Arcane Lord Chapter 994

“Oh? Did you hear any wind?” Elroy sat up from the bed and asked through the tulle curtain.

As a king who strives to govern, no matter when, where, and what he does, he will deal with important news immediately, even if he is making love with a woman.

The spy kept the posture of one-knee kneels, without lifting his head replied: “Yes, Your Majesty, according to the information from the falcon, the baby seems a bit special, even the lanugo It presents a weird red.”

“Red’s lanugo?” Elroy suddenly opened the curtain, his eyes showing unconcealed surprise. “Have you seen this information by Domitian master? What is his judgment?”

“Sent it, Domitian master thinks that the baby girl is likely to have a special bloodline, among which the probability of Fire Element descendants exceeds 100% At fifty, the probability of the descendants of the red dragon is over 30%, and the remaining 20% ​​is the bloodline of the lower planes such as demons and demons. The specific situation cannot be judged unless a little blood or hair can be obtained. “The spy gave the answer in a calm tone.

He seems to be like a rock, no matter what happens, there will not be mood swings, even if you see a woman lying undressed next to King Your Majesty, and this woman happens to be the wife of the palace sign.

In fact, on Olaer continent, most kings find themselves mistresses or lovers. Generally speaking, these people are not the wives and daughters of the nobles, or the ministers. Some nobles even It is an honor to regard the king as his wife.

It is said that Patricia II Your Majesty of the kingdom of Bomiya next door gathered together the wives of his nobles and organized a group of seventy-two beautiful women, no matter where he went From time to time, they also invite their husbands to hold a group P party, which is extremely fornication.

Elroy currently has less than ten mistresses, which is nothing compared to that.

The king walked up and down barefoot on the ground, as if thinking about something. It took 3 minutes for him to stop and muttered to himself in a very playful tone: “Interesting, really very interesting, did not expect the original undoubtedly pieces under the cloth, but has now had such a wonderful change “

seeing the king’s thinking began to diverge, spies quickly cautioned:”. Your Majesty, we The people are ready to go. You’d better make a decision quickly.”

“It just happens that next year you will declare war on the Kingdom of Bomiya. You will take a trip in the name of summoning vassals and let Lady Selena come. It’s time to bring your daughter, and believe her It shouldn’t be rejected.” Elroy quickly found an excuse.

Don’t think that bringing a baby in a war is a very outrageous thing. On the contrary, for the nobles, fighting is basically not much different from hunting and outings. Let alone babies, there are prostitutes in the barracks. , Businessmen, clowns are not surprising.

Especially in the north, where the feudal system is most thoroughly implemented, if two countries start to convene vassals when a war breaks out, the scene is absolutely beyond imagination.

Maybe you don’t see much when you are in the array, but once you enter the barracks, you will immediately feel like you are mistaken in the vegetable market.

In order to reduce logistical pressure and ease the tension of the soldiers, no matter where the army marches, there will always be a large group of businessmen behind them, who provide food, clothes, ale, weapons, armor, women and other necessities on the one hand. On the other hand, they bought spoils of war from soldiers and nobles, and some even engaged in human trafficking.

Driven by huge interests, the merchants are like greedy flies, always surrounding the army. The nobles also think that having caravans behind can solve the logistical problems well, so the two sides hit it off. This is a jaw-dropping win-win situation.

Apart from this, the nobles make their lives more comfortable when fighting, and they often carry a lot of staggering things, such as beds, pillows, carpets, bathtubs, mistresses…

In short, only you can’t think of it, nothing they can’t do.

It is said that hundreds of years ago, the king of the Sasi Kingdom brought everything in the entire bedroom, including a large number of paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, etc., to protect these expensive baubles. It needs an army of three hundred people.

Many little aristocrats from enemy countries saw such amazing great generosity and fell at his feet. As a result, they did not even fight a few battles along the way, and successfully flattened the provocative little Duchy.

To a certain extent, the war between human nations is not cruel. It is more similar to a grand armed parade. In many cases, as long as your army dog ​​is huge, it can force you to walk around. The enemy surrendered and returned to the negotiating table.

The reason is very simple. Due to the feudal system, the country is not the country of the king alone, but the country of the entire aristocracy.

Once they are frightened and reluctant to fight, the king has no choice but to lower his noble head first, and then slowly settle the accounts in the future.

As for the unequal treaties, war indemnities, and cedes of land, the king carries the big head anyway, and the rest of the small head is shared by everyone. It’s better than losing the territory by fighting. .

The spy lightly nodded: “Understood! I will make arrangements right away. In addition, there is also news that Baron Iverson, who is said to be transferred to the south by you, has been with Lucien of the Kingdom of Bomiya most recently. The Duke’s eyebrows are glaring.”

“hmph! Don’t worry about him, he will be honest soon after the completion of the army build-up next year.” Elroy sneered and waved his hand.

For any king, how to deal with aristocratic rebellion is a laborious task, especially the aristocrats close to the border, they will change their courts every three to five, maybe they have been with the northern kingdom in the past few years. In the next few years, I followed the king to the south, completely belonging to the model of a mother who has milk.

“If this is the case, then I will leave first.” The spy gave a salute and quickly turned and disappeared into the night.

As soon as his front foot left, Mrs. Gongxiang, who was lying on the bed with his back foot, eyes opened and teased with a smile: “My dear Your Majesty, your self-control is really amazing. You can actually do that kind of thing. Stop when you’re halfway through.”

“hahahaha! You dissatisfied little fairy, I will finish the remaining half now!” Elroy laughed and lunged forward and waved Raised a big hand and patted the other party’s white ass.



Mrs. Gongxiang couldn’t help but screamed, her eyes flashing with high desires, she was not only Without dodge, instead he lifted his butt high.

With a fearful voice, after a while, there was a high-pitched moan in the king’s palace…

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