Arcane Lord Chapter 989

The girl obviously did not expect that her invitation would be ruthlessly rejected. She was awkwardly stunned in the same place. After one minute, she mustered the courage to speak again: ” It seems that Chloe usually speaks badly about me. You don’t believe it all?”

“What do you think?” There was a hint of playfulness in Andre’s eyes.

He obviously has no time to play family games with a group of Young Masters and Young Ladies, and he is not interested in participating in the love triangle full of dog blood.


This is the definition he gave to the girl in front of him.

It may be a too young relationship, Saliste has no self-knowledge, and even takes this disguised rejection as a hint.

I saw her deliberately rubbing her half-naked chest on Andre’s arm, lowering her voice and temptation: “I think you are so charming! Anyway, Chloe is here again today. Why not play with us? You know that many sisters have been overwhelmed by your awe-inspiring performance. Just join us and I promise you will have an unforgettable experience.”

Andre quietly pumped Returning to his arm, he took a few steps back.

“Sorry, I still have to refuse. There are two reasons. First, I am not interested in your so-called unforgettable experience. Second, I am a person who keeps my promise. If Roy stays away from you, he will do what he says. So Charest Young Lady, please leave immediately. I don’t want to repeat the third time.”

Speaking of which, it’s already considered The above is a naked humiliation. For aristocratic women, especially unmarried women, being rejected face to face by a man is simply unforgivable.

Salisz was trembling with anger, as if she couldn’t believe that in this world there are men who can resist her temptation.

What she wants to do most now is to splash the wine fiercely in the glass on the opponent’s face, and then turn around and leave the banquet hall, leaving the place that shamed herself.

But it’s a pity that Saliste can’t do this. Whether it’s Laureta, who is a Duke, or Andre, who is recognized as Duke of Flames, none of her younger sisters can offend her. of.

Forcibly resisting the anger in her heart, she slammed the skirt and quickly returned to the crowd, her eyes full of resentment, and then she began to add fuel and jealousy to tell what happened just now. peers listen.

In Saliste’s story, Andre is an impudent hillbilly, and she herself is a pure girl who has tolerated, showing the heart of a green tea bitch.

Andre saw all this in his eyes from a distance, smiled contemptuously, and didn’t even mean to interfere.

Compared with the bitches he had seen in his previous life, this girl’s methods were obviously too crude, and it was far from it.

No, after a while, several smart guys noticed the problem, and left the circle without saying anything. No one in the world is an idiot, especially the children of aristocrats who have been educated by elites since childhood. They will not cause serious trouble to themselves or their family for the so-called friendship.

While Andre was interested in observing the communicative skills of the descendants of these nobles from the ages of twelve to sixteen, Laureta did not know when he suddenly appeared behind him and said in a low voice: I’m here, I have a second surprise for you.”

“Surprise? Haven’t you already given it?” Andre asked without looking back.

“No, no, no, I only gave one, which is today’s main dish, the Mermaid, but unfortunately you don’t like it. As for the Duke of Wyan, it’s just a trial, not really Surprise.” Laureta explained with a smile.

Glancing at the “main dish” who passed out due to excessive blood loss, Andre’s mouth twitched uncontrollably: “Are you sure it is a surprise rather than a fright?”

“Of course I swear, you will like this surprise.” Laurelta solemnly vowed to give a guarantee.

Although Andre didn’t want to be surprised at all, he put down the dinner plate in his hand, raised his arm and made a please gesture: “What are you waiting for, lead the way, hope this time will not let me down again , Otherwise I will never believe you again.”

“hahahaha! Don’t worry, there will be no mistakes this time.”

After all, Lauretta wears Passing the banquet hall and walking straight to the basement, Andre hugged the puppy and followed closely behind. The two one after the other, a few minutes later, they came to an underground space where they could not see their fingers.

With the help of dark vision, Andre can clearly see that there are at least hundreds of square meters here. There is a table in the center. There is a thick stack of yellow cards on the table, ranging from size and style Judging from the above, the similarity with the wizard card reached more than 60%.

As a purebred human, Laureta naturally does not have night vision, so he raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

In an instant!

The surrounding torch and brazier hula all lit up at once, illuminating this eerie place immediately.

Without any pause, he quickly came to the table, picked up a thick pile of cards and said: “This is the second surprise I gave you, a real wizard card. How, Are you interested in playing a game with me? The bet is that those who win can ask a question, and those who lose must answer truthfully.”

“Are you sure you want to play this way?” Andre squinted his eyes. Exudes a dangerous atmosphere.

“Why, are you scared?” The corners of Laureta’s mouth curled up slightly, revealing a meaningful smile.

The two big eyes staring at small eyes, they looked at each other for one minute, and then laughed heartily at the same time, they were like a pair of twins.

Laureta laughed and exclaimed: “How many years have I finally waited for an outstanding opponent, an evenly matched opponent. Dear friend, please don’t let me down next year , If you can’t make me feel satisfied, it’s hard for me to guarantee that I will do terrifying things.”

“I swear by my name that you will get unprecedented satisfaction next year, even He might die.” Andre made no secret of releasing his power, and within a few seconds, the magical energy in the air became restless.

Feeling the change of magic power, Lauretta’s eyes shot out two terrifying rays of light: “Level 12 mage? You turned out to be a Level 12 mage? It’s just a few months now? You are the most terrifying spellcaster I have ever seen!”

Andre slightly smiled, admitting generously: “Yes, I am now a Level 12 mage and Duke of Flames. I already have You have the qualifications to kill you, so please be careful. In this dangerous game, no one can be a hunter forever, and no one can always be a prey. The boundaries between them are very blurred and it is possible to change positions at any time.”

“You are right, I am a little bit excited now, let us use a wizard card to kick off the game…”

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