Arcane Lord Chapter 997

“How does the new student feel, dear pastor?” Andre asked in a playful tone with the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

Zander closed his eyes and felt the body transformed from a purebred human into a semi-elemental creature, and quickly replied with a smile: “Awesome! Just like you just described, this is a new life! The generosity of the great Lord of Fury! Compared to the stingy, stingy, and greedy tyrant god, he is as selfless as the sun and as loving as mother.”

Although he has known more than 80% of pastors , Opened mouth and closed mouth are flattering and fawning to the faith object, but after hearing it personally, Andre still wants to laugh involuntarily.

But considering that he is also a voter of Isol Desser, he still held back at the last minute and gently nodded: “Yes, it seems that you have adapted well, and you finished it so soon. The change in concept, I really don’t know whether I should praise you for being a natural pastor or for your cockroach-like adaptability.”

“Either way, I am sure of my ability, I Happy to accept it.” Sandel stroked his chest with one hand and bowed deeply.

After becoming a pastor, he can clearly feel Andre and within the body belong to the powerful force of Isol Desser, so he is extremely respectful. According to the general principles of the clergy of Olaer continent, the status of voters Always above all pastors.

“Tell me, what plans do you have after you regain your faith?”

Seeing that the other party puts his posture so low, Andre didn’t want to be overly persecuted, and asked directly about the most important thing. The problem.

After all, from the moment he became the priest of the Prince of Fire Element, since Sandel joined Andre’s camp, there was almost no possibility of rebellion.

Because his heart was completely replaced by the elemental nucleus, once he angered Isoldesell, he would lose not only the priest level, but his own life.

As soon as he mentioned the plan, Sandel quickly assumed an extremely fanatical look, loudly said: “Of course it is spreading destruction and death! Let mortals see the power of the Lord of Fury! Let them learn to awe! Learn to obey!”

“Where are you going? Where are you going to spread death and destruction?” Andre saw through the anti-reverse tricks at a glance, and asked jokingly.

He bet that the remarks just now were definitely a temptation to test whether he was as deluded as most of the elect of the gods.

“Will Linton City work?” Sandel blinked his eyes knowingly.

Hearing these words, Andre couldn’t help it anymore and laughed loudly: “hahahahaha! I have to say, you are really brave, do you know how many dangerous people are in Linton City? You dare to spread destruction and death in this city, don’t you think your life is too long?”

You know, in Linton City, there are powerhouses that can only be named. A dozen.

They are: Change Specialization Archmage-Boris, Moon Spirit Spirit Sword hidden under the tower, Elgon, the undead king-Absaron Blackburn’s dísciple Lauretta, the half-orc warrior Keith, the top three Knight of the Knights in Linton City, a senior member of the Mage Association above the tenth level…

Any one of the above can stand up with no difficulty Killing Sandel ten back and forth, Andre really doesn’t know how he has the courage to destroy such a terrifying city. It is estimated that he will be crushed directly before it starts.

“You seem to know a lot of hidden secrets?”

Sander is not an idiot, and quickly realized that he seemed to have overlooked something, cautiously probed.

“I do know a lot, but I don’t intend to say it. You just need to remember not to touch Linton City, otherwise even I will not be able to protect your life, understand?” After that, Andre stood up and gently put the paparazzi sleeping in his arms back to the original place.

Seeing that there is no useful information, Sandel sighed helplessly: “Oh…where do you think you should go? The Lord of Fury has given me a task, if within a year If I can’t make enough mortals in awe, I’ll be demoted.”

“Hehe, this is not good news, is it?”

I found someone as bad luck as myself, Andre taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Although Isoldesell was absolutely generous when he gave power, he asked for a lot, especially when he was going to destroy the city and destroy the town at every turn, it was crazy to the extreme.

But there is no way, as long as you are not willing to give up this power, you must grit your teeth.

“It’s not just good news, it’s completely terrible. For the sake of the Lord of Fury, please show me the way.” Sandel pleaded bitterly.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, Andre smiled and suggested: “Why not, the northern inland lord just happened to have some changes recently. It seems that they have formed a secret alliance. I just sent two men to go deep. Investigate, you can go there to spread destruction and death.”

“Inland?” Sandel seemed to think of something, nodded, looking thoughtful. “It sounds very feasible. I can use the priesthood to mix in and use the power of the divine technique to incite riots. I believe it will be very lively by then.”

“No, it is already very lively now. , Will be more lively in the future. Let go and do it, I will give you some limited support, such as providing funds, weapons and armor, as long as you don’t reveal your identity, although I am not afraid of the church of the god of tyranny, but also I don’t want them to come here.”

After saying this, Andre quickly pulled out a parchment from the cabinet, quickly finished writing a letter full of secret words, stamped it, and handed it to the priest. Then he turned and walked upstairs.

For him, Sandel is just to break the game, just as sometimes he needs to sacrifice a chess piece to test what killer moves his opponent has prepared for him.

However, Sandel didn’t have the consciousness of becoming a chess piece. He accepted the letter with joy, found a few pieces of clothes and armor to put on him in the hall, and left the castle overnight.

Although he doesn’t fit well, he can only make do with it. Due to self-immolation, his clothes have been burned out, and his armor has become a pool of hot molten iron. After all, some clothes are better than nothing. Need to wear strong.

Standing next to the window in the corridor on the second floor, Andre watched silently as the chess pieces handed out disappear into the night, a trace of excitement quickly appeared on his face, and he muttered to himself: “Come here. Laureta, I have already made a move. Now it depends on how you deal with it. The quantitative advantage in the ordinary sense is not valid for me…”

More than three months before the game officially starts, he Finally, as a chess player, he began to lay out the entire battlefield.

I believe that in the next period of time, the frequency of both parties’ trials will become higher and more dangerous. Once the opponent catches the weakness, he will immediately fall into passiveness, or even collapse and lose…

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