Arcane Lord Chapter 988

“Well, are you satisfied with the little surprise I prepared?” Laureta asked in a low voice and put it in Andre’s ear.

Obviously, he was quite proud that he was able to get a living mermaid, and did not feel that putting a smart creature on the table to eat raw was a very savage and cruel thing.

Be aware that the mermaids of this World not only possess intelligence, language and feelings that are not inferior to human beings, but also created a highly developed seabed civilization. They have their own cities and countries.

To some extent, mermaids are no different from humans, dwarves, elves, dwarfs, halflings and many other intelligent races. The only difference is that the former live on land, while the latter live on In the deep sea.

As a traverser who still retains a little bottom line, Andre feels strongly disgusted by this scene. The education and living habits of many years in his previous life make him instinctively repel any wisdom that looks similar to humans. biological.

This has nothing to do with good and evil. It is just out of habit. It’s like many people who don’t eat fish will feel nauseous when smelling fish.

Laureta, who is good at observing, quickly found that Andre’s face was a little bit wrong, the corners of his mouth were slightly cocked, and said with a smile in a playful tone: “Aha, it seems that you don’t like the Lord Dishes, maybe the little sense of justice in your heart is at work? Relax, my friend, it should not be difficult to understand with your wisdom. The essence of the world is weak are prey to the strong, the so-called principle and The bottom line is like a parchment, a fragile poke will be broken.”

“Do you think I still have a sense of justice in my heart?”

Andre not at all care about the other’s tone Instead, faint smile’s rhetorical question.

To be honest, after coming to Olaer continent for so many years, he feels that many of his thoughts and actions have been assimilated by this World.

Especially most recently, slaughter, burning city, and personally creating disasters have caused countless people to live in dire straits. There is no even a little bit of guilt in my heart. Like a, everything is justified, if this is still true If there is a sense of justice, then the devil of hell can definitely claim to be a partner of justice.

“Of course! Didn’t you find out?

Think about the decisions you have made, do you always favor the weak?

For example, just now Outside the city, why don’t you order Fire Element to kill all the enemies, but give them a chance to surrender?

It’s me, I will never leave any trouble.

So admit it, there is always a trace of kindness in your heart.”

Speaking, Laureta extends the hand and poked Andre’s chest near the heart, and the expression in his eyes revealed meaning. Deep rays of light.

After listening to the opponent’s evaluation, Andre didn’t panic at all, but couldn’t help but sneered: “haha! Interesting, it’s the first time I heard that showing mercy to the enemy means being kind to the enemy Read. It seems that you haven’t understood my values ​​so far.”

“Oh? Why don’t you talk about it? I’m very interested in it.” Lauretta started. The glass took a sip of wine, showing the appearance of winning.

You don’t need to ask to know that he has already reached a conclusion subconsciously. The reason for asking the last sentence is probably not out of politeness or a kind of temptation in disguise.

After all, when people are speaking, they often inadvertently reveal their usual habits, ways of thinking, values, etc. Once they are mastered, they can roughly figure out how the person handles problems, and the next few steps action.

Andre has never been a fool. He naturally understands his opponent’s sinister intentions and replied calmly: “Sorry, I have no reason or obligation to explain anything to you, especially when the war is getting closer. Under the circumstances, if both of us are still alive at this time next year, and the winner has already been determined, then it’s not too late to talk about this issue.”

Laureta pretended to be sorry. Tan Shou: “Well, since you insist, then wait until this time next year, now let us enjoy this banquet.”

After all, he rushed to Steward, who was standing next to him, and ordered a few words , The latter immediately rang the bell in his hand. After a while, a few female dancers in hollow silk clothes stepped on rhythmic drums, twisted their bodies and walked into the center of the hall from the corner, and the banquet finally officially began. Up.

The nobles who can’t wait for a long time rushed to the location of the mermaid, crossed the bloodshot meat into their mouths, closed their eyes and savored the most delicious taste in the world.

In addition to mermaids, most of the other foods placed on the table are also raw, such as raw oysters, raw crabs, sashimi, raw shrimp, raw squid, raw beef and so on.

Although there are dozens of sauces next to the food, Andre, who has always hated raw food, has no appetite. He went straight to the table full of desserts and picked up a soft honey cake. stand up.

Because he was busy making magic tattoos all night last night, he was tired and hungry right now, and his stomach started protesting a few hours ago. After swallowing two honey cakes, the whole person recovered immediately. A little energy.

Just when he was going to look for food that suits his own taste, a girl in a red dress walked over, and the full of smiles gave a dress lift: “Hello, Dear Duke of Flames.”

“Are you?” Andre grabbed a tablecloth and wiped his hands, squinting at the opponent.

Tanned long hair, small round face, delicate nose and mouth, big eyes, red corset set off two large-scale twin peaks, about 1.6 meters tall , Fully demonstrates the beauty of youth, judging from her appearance, this girl should be no more than fifteen years old, perhaps even younger.

The girl noticed that the rather handsome opposite sex in front of her was examining herself, and she immediately held up her full breasts: “My name is Saliste, the younger sister of Viscount Sean, and it’s also Chloe. Good sister of Yi. I don’t know if you are free now. I would like to invite you to join the little game in progress over there.”

After that, she turned her head and pointed to a place to gather together. The men and women of, I saw these youngsters born with golden keys, holding a Gold Coin or Silver Coin with different patterns in their hands, with a few dice in the middle, which seemed to be playing some kind of game.

Andre quickly searched for the name Saliste in his memory, and quickly shook the head with a smile: “Sorry, Saliste Young Lady, I’m afraid I can’t accept your invitation, besides Chloe probably won’t agree that you are her good sister.”

As a person with the ability to remember, Andre only took two seconds to recall what Fiancee said a few months ago If you pass, the general meaning is fireproof, anti-theft, anti-Saliste…

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