Arcane Lord Chapter 995

Andre didn’t know at all, far beyond a thousand li, he already had a daughter connected to the bloodline, let alone a drastic change brewing in the north.

After another passion, Andre gently stroked the lover’s smooth back, teased with a smile: “My dear, are you going to squeeze me out?”

“No, I just cherish every minute I spend with you very much.” Elsa said exhaustedly.

After more than an hour of fierce fighting, her physical strength has long been exhausted, and even her voice is a little hoarse.

“Can you tell me what are you worried about?” Andre asked, kissing the young widow’s forehead.

As a meticulous person, he can perceive that Ke Ren in his arms is always in a state of serious insecurity, and he seems to be constantly worried and frightened.

Elsa stroked her golden hair and replied with a wry smile: “I am a woman, a woman who has lost her husband and son, and has lost all her support.

I have no career, no property, and no money. I only have a daughter who is destined to marry.

I have been thinking, what if one day I am old and can no longer attract you

Is it going to lie alone in that ruined house and die alone, no one knows even the corpse is rotten and smelly.”

“Hehe, you think too much Much, how can I get bored with a charming woman like you. But just in case, I will give you some protection. In two days, I will take over some spoils of war, among which is included land and manor, You can choose one of the estates as your own property, so that you don’t have nothing.”

Speaking, Andre held up his lover’s face and stared at the charming blue eyes.

After all, the value of this thing is different in everyone’s eyes.

Perhaps in the eyes of billionaires, even if you can exchange 10 million for a true love, even if it is a big profit, in the eyes of Beggar, no matter how beautiful love is, it can’t be compared. A hearty meal is important.

For Andre now, money, land, and status are all no longer important, because he has set his sights on more distant places, which is the universe that even the gods cannot understand.

“Manor? Give it to me? Really?” Elsa’s eyes widened with an expression of disbelief.

You must know that even the smallest manor, at the current price of Linton City, is at least worth hundreds of thousands of Gold Coin, and you may not be able to buy it if you want to buy it.

Almost all the owners of the manor are nobles, and the remaining 10% belong to wealthy businessmen who are also in the upper class. If the status is not enough, even if they have money, they cannot find a buyer.

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