Arcane Lord Chapter 999

Along with ruthless’s scolding, a woman in black armor walked down the stairs. She was no one else but the black Shadow Guardian Yvette.

I don’t know if it’s an illusion. Andre suddenly felt that she seemed a little different from the previous two days, especially the death and resentment surrounding her body, almost condensing into substance, and she didn’t know how many she killed. People can reach this level.

“Master, I’m very sorry, these all are the prisoners who have only recently been collected, they don’t recognize you.” Yvette stroked his chest with one hand and bowed deeply.

“What have you done recently? How did you make yourself like this?” Andre frowned asked.

Yvette smiled slightly, replied with a sweet voice: “I am killing, killing a lot of people, using their blood, death, and resentment to create a Demon Sword. What? Do you want to see it?”

“No, no, you can keep it for yourself.” Andre hurriedly shook the head.

As a mage, he knows too well the essence of these so-called evil magic items, basically through cruel abuse, torture, and massacre, so that intelligent life has strong negative feelings, and then use special methods Constantly on a certain item, the power of formidable power is simply appalling.

Of course, there is a price to pay for using this weapon. Normally, even a person with a little conscience still has a heartfelt disgust, vomiting, and fear when approaching an evil weapon.

Obviously, Andre hasn’t fallen to such a frenzied level for the time being, so he doesn’t want to find trouble for himself.

“Hehe, that’s really a pity, I want you to comment.” Yvette’s mouth was slightly tilted, showing a bloodthirsty smile.

The black Shadow Guard guy was originally the backbone of the evil camp. Andre never expected the other party to be able to help the old lady cross the road and other good things. It doesn’t matter. Shrugged: “The comment is unnecessary, if I didn’t guess If it’s wrong, this should be Count Karl’s castle, right?”

Yvette glanced at the fearful soldiers around him with cold eyes, and quickly nodded gently: “Yes, master, You are really bright vision like a torch. Just yesterday evening, we launched an attack on the camp of Duke Wyan, and almost as easy as blowing off dust, the mob that he put together was destroyed. There were only six of the captured Knights. People, there is also a crappy mage who didn’t know where it came from.”

“Oh? So, everything should be going well? Why did Mante send me an accident? Andre frowned subconsciously.

He is not an idiot, let alone an object that can be fooled at will, although Yvette hasn’t mentioned what the so-called accident is so far, but he is obviously not finished.

“As you mentioned, only a small accident happened. My dear Earl Karl found that reinforcements had arrived. He even chose to open the door and led the soldiers to rush out, wanting to come Inside and outside, he fought back and forth. But unfortunately, he overestimated his strength. A sharp sword pierced his eyes and died on the spot. He didn’t even leave us time to rescue.”

I was talking about this remark. At the time, Yvette was full of undisguised malice, and his tone was full of irony. There was no mercy at all because the opponent was a dead person.

“Earl Carl is dead? So the previously signed contract was also invalidated with his death?” Andre instantly realized where the real trouble was coming from and couldn’t help but extend the hand rubbing his brows vigorously.

“Yes! That idiot is dead! It left us with a lot of trouble.

He told Viscount Luxon, Earl Cullen, David Baron, and Gaut Baron , And the Duke of Philente sent a letter for help.

Now these five lords are arguing in the room on the second floor. It seems that they want to carve up this piece of wealth. The territory.

Mrs. Gloria and her daughter were unable to resist, so they had to ask us for help. In short, the level of chaos is beyond your imagination.

There is another point worthwhile Note that the murderer who killed Earl Carl was not under Earl Wynne, but a tall Orc warrior.

He is highly skilled in martial arts, and I joined forces with the dwarf Engel. I couldn’t get any cheapness. I initially judged that the fighter level should be at least Level 12.”

Yvette is a black Shadow Guard soldier who is good at observation and analysis. She is also a conspiracy initiator. She is eager to be Get enough authorization to “dispose” these human nobles that bore her in her own way.

Of course, this “processing” is just like literally. For people in the evil camp, it means a double elimination from military force to spirituality.

Andre saw through his subordinate’s plan at a glance, and shook the head with a smile: “Okay, I see, this matter cannot be solved with violence, so don’t expect me to allow it. You messed up. Now tell me, among these five lords, who really owns the inheritance of this land?”

Yvette was a little unhappy with the failure of the little trick, curl one’s lip replied:” Although each of them claimed to have the right of inheritance, after my investigation, only the Duke of Filente and Viscount Luxon were genuine, and the inheritance documents of the remaining three were forged.

It is the nephew of Earl Carl’s mother, and the latter is the nephew of the Earl’s father who died, but in terms of order, it should be ranked after Elena Young Lady.

It’s a pity that we have lost too much Strength, the count now counts militias and adventurers with less than five hundred, and can’t hold a large land at all. In addition, Uruz hasn’t got your authorization and dare not participate in this kind of complicated politics. Fighting.”

“It turned out to be a team to bully orphans and widows. The food of these inland nobles is really ugly.”

After clarifying the situation, Andre Immediately there was a sneer, with undisguised contempt in his eyes.

As far as inheritance is concerned, the Olaer continent has a fundamental difference between the South and the North. For a very thorough feudal system like Kantru Kingdom, women cannot inherit the territory. If they want to be in power, You must first find a puppet husband, and then control the territory by remotely controlling the husband.

But unlike the open and windy South, women here do not need to be male vassals. As long as they have excellent political skills, they can also step onto the front desk and gain control of the territory.

To put it bluntly, the fight for inheritance has always been based on whoever has the strongest fist.

Andre can guarantee that all the lords in the castle together are not as big as his fists, so whoever he supports can become the master of this land.

As for those who are dissatisfied, fight directly until you are convinced. If you can’t do it once, you can do it twice, if you can’t do it twice, you can do it three times. Anyway, the right is to train…

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