind this fly? “Andre giving tit for tat without showing any weakness.

Since both people are using metaphors, everyone around them is at a loss. They don’t understand what they are talking about, but judging from the tone and demeanor, the atmosphere is obviously a bit strange.

“hahahaha! You are so humorous, don’t you say that if a fly has an owner, you will give up shooting it to death?” Laurel blinked her eyes pretendingly, with a smile on her face .

Obviously, he doesn’t care about the life and death of his subordinates or allies, especially when he saw the Fire Element army crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood with his own eyes today, he has completely achieved the purpose of probing. Fight for a chess piece that has lost use value.

Andre is not an idiot. He instantly realized that Duke Wyan had completely lost the use value to the guy in front of him, so he immediately said meaningfully: “No, of course not, but I am worried about shooting him. I will dirty my hands!”

Laureta’s shrugged bladder nonchalantly said: “Then why not find a fly swatter? I believe that with your eyes, you should be able to find one that works together easily. Beat.”

“So, if I killed this annoying fly, the one who raised the thread wouldn’t fly into a rage out of humiliation?” Andre faint smile asked.

There is no doubt that he is deliberately trying to stimulate the other party, trying to find some conspiracy and clues.

But it’s a pity that a trifling Duke Wyan is not worthy of Lauretta’s attention. He sneered, stretched out his right hand and gently touched the dog lying in Andre’s arms, and asked “You said I strangled this little fellow now, would you get angry right away?”

“Maybe a little angry, but not so angry!” Andre gave it without thinking Answer.

He is not one of those idiots who don’t know what weird thoughts are filled with. He will put the dog’s life above the human life.

In his opinion, the reason why dogs are domesticated is to serve people. If this is reversed, then there is no need for dogs to exist.

Although he likes dog loyalty very much, he will never be like the dog lovers like mental illness in his previous life. In order to trifling a few dogs, he will find his own kind of trouble for no reason.

“Look, the answer has appeared. Even such a cute Kraal Hound is only this in the eyes of people like you and me, even more how is an annoying fly.” said After that, Laureta retracted his right hand, and his eyes showed coldness and cruelty from the heart.

Animals have always been more sensitive than humans. The puppies who have not opened their eyes seem to feel the malice, and immediately start to shiver coldly, and at the same time they make a wu wu call, as if begging their owner Asylum.

Andre gently soothed this frightened little thing, took a deep breath, and said with emotion: “Yeah, what you said is right, how can people like us care about a lost use? A piece of value, it seems that I can run him to death with confidence.”

As his strength becomes stronger and he has more and more powers, he can clearly feel that his moral consciousness is changing. It’s getting thinner.

Perhaps as there is a saying, anyone involved in the struggle for rights will sooner or later become an out-and-out monster…

“Hehe, let’s go. , I have prepared sumptuous dishes and fine wines, as well as many interesting little shows. Just waiting for your most distinguished guest, you can also come together. After all, the banquet is only fun when it is lively.”

Laureta politely sent out an invitation to everyone. He seemed to enjoy the language confrontation just now. He released a strong aura between his gestures, and he was just a judgement to the duke who doesn’t care about the world. If two people.

Obviously, like this kind of sudden change, anyone who is not a fool is aware of the problem, especially the conservative aristocrats headed by the old George, have turned their attention to Andre, waiting for him to make a decision.

After all, the so-called alliance is to be united. At least when you encounter something that is uncertain, you need a backbone, and this backbone is often the strongest person.

Andre is a little unsure about what Lauetta wants to do, hesitated for a few seconds, then smiled and bowed with one hand on his chest: “My pleasure!”

Seeing his statement, the rest of the people also hurriedly squeezed out their smiles, proclaiming praise for Laureta Bottons’ generosity.

After all, holding a banquet is a time-consuming, laborious and costly affair, even more how like a noble of the Duke this level, the cost of each banquet is impossible less than 30,000 to 50,000 Gold Coin.

In this way, under a mask of blissful hypocrisy, the entire group grandiose came to the house of Bottons in the noble district. As soon as he walked through the garden and walked into the hall, everyone was stunned by the gorgeous sight in front of them. .

The first thing that catches the eye is the huge chandelier with a diameter of two meters. Unlike the overwhelming majority candles or the lights illuminated by magic crystals, the chandelier hanging above is the size of a belly Diamonds are dazzling at first glance, stinging people can’t open their eyes, there are thousands of densely packed!

We must know that the market price of diamonds is about one thousand two hundred Gold Coin, which means that the value of this chandelier is equivalent to the sum of most of the nobles present!

Of course, if it is just a diamond chandelier, it will not let the old George and Lady Anastasia who have seen the big scene lose self-control.

The dishes placed on expensive silk that really let them lose self-control are, to be precise, the living mermaid in the middle of the table town.

But the situation of this mermaid is not so good. The scales of her lower body have been cruelly stripped off. Her hands and feet are chained to the table, and her tongue and vocal cords are also cut off. Only staring at two pitiful big eyes kept crying.

The female chef standing beside did not show any sympathy. She raised her hand and cut a piece of tender meat from her lower body. It was cautiously placed on the ice cubes prepared in advance for the guests to pick up. use.

You don’t need to ask, this extremely rare red-haired mermaid is today’s main dish!

According to ancient legends, the taste of mermaid meat is the most delicious thing in this world. It can fully release human taste buds and bring incomparable enjoyment.

A rich king once offered millions of Gold Coins and wanted to taste a small bite, but he couldn’t get his wish until he died, because most of the mermaids live in the deserted deep sea, and they are scary with high alertness. Even Legendary mage may not be able to capture it successfully.

But now, this fantastic delicacy is actually placed in front of you. Almost none of the nobles present can control it, all subconsciously swallowed saliva and said……

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