Arcane Lord Chapter 991

The woolen skirt was quickly burned under the flames, and as the black ashes slipped down, large areas of white and smooth skin were exposed.

Shirley was the first to react and quickly grabbed a blanket and quickly surrounded his mistress to prevent it from accidentally leaving.

Following Roth also came back to his senses, quickly blocked his eyes with his hands, and retreated to the outside of the room. The quick movement was not like a fatty weighing more than two hundred jin.

“Why didn’t I hurt? I didn’t even feel it at all?” Selena looked ignorant, as if she couldn’t believe what happened to her.

Shirley is just a twelve-year-old country girl. How can she explain such a complicated and strange question, she only replied weakly: “Hug…sorry, ma’am, I…I am not quite clear…”

Selena obviously asked casually, and didn’t expect Shirley to explain anything to herself.

In order to confirm her guess, she cautiously put her right hand into the fireplace, and a surprising scene appeared!

I saw a raging fire in the fireplace, like being pulled by some invisible force, rotating around my arm, the scene was both beautiful and gorgeous.

Just when Selena was unconsciously indulged in it, the flames burst out suddenly, all flooding into the lower abdomen, disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.



I wonder!

She didn’t understand what this meant, and immediately pointed at Shirley yelled: “Quick! Go and invite Pastor Bertha over now, I need her help!”

Girl Lost one’s head out of fear, nodded, ran out in a hurry.

After a while, she returned with a middle-aged woman in a plain linen robe.

“Your Excellency, I heard that you were burned by the fire. Where are you? Let me see.” As soon as I walked in, this female priest named Bertha came to the front and wanted to find The wound was treated.

“No, I am not injured. The reason why you are invited is to use the wisdom of the guardian god to explain what is going on.” With that, Selena reached into the fireplace again .

In her opinion, it is impossible to describe such a weird situation with words. It is better to show it on the spot.

As expected, the flame once again presented a strange sight, but this time instead of rotating, it formed a flame-shaped mark.

Bertha’s eyes widened and she couldn’t help cry out in surprise: “The god of guard is up! This is the ability to not burn! I can take the liberty to ask, your family has Fire Element Is bloodline or red dragon bloodline?”

Selena frowned tried to remember, and soon shook the head: “No, the only special bloodline our family has is the elves, but that was hundreds of years ago. The matter is now so thin that it can be ignored.”

“That is the child in your stomach, can you tell me who her father is?” The female priest continued to ask.

As a pastor, when the baby is five months old, she can use the divine technique to determine whether the fetus is a male or a female, twin or multiple births.

“I’m very sorry, but due to special reasons, you may not be able to see the child’s father in a very remote place at this moment.” Selena sighed helplessly, stroking her high raised belly.

Any woman hopes that her man can be with her when she has a child, even if it is a strong Dame like her.

notice to that fleeting sadness, Bertha immediately comforted:. “Do not worry, God will protect guards child’s father’s safe return and finally take the liberty to ask a question, you have a family child father Can you arrange for me to meet up? This is very important. It determines the future of this child.”

No mother will not love her child. Whenever I hear it is related to the future of the baby, Selena immediately nodded: “Of course! They all live in the castle, I’ll let someone bring one over.”

After that, she directed Shirley instructed: “Quick! Go get Barbara Young Lady Bring it here for the priest to see.”

After just a few minutes, Andre’s Little Sister Barbara walked into the room with wistful eyes, muttering softly, “So sleepy! Where is this place?” “

tone barely fell, she fell directly on the chair closest to her and started to fall asleep, without realizing that it was not her room anymore.

The female priest gently came to the girl and pulled off a hair and performed an unknown divine technique at the fastest speed.

After only a second or two, this fiery-red’s hair huffed naturally.

Selena, who was already waiting next to her, couldn’t wait to ask: “How is it, are there any results?”

Staring at the burnt hair on her hand, Bertha explained in a deep voice, “According to The intensity of the spontaneous combustion of the hair and the burning of the flame is 100% certain. She has a thin Fire Element bloodline.

Generally speaking, a Fire Element bloodline like this is impossible to cause such a strong resonance.

So I concluded that the child father must have been awakened from generation to generation, and the source of bloodline is very powerful, so the child in your stomach will have such a pure flame affinity.

Don’t worry, as long as the child is born, you will slowly return to normal, at most several times stronger than the ordinary person in terms of fire resistance.”

“Fire Element bloodline? You mean my daughter gave birth Will there be a special bloodline down here?” Selena’s face was full of surprises, very emotional.

There is no way not to be excited. The emergence of special bloodlines means great power, and it also means that a noble family will enter a period of rapid growth in the next few generations.

“Yes! Just like what I mentioned earlier, it has very pure Fire Element ability, but you’d better be mentally prepared. The child’s appearance after birth will be a little different from ordinary people.” Female For fear of misunderstanding when the time comes, the pastor hurriedly took a shot.

After all, most civilians on continent are very ignorant. They often treat children with special bloodlines as demons or demons, and throw them directly into the river to drown…

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