Arcane Lord Chapter 990

Just when Andre and Laureta Bottons began to compete with the wizard card, Selena in the north county of Kantru Kingdom was going through the most important stage of being a woman. That is to have a child.

Confirmed by the experienced pastor, she has officially entered the labor period. Although it is less than ten months, the child is quite healthy, even a little too healthy, every few hours Toss about it and vent your excess energy.

In order to ensure a smooth delivery, all the famous female midwives in North County have been invited to the castle, and there is also a priest of the god of guards stationed, ready to deal with special circumstances that may arise.

Be aware that in Olaer continent, where health and medical conditions are extremely backward, childbirth is not a trivial matter. It is equivalent to a woman who walks between life and death. Maybe it will be a dead body with two lives. There is no exception for aristocrats and nobles, down to serf tenants.

The only difference is that as long as the royal nobles are willing to spend money, they can hire a priest just in case, but the commoners can only ask for their own blessings.

Although North County is the least populated and most inhospitable county in the entire kingdom, after obtaining the help of merchant Roth, Selena has secretly opened three mines in Black Forest, one of which is a sapphire mine, and the other two The other is gold and iron ore, so there is no shortage of money on hand. Not only did the castle that originally belonged to Baron Iverson renovated, but also recruited an army of up to two thousand five hundred people.

After all, the people in North County have always been sturdy. Almost all adult men have the fighting skills of more than one weapon, and they are qualified soldiers with a little training.

With the protection of so many troops, Dame can finally breathe a sigh of relief. For the time being, there is no need to worry about the sporadic orc robbers, so he can spend the winter with peace of mind.

As for giving birth to a child, she is not very worried. Let alone Knight’s monster-like physical quality, just beyond the endurance of ordinary people is enough to give birth to a child smoothly. There has never been anyone in history. The precedent of Dame’s death due to dystocia.

Lying on a recliner covered with bearskins, Selena was enjoying a massage by her personal maid Shirley while looking at this year’s tax account. It took a while before she closed the account. Lifts the head asked: “Putting it that way, our food reserves are only enough to last until June next year, and there are more than two months of food we need to buy from other places?”

“Yes, madam, the North County topography was originally It is relatively high. Wheat can only be grown near the south. Most of the rye and barley are grown in the northern region, which tastes bad, but the wine tastes good. I personally recommend that all barley and rye We use it to make wine and buy wheat from other counties in the kingdom, and we can make a net profit of 20%.”

Roth deserves to be a businessman, both opened mouth and closed mouth. It is making money, as if seeing profit without participating in it is a huge waste.

It is also driven by his profit-seeking spirit that the business environment in North County seems to have prospered a lot this year, especially the number of traders who come to purchase fur and rare animals and plants has increased by one. third.

However, as a nobleman, Selena considers the problem from a completely different perspective. She may be very concerned about money, but she cares more about whether the rule is stable, and food reserves happen to be the most important part.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, she gently stroked her high raised lower abdomen, and said: “In principle, I agree with your suggestion to use barley and rye for wine instead of wheat. Or flour, but you have to make sure that you can buy enough wheat before you can start winemaking. I don’t want to see that when an accident happens, I can’t get the food. Do you understand?”

The fat-covered Roth hurriedly stroked his chest with one hand and bowed: “Understood, Madam, please rest assured, I am not the kind of idiot who doesn’t know what is important, and I will definitely guarantee the food reserves in the territory. Besides, I The subordinates who were sent out to purchase cloth and salt inquired that there seemed to be some friction in the southern border area. King Your Majesty Elroy Clovis was planning to recruit troops and declare war on the southern kingdom of Bomiya.”

” War?”

Hearing this word, Selena hurriedly got up from the reclining chair, with a hint of surprise on her face.

“Yes, many people are rumoring that Elroy intends to regain control of the running plain and completely control this granary that is enough to support an army of 50,000. According to Our people are inquiring, and there are indeed signs of army assembly in the border area, but until now, there has been no clear order to summon vassals.”

On such serious issues, Roth dare not at all. Sloppy, quickly told all the news that he knew.

Running Plain is the border between Kantru Kingdom and Bomiya Kingdom. Due to historical reasons, the kings of both countries declared that they have undisputed inheritance rights to this land.

Since the contradictions cannot be reconciled, war will inevitably become the only way to solve the problem. For this rich land, Kantru and the successive kings of Bomiya have fought a dozen times, basically with It ended in a tie.

But the most recent time was the grandfather of Grandfather Wang of El Roy. When Victor III was alive, he was hit hard by Necromancer Ulysses Dormer, which caused the whole country to fall into a long period of downturn. In the period, Bomiya took advantage of the trend and took away the actual control of this land.

Since he took the throne, Elroy has worked hard and continuously carried out a series of reforms. Now the kingdom is strong and strong, and it is entirely reasonable to retake the lost land.

According to the tradition of most feudal countries on Olaer continent, since the king is going to fight, the lords of different places must also send troops in proportion, ranging from a few hundred to as many as thousands. In short, this is An obligation that no one can escape.

At the thought of going to war, Selena wrinkled frowned involuntarily, walking around by the fireplace, thinking carefully about the gains and losses of the people.

Know that there are battles where there are people. Once the nobles get together, they will inevitably have to compare each other. If anyone sends out fewer troops, or if the soldiers’ equipment is very shabby, they will immediately be ridiculed by ruthless. , But if you are very poor but swell your face and become fatty, you will also be despised as an idiot.

So how many troops are dispatched, what kind of weapons and equipment to carry are very test the wisdom of the lord.

Just as Selena was using her brain, the blazing fire in the fireplace suddenly exploded with a bang, and the hot flames instantly ignited the dress she was wearing!

It is surprising that although the skirt is burning, there is nothing on her skin, hair, and eyebrows, and there is nothing on the bear skin and carpet just one step away. !

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