Arcane Lord Chapter 992

As a Dame, Selena will naturally not be as happy and nodded as those inexperienced civilians: “Don’t worry, no matter how weird she looks, it’s my beloved Boa.”

“If you think so, I can rest assured. In addition, must do a good job of fire prevention. Before the child is sensible, she will instinctively approach all burning phenomena, and even try to manipulate the flame. It is easy It caused a fire. I personally suggest that it is best to send to the temple to be raised by the church. Ordinary person may not be able to deal with this kind of child who has strong supernatural power at birth.”

After talking for a long time, Bertha finally Showing his own fox tail.

As the pastor of the God of Guard, you don’t need to ask to know that she definitely wants to brainwash the unborn little fellow and make him a free thug and diehard of the church.

This will not only expand the influence of the God of Guard in North County, but also integrate the Fire Element bloodline into the church. When the time comes, let the pastor or Knight combine with the girl to give birth A descendant with Fire Element bloodline…

Well, I think it seems a bit far away, after all, little fellow has not been born yet.

But the reason why Bertha is so anxious to start is mainly because she is afraid that once the news spreads, she will have nothing to do with her. By then, whether it is the royal family or the nobles, they will break their heads for the baby girl.

We must know that women are different from men. No matter how powerful and powerful they are, they are impossible to threaten the most fundamental thing of the nobles, that is, the right of inheritance.

Marrying a wife who is stronger than one’s own ability and status is not only a shame in Kantru Kingdom, but a thing worth showing off.

Selena saw through the pastor’s thoughts at a glance, and smiled and refused: “I’m very sorry, I can’t be the master about who will raise the child. You’d better ask Elroy Your Majesty , And the opinion of Domit, the chief archmage of the palace. If they have no opinion, then I will be very happy to hand over the little fellow to the church to raise.”

“The King Your Majesty and the chief archmage?” Bertha Stand up in surprise.

She didn’t expect at all. This child actually involves two great characters. Although the Church of the Guarding God is also considered to have a deep foundation, it still can’t compare with the secular monarch.

“Yes, don’t you know? The child father in my stomach is the hero who killed Necromancer Ulysses, and he is also the ruler of Supreme in North County…”

When talking about this remark, Selena’s eyes flashed with strange brilliance, both like pride and nostalgia.

“so that’s how it is…” The female priest was looking thoughtful and nodded, and quickly got up and bowed. “Sorry, I am abrupt, I am willing to apologize for my rude behavior.”

Selena smiled and waved her hand: “It’s okay, I can understand your loyalty to the church, even more how I myself I also respect the God of Guard very much. Why not, I donate 500 Turis Big Gold Coins to the God in my own name. Please build an altar in the castle to spread the doctrine to the soldiers. I don’t know what you think?”

“Thank you for your generous donation. I am very happy to accept your invitation. First, the soldiers proclaim the grace of the guardian god.” Bertha once again gave a salute with one hand on her chest.

Obviously, this was a disguised deal and compromise. Although the Church of the Guardian God was vetoed from interfering with her daughter’s education, Selena threw out the advantage of preaching to the army. A sweet date, her attitude towards the Church of the Gods is neither tough nor weak, maintaining a balanced state.

In fact, the conflict between theocracy and kingship prevails throughout the continent. Lords sometimes suppress the power of the church to prevent it from threatening their dominance; sometimes they support the church and use their Power against the enemy or monster.

In North County, where the people are sturdy and the monster is raging, the god of guard is the only god who is willing to assist the lord to defend against the orc robbers, so Selena does not want to make trouble.

The female pastor obviously understands this, and she accepted the donation. After all, the north of continent is not the prosperous south. The five hundred gold coins are almost one-fifth to one-sixth of North County’s annual supply. Taxation, as a relatively poor lord, this proportion of donations is definitely called generosity.

Of course, she didn’t know that Selena had secretly mined gold and gemstone mines, and had long since stopped relying on that poor tax.

As the two re-settled, a war without blade light and sword shadows came to an end. Shirley who stood by did not even know what happened just now.

Just when Selena wanted to change to a more comfortable sitting position, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen, followed by a lot of pale-yellow fluid from her lower body.


The unbearable pain caused her expression to be distorted and she couldn’t help screaming.

When Bertha, who was sitting directly opposite, saw this scene, she immediately shouted nervously: “My god! The amniotic fluid is broken! Quick! Call the midwife! Madam is going to give birth!”


“Oh! Oh! Okay… Okay!” Shirley shivered for an instant, and ignored Barbara who was sleeping on the chair. He plunged into the corridor and shouted as he ran: “Hus… …Madam is going to give birth! Hurry! Come on!”

Although her voice is not too loud, she can hear very clearly in the quiet night. After a while, inside the castle Ji Fei Gou jumped, from the relatives of the retainers, to the servants and servants, all became busy.

Especially Andre’s family members rushed over immediately, women went in to help, and men stood at the door waiting anxiously.

I was also excited about Big Fatty Roth. Upon hearing the news, he immediately asked his subordinates to take out a large box of shiny Silver Coins from his savings. There were hundreds of them. , To be used to reward servants and midwives when the baby is born.

“Ah! Ah! !!!”

“Strong! Madam! Please work! The child’s head is coming out soon!”

“aaahhhh! !”

“Okay! Very good! Madam! Hold on! You are very strong! You will be able to give birth safely! Come on!”

With bursts of heartbreaking in the house Yelling, Atwood raised his fist fiercely and smashed the wall, whispered: “Damn! It’s anxious! Is it so painful to have a child?”

“Shut up! Give me obediently and honestly. Now! This is how a woman gave birth to a child! It took more than four hours for your mother to give birth to you! Almost lost her life!” Algernon glared at eldest son and reprimanded in an angry tone.

Seeing his father get angry, Atwood immediately shrunk his neck. Although he is now a Captain of a Hundred Guardsman and a professional soldier, he still has an instinctive fear of father.

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