Arcane Lord Chapter 998

Some philosophers have said that happy time is always so short, and joy often stays in an instant.

Andre, who just tasted the temptation of Elsa sexy lingerie, was awakened by a strange sound outside the window early in the 2nd day. When eyes opened, I saw a pure white owl standing on the windowsill. He used his sharp beak to beat the glass rhythmically, making a crisp collision.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Forcibly resisting the urge to pull out the feathers of this bird, he gently pulled off the seductive young woman lying on him and stood up Opening the window, he threatened with annoyance: “Damn! You’d better find a reasonable excuse quickly, or I will grill you for breakfast!”

“Goo! Gooo! Gooo! Gooo!”

When someone was about to eat itself, the white owl hurriedly let out a hurried cry, and then raised his short legs to reveal the note tied to it.

As a magic familiar of a mage, it has very high intelligence and can understand two or more languages, including lingua franca, for fear that this human being will put verbal threats into action.

“en? What is this?”

Andre raised his eyebrows in surprise, reached out and opened the note, only to see a sentence written in tiny tiny print on it:


An unexpected situation occurs, please come back quickly-Mante.

Looking at this endless sentence, he was subconsciously frowned. You don’t need to ask to know that the note must have been sent by Necromancer to the Familiar.

Due to the size limitation of the parchment, there is no way to write out all the details, so only the two words of quick return are left. It must be a problem with the war.

“What accident happened that would make Mante send such a message?” Andre muttered to himself, narrowing his eyes.

In his opinion, based on the quantity and quality of the troops he has left for Uruz, it is almost a matter of course to solve the Duke of Wyan. How could there be an accident? Could it be that Lauretta still stayed? Back hand?

However, it is a pity that the owl cannot speak like a raven, so it cannot answer any questions. It can only make a gu gu cry, then soars into the air and flies towards the territory of Count Karl.

Elsa who was lying on the bed seemed to be awakened, opened her sleepy eyes, and asked in a daze: “What’s the matter? What happened?”

“No , It’s okay. Go ahead and sleep. I have to go. I may not be able to come back tonight.” Andre responded with a smile, and used a zero-level Arcane magic trick on himself to clean up the body. Dirt, began to wear pants and clothes.

I don’t know if it is affected by the Fire Element bloodline. He dislikes water less and less, especially if his whole body is immersed in water while taking a bath, the whole person will have an inexplicable irritability and disgust.

“Not coming back? Could it be that the war ahead is not going well?” Elsa rubbed her eyes and sat up quickly, her face with a trace of fear.

Andre shook the head explained: “not quite clear, according to the comparison of strengths, it shouldn’t be a big problem, maybe it’s just an accident, anyway, I will find out if I go to see. In addition, for me Sorry to Beverly, today’s magic application class has been cancelled.”

Perhaps affected by Andre’s relaxed tone, Elsa’s hanging heart was quickly let go, and the corners of her mouth teased: “Aha, you’d better tell her about Beverly’s course. I don’t want to annoy this naughty little devil. You must know that she has been expecting you to attend the class for several months. Now it is cancelled suddenly. What Heaven knows can do Come. Don’t forget, I’m an ordinary woman and I can’t deal with a mage apprentice.”

“Okay, okay, wait for me to come back and explain myself.” Andre smiled bitterly and put his boots on Set on the feet.

To tell the truth, he was really incompetent as a tutor. Since he accepted Little Loli, he didn’t have a few lessons. Most of the time, he was in a stocking state and was self-taught by a girl.

Of course, in terms of knowledge and materials, he is fairly generous, providing a lot of related professional books and a lot of spells.

Seeing the young and handsome lover speak to herself in the tone of her husband and wife, Elsa instantly has a feeling of being surrounded by happiness. She hugs Andre’s waist from behind, feeling a little thick and strong It took a full half a minute before he warned repeatedly: “Be careful…”

“Don’t worry, I am the eternal flame Duke in the flames. Trifling a few inland nobles can’t do anything. Threat.”

However, Andre was never the kind of person who would delay business due to female sex. After lingering for a few minutes, he stood up and opened the spell book to prepare for today’s magic.

After a while, he was ready to finish. After reciting an incantion, the whole person disappeared.

With the help of Mante’s secret technique imprint, he could locate it in just a second, forcibly squeezed through the cracks of the plane, and appeared in the hall of a castle.


“Don’t move! Move it again, I promise you will become a hedgehog!”


Before Andre recovered from the vertigo caused by teleporting spell, he immediately heard a rant in his ear.

Shaking his head vigorously, he suddenly found that he was surrounded by strangers. Among them were several soldiers holding crossbows with extremely nervous expressions.

“Where is this? Where’s Mant?” Andre asked straightforwardly without being intimidated by such a small scene.

Obviously, there was a slight error in his teleportation spell, but from the faces of these armored soldiers and Knight, it can be seen that the distance to the destination should not be too far.

In fact, before learning the seven-level magic precision teleportation, all teleport spells cannot avoid similar problems. This is why many wizards would rather walk, ride a horse, or take a boat than use teleportation. Because it is so prone to accidents.

Just when a soldier wanted to speak and so on, a familiar shout suddenly came out in the corridor: “Stop! Stop it! I am ignorant fool! You know who he is Don’t you? Put away your weapons! Immediately! Immediately! Otherwise, I’ll take your skin off!”

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