Arcane Lord Chapter 993

Waiting for childbirth is undoubtedly a very uncomfortable thing, but it is the woman who is giving birth that is even more uncomfortable.

Selena felt that her lower body was forcibly torn apart by something, and the unbearable pain was constantly attacking her brain. Her two hands were firmly grasping the handrails on both sides of the bed. Under Knight’s tremendous strength, the hardwood The armrest had begun to deform, and two very obvious handprints appeared where it was held.

Due to too much effort, her face turned pale, her lips trembled slightly, her eyes protruded, and sweat flowed down her forehead hua hua.

Selena, who has had a near death experience, even feels that the current situation is ten times more terrifying than death, especially the constant pain, which can completely drive people to life.

“Husband…Madam…Come on! You must do it!” Shirley stood beside him with a pot of boiling hot water and encouraged.

Although she is only a teenager, the child of the poor is in charge of the house early. She already knows how dangerous it is for a woman to have a child.

“Relax! I! Yes! Ride! Shi! I…I won’t be defeated by pain!!!”

With the last word from my throat The inside roared, Selena slammed, and forcibly broke the armrest with both hands.

“Come out…come out! Child is out! It’s a Young Lady!” a midwife exclaimed ecstatically.

“Clap your butt! Let her cry!” Another experienced midwife reminded loudly.

The midwife quickly raised his hand and patted the baby’s ass.


“wā wā wā wā Waaaaaa!”

The loud cry immediately echoed in the room, and everyone present They all showed joyful smiles, crying means that the baby’s lungs are working normally and it means health.

Selena, who looks a bit weak, can’t wait to speak instructed: “Come and show me!”

“Please be careful, madam.” The midwife wrapped the baby in a blanket Bring it to the bed.

Selena cautiously took it over and looked at her daughter carefully, her eyes showing maternal brilliance.

Because of the new birth, the little fellow is a little wrinkled, just like a normal baby. The only difference is the color of the lanugo.

Generally speaking, most babies, regardless of who are the species, have darker lanugo, either black or dark brown, and some may be slightly yellowish, but the little fellow in front of them is like a flame The red.

Observing for a while, Selena handed the baby to the female priest who was waiting nearby, and asked softly: “Can you give her a bloodline test now?”

“Of course! This It’s my pleasure!” Bertha quickly stood up and gave a salute, put the little fellow on the table, closed her eyes and began to pray.

After a full minute, she suddenly eyes opened and shouted: “In the name of the guardian god! Please show me the power in this child bloodline!”


With a loud noise!

The baby girl instantly released terrifying flames, and directly burned the blanket wrapped around her body. The tables and chairs within two to three meters were also burned.

She is like a god of aloof and remote, floating in midair alone, with two eyes just opened, releasing endless majesty.

“A mortal! Who gave you the courage! I dare to spy on my descendants!”

“Do you think that sad god can really bless you?”

“Remember! My name is Isoldesell! Prince Fire Element! The controller of angry flames! If you dare to offend any more, I will burn you and your soul to ashes!”

After finishing talking about this remark in a roaring voice, the skyrocketing fire was quickly extinguished, and the baby girl also slowly fell to the ground, her chest was stamped with a burning Flame Mark at some point.




Although knowledge warned through a baby, the terrifying imposing manner of Prince Fire Element still scared everyone in the house.

Especially Bertha, the whole person is trembling constantly, if it were not for the priest who was the god of guards, she would have been sitting on the ground just like everyone else.

Selena stared at her daughter dumbfounded, and muttered to herself: “Oh my God! Actually… he is the descendant of Prince Fire Element! It is incredible!”


Just when everyone in the room was immersed in the majesty of Isol Dessell, the door was suddenly knocked open, Atwood holding a long sword rushed in and shouted: ” What’s going on? I seem to hear a stranger talking just now?”

“No, it’s okay, just test the child’s bloodline.” Selena came back to his senses and hurriedly explained.

“Oh, sorry, I thought an enemy broke in.” Atwood hurriedly inserted the sword back into the sheath, scratching his head awkwardly.

Algernon, who walked in behind, kicked eldest son, and quickly took two steps forward, picked up the baby girl who fell on the ground, and asked with a smile: “This is my granddaughter She is so beautiful! Have you named it yet?”

Selena shook the head with a wry smile: “No, I was the same as Andre before I came back, so I never prepared.”

“No name can’t do it! Not equal to me. Let’s start with one, and change it when he comes back.” Algernon, the patriarch, gave advice.

Kantru Kingdom is a patriarchal country. Among all the people present, only he is qualified to say such things.

“Well, everything is up to you. I am a little tired now and want to rest for a while.” Then, Selena opened her mouth and yawned, rubbing her heavy eyelids.

Algernon nodded: “Thanks for your hard work, take a good rest and leave the rest to us. Don’t worry, I can help you withstand it even if the orc aggressively attacked.”

Since the hostess of the castle wants to rest, the idlers waited for the natural impossible to continue staying in the house, and all their brains were driven out, leaving only the personal maid Shirley to help Selena scrub her body and clean up the reserved garbage.

Big Fatty Roth asked his subordinates to carry boxes and distributed ten large Silver Coins as rewards to all those involved in midwifery. At the same time, they allowed the kitchen to add meals, whether it was bread, meat, or ale, All are available in unlimited quantities, and wherever he passes, there is an atmosphere of joy everywhere.

As for the baby girl, she was taken care of by Andre’s mother directly after she was cleaned. She has successfully grown up three children and has enough experience to cope with all this.

Just when most of the castle started to revel, an eagle falcon quietly jumped up from the roof, moved towards the capital and flew quickly.

A few hours later, a spy came to King Elroy’s bedroom quietly and reported in a hoarse voice: “Your Majesty! We just got news, Selena, the current ruler of North County Lord Lady, just gave birth to a daughter. The mother and daughter are safe, but something strange seems to have happened in the delivery room. I think it is necessary to send someone to investigate it personally.”

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