Arcane Lord Chapter 996

Because of paying too much attention to defensive power and sacrificing lighting, the castle at night always gives people a gloomy feeling, especially the hall on the first floor, empty, with only a few dim lights His oil lamp provided a little light. When the wind blew through the narrow window above his head, all the flames kept flickering. Many servants would rather take a long way from the kitchen than pass by here.

Sander is now in the empty hall, sitting blankly on a hardwood chair.

He was covered with dust and blood on his body, face, and armor, and he had just been ransacked once before, and his eyes were filled with anxiety.

As a pastor who has lost his faith, his whole person is in a state of restlessness, and he stands up in terror even if there is any disturbance.

Know that the god of tyranny—Golden is not a kind god, but a complete Evil God. Since it is an Evil God, it is naturally not much better for the pastor who rebels.

Let’s not say whether he will be wanted and hunted down by the church. The colic in his head makes Sandel feel like sitting on pins and needles. He wants to regain his strength all the time, otherwise he won’t listen. To Andre’s words, alone came over overnight, for fear of missing this opportunity.

Just when he was a little suspicious, the stairs leading to the second floor suddenly remembered the sound of footsteps from far and near, and not long after, a silhouette slowly walked out of the darkness.

Sandel, who was already impatient for a long time, immediately jumped up, one-knee kneels, and asked impatiently: “Your Excellency Duke of Flames, I will follow your instructions, before midnight Come here, please tell me, how can I regain my faith?”

Looking at this 30-year-old man with a resolute expression, Andre laughed contemptuously, stepped onto the chair and sat down. Coming down, tapped the tabletop lightly, both eyes were looking at each other all the time, and only after one minute did he let out a sneer.

“hmph! Do you know? Your current attitude reminds me of a word—being prosperous and respectful. Judging by your personality habit, you should be a downright villain.

But it’s okay. In fact, I don’t care what you are, let alone what your idea is. As long as you can for me to use.

Yes, I have a way to let you To restore the power of the pastor, there are also ways to regain your faith.

But you have to understand that nothing is free in this world. You must pay a corresponding price if you want to get something.

Now tell me, what can you give?”

As the last word fell, Sandel immediately felt a terrifying force locked himself firmly, and a slight change would immediately happen Suffered the most violent attack.

In just a few seconds, his entire back was soaked with sweat, and his forehead was densely covered with large and small beads of sweat. Several times he wanted to say something, but Finally swallowed it back.

Because he knows that he has only one chance to answer, and once the payment conditions cannot satisfy the other party, he may not be able to walk out of the castle gate today.

Of course, what will happen even if you go out?

Isn’t going to be hunted down by endless killers, Bounty Hunter, maybe months, maybe years, one day there will be no escape, becoming a lifeless corpse, even The head must be cut off as a token of reward.

There is no doubt that this is not the life Sandel wants!

He is capable! There are means! Learned! Have an ambition to never be satisfied! Longing for higher rights and status!

In the process of studying in the Church of the Tyranny, let him fully understand that power is the essence of truth!

After more than ten minutes of contemplation, he plucked up the courage, tore off the dirty armor of his upper body, and then tore his clothes apart, revealing his hairy chest, loudly shouted “I am willing to give everything! My heart! My thoughts! My life! As long as you can help me find my strength! Give me rights! I would rather be a loyal hound by your side!”

Perhaps because of the loudness, the Kraal Hound pup sleeping lying in the corner of the hall woke up, uttered a wu wu cry, followed the smell and quickly stumbled to the owner to seek shelter.

Andre held this little fellow in his arms and stroked its furry head, nodded with a smile: “Very well, I appreciate your attitude and ambition more. As the Prince of Fire Element ——Isoldesel’s only spokesperson in the material world, I now give you his power. Now pray, swear by your life, your mind, and your soul!”

After this sentence, he raised his hand and poked at the opponent’s heart.


I saw a deep blue flame instantly submerged into the skin and detonated Sandel’s heart!

This wild ambition pastor only felt a sharp pain, and his whole body began to burn. The severe burns made him lie on the ground and howled in pain. What’s more surprising is that he didn’t Dead, still have the strength to make a sound!

But the reason why the priest is different from the ordinary person is that they can feel something that naked eye can’t distinguish. For example, now, Sandel perceives from the flames a surge like the sea Surging power.

Without any hesitation, he immediately raised his hands and chanted loudly in a fanatical tone:

“Great Isoldesell!

You Is the most powerful prince of Fire Element world!

You are the ruler of the endless fire sea!

The power of your controller’s anger!

Your anger is enough Destroy everything!

I am your humblest servant!

I am willing to dedicate everything to you!

Use your life to spread your reputation!

Let all mortals shiver coldly under your mighty power……”

With these flattering words, the flame on Sandel began to diminish slowly, shrinking to the position of the heart, slowly Slowly condense into an entity.

Andre, who had a similar experience, immediately realized that this was a sign that the elemental core replaced the heart as the most important organ of the body.

I don’t know how long it took, maybe a few minutes, maybe half an hour. In short, when Sandel finished the last word, he stood up abruptly, opened his arms, and saw two The flames in the shape of wings hula burst out, releasing intense light and heat.

Obviously, he has been accepted by Isol Desser as a priest of flames, and judging from the power he showed in a moment, the priest level is far above Fiona.

But this is no wonder, after all, Fiona is just a priest seedling with a little potential, but Sandel has been educated by the system before, and the priest level is quite high, far from a little girl. It’s comparable.

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