Arcane Universe Chapter 403

Now this season is neither a period of fish, nor a food shortage season. According to a reason, the shark people will not recruit a large and medium-sized Naga tribe like Grelan.

is strange, the crossed behavior of sharks must be a counterattack of Fiercely, otherwise these disgusting robbers will definitely unsatisfied, regard the Grelan tribe as a weakly bullying.

In order to prevent the enemy from homing the hoist, the sound of the West, Fasci Mistress decided to only dispose of some of the Grandmaster Rank’s Battle Stregth.

After Naga reached the Grandmaster Rank, it will master a “sea transmission”, which is a SPELL that is transmitted using the Water Element industry, can only be used in the water of Water Element.

The Grelan tribe has dispatched Thirty Grandmaster Rank’s Naga, which is half a female and female, which is half of the high-end power of the Grelan tribe. Leading these thirty Grandmaster Rank Naga is Fas. Qi Mistress and South Diz Guardian.

Only the high-end Battle Stregth has a benefit that even if the enemy’s voice hits the West, the attacking Naga Powerhouse can also use the sea transmission to quickly rush back.

The collected raid force quietly stayed in Mistress Great Hall, waiting for the news sent back to the hunt.

In order to fight the harassment of shark people, the grien tribe has increased the number of hunters from dozen people from hundreds, so although it has greatly strengthened the power of the hunting team, it will greatly weaken the efficiency of hunting.

However, even if the Grelan tribe has expanded the hunter to hundreds of people, the dead sharks still don’t let them, they organized a larger graft team, which seems to be specifically for Grelang. tribe.

Waiting for only an hour, a rescued information is passed from the Water Element cross-boundary.

Naga does not know the short message SPEll, but they have their own way to conduct magic messages.

Nana often reaches an agreement with some Powerful Existencenes in the Water Element world, and Naga uses usa to exchange the Water Element boundary to help delivery message.

is transferred in the Water Element world, and Naga can pass the message from the World, and the disadvantage is that the message will have certain distortions during the delivery process.

After receiving the hunting team, the Naga PowerHouses WITHOUT The SLIGHTEST HESitation is used in accordance with the rescue information, and the sea transmission is used.

After a strong Water Element fluctuation, more than 30 bodies of Naga disappeared in the temple.

Above the large coral reef of about 3,000 kilometers away from the Grelang Strait, thousands of fierce shark people Knight ride a huge big Ding head shark, like a group of three hundred The hunting team composed of many Naga, surrounded, surrounded.

The tactics of sharks are very similar to the nomads on Earth, they are good at tapped a variety of sharks, with the largest Ding Xiark, the biggest Ding Xiaku is the favorite mount of shark people.

Ding Xiarrhe is a large shark magic beast of a body length of about ten meters. The front end of this magical beast is long, and the big nose is wrapped in hard and sharp Skeleton. When the Ding Xiaoman swims in full speed, it can block the large fish in front of them directly into two paragraphs!

Of course, the topping and cutting is not the biggest role in the front of the Skeleton outside the Ding Book. This top-jaw actually has a magic MAGICAL ARTIFACT official, which can spray sharp water blade.

Ding Xiaoxia as an eight-level magic beast, its ejected water blade Equivalent to Level 4 magic, can easily cut +3 steel armor.

The speed of Ding Xiaoman is not fast, far less than the shark “sword shark” of the shark man, the speed of the sword shark is ranked in the ocean, but this shark belongs to a medium shark, can’t hold it Body heavy shark people Fast As Lightning, Shark Man Tharady Sword Shark is mainly used as a hunter.

Ding Book’s speed is uncomfortable, but there is very Terrifying endurance, this shark can keep yourself almost 80%, swim in a row! And they have a very good sense of smell.

When the shark man is in the face of strong opponents, the favorite tactics is to use the Ding Bijie’s endurance advantage. It will be able to track the enemy for a long time; the enemy runs, follows, the enemy counterattack, escapes, the enemy is resting in place, Enclose him, don’t let him get up … I finally drag the enemy, drag the collapse!

As the enemy of shark people, Naga is very familiar with this tactics, but there is no way, in the face of this tactics of sharks, Naga is nothing more than two ways, using the tactics of the raid, and dispatched exciting power to destroy The command center of the shark man will naturally disappear.

But you have to take the shark man and Easier Said Than Done.

Shark people’s personal power is similar to the adult male Naga, and it is necessary to take the tactics by ordinary Naga to the number of sharks, absolutely what’s gone can never com back.

The only advantage of Naga compared to sharks is that their high-end strength is stronger than shark people.

Shark people don’t have the strength as Naga as an age, they have been basically fixed with their adulthood. If you want to continue to improve, you can only use the professional system as in humans.

The professional system of shark people comes from the abyss, from their faith, the 89th floor of the abyss – the king of deep sea “big”.

The Belief of the Mediterranean shark man is very confusing, but at least 6% of the sharks believe in the “King of Deep Sea”.

The king of deep sea has brought a series of evil careers such as “Devil Sacrifice”, “Devil Sacrifice”, “Deep Sea Black Warrior”, “Deep Sea”, “Deep Sea Person”.

However, the cost of these evil professional roads is very large, and it is impossible to spread in the shark man, only spread in the superkist society, so although the number of sharks have a lot of sharks, their middle upper strength has pole The big vacancies, so far less than the number of Naga.

The shark man is in the uppermost class, but it can be flat with the strength and Naga in the king of deep sea.

, for example, with Greland’s collar tribe, their total population is almost six hundreds of people, regarding a medium shark man tribe, but the six-seven thousand average Level Level 6-7 shark people tribe In the middle, high-order Powerhouse only one percent, Grandmaster Rank Powerhouse is less than ten, far less than Grelan, but the leader of this tribe is a quite powerful Legendary Powerhouse.

According to the normal proportion, this shark man tribe completely impossible has Legendary Powerhouse.

Grelang Mistress Fasqi led the tribe’s high-rise to the hunting team next to the hunting team surrounded by the shark, asked the hunting Captain asked the shark man’s leading position.

After getting the exact reply, Fasci took a few minutes a little bit, and he seized the command of the raid behead.

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