Arcane Universe Chapter 404

After receiving the command, the South Diz WITHOUT The Slightest Hesitation led more than a dozen Grandmaster Rank’s malea Warrior, and the shark people who famed to the peripheral traveled fierce.

Naga is not good at domestication, they don’t have a mount, but you can’t think that Naga’s speed is not as good as the shark people, it is actually not the case.

The swimming speed of Naga with excellent Water Element Innate Talent is very fast, and their short-distance charges, the speed is faster than Ding Xiaoxia, just can’t last.

More than a dozen Grandmaster Rank Naga, Diz, Diz, is the core, which is arranged with a loose front, like the string arrow, rushed to the most intensive group of shark people.

The eight arms of Naga are not white long. In fact, Naga’s melee ability is quite famous in the ocean world, and it does not explain what it will explain, this world can If you are not defeated to Golden Dragon, half your hand can be over.

After ten Naga flies into the shark crowd, it will make a roll-up Flood Dragon, which set off a red chaotic flow in the shark crowd.

These Naga is flexible in the shark group. Charge to the left and dash to the right, they are six or eight well-propressed arms, waving five or six pieces, or even seven hundred weapons, in shark people I set off a blade storm!

If a person suddenly grows eight arms, they must have a hand, but Naga will not, but their control of each arm is not more than humans, they can be skilled. In battle uses yourself every one arm.

When a six-arm Naga is facing three or four sharks in the same time, even the feeling of doing more.

Although there are four opponents, these four pairs of arms belong to four people, but the six arms of Naga belong to the same person. He can use three arms to attack three people, then use three arms Strong attack a person, in the surroundings of the four people, easily kill one!

Ten Naga Powerhouse rushed into the shark crowd, just like a dozen wolves into the chicken group, suddenly stir the shark crowd to fly.

Terrifying is, after more than ten male Naga, more than a dozen strong female Maja Follow Closely from Behind, you can tear the water cannon of the mountain, you can tear the water gun of the mountain. Following the maleah, it is grown into the chaotic shark crowd.

Water gun is an upgrade version of the shock wave, and the SPELL can transmit a strong water wave of fist sized. This water wave can put two inch thick steel plates in 100 meters. If you play on the organism, even if you play on the organism It is a whale, and it can be worn.

The shock wave is a short-range monomer at Level 4 Water Element Spell.

and water guns are a eight-stage Water Element Spell, which is also launched a strong water wave, but this water wave has a bucket thick, and its Formidable Power is enough to break through the fire chou made of iron armor Battleship’s side deck ! Almost Equivalent to a 130-pound of the Formidable Power! And the water cannon can play a kilometer in the water!

This Formidable Power, playing in the crowd, like the effect of Make the Munan era, plowing a flesh and blood!

More than 30 far-matched Grandmaster Rank Powerhouse flourfully in the Intermediate Warrior group of hundreds of people, it is simply like a hot knife to cut butter, and there is almost no resistance to the shark crowd.

After this group of shark people, it is a group of very tall shark people with a huge Black shark man.

South Des can clearly feel the strong power fluctuations in the giant Black shark people with Legendary creatures.

South Disi is first, half of the arrow rinsed away towards the Black giant shark man.

Although the giant shark people are surrounded by nearly 100 sharks Knight, but the Grandmaster Rank’s Powerhouse is less than ten, the advanced Powerhouse is only more than 30, and the rest is more strong intermediate sharks.

This escaper can not block the impact of more than 30 Grandmaster Rank Naga, although the Black Giant Shark is also Legendary, but he does not dare to do one against two, fighting Feng Chou and his female Maja MISTRESS.

So, the Black Giant Shark Man without the Slightest Hesitation gives up the mount, run away!

The swimming speed of the shark man is not slow, even faster than the speed of Nada, after abandoning the mount, the Black’s giant shark man is extremely fast, and it is not more than South Dis.

Discover the leader to escape, the remaining shark people Knight does not agree with the mount, and escape.

South Disted ignores other sharks, he is dead to the giant shark man who escaped in front of the front, bitter, and chasing it.

Faschi Mistress nature doesn’t want to let live this to let them not be in the culprit, so she also without the slightest Hesitation follows Feng Chou to think of Black giant shark people chasing.

Legendary’s speed is naturally unique to Powerhouse.

Two Legendary Naga, chasing a Legendary shark man, away from the battlefield.

Chasing, Fasci Mistress has been transferred to the front to intercept the Legendary shark person several times. Didn’t expect This Legendary shark man actually knows short-distance transportation, several interceptions are transmitted by him escape.

The three people chased a while, perhaps the transfer of Legendary shark people, and only rely on a little bit more quickly when the Legendary shark man is running.

But every turn, let Fasci and South Des are closer to the Legendary shark people!

finally, after Faschi Mistress once again transferred, the Legendary shark man seems to feel free, she roared, the spell strikes of Faschi hit the past, and she seems to force the law to force the law. Mistress gives him a way of life.

Unfortunately Fasil Mistress is not going to make him feel smooth.

The physical strength of female Maja is a little bit a little bit more than male Naga, but the difference is not very big, so if someone thinks that femalea is not good as the fisherman, then he will have a surprise, For example, this Legendary shark man.

Facing the shark people hit, Fasci Mistress first put a layer of magic shield for his own, and concentrated the Legendary field, then she raised the Trident in her hand, launched against the Legendary shark man charge.

Faski Mistress’s Trident and Legendary shark’s lance lance at the same time, Fasci Mistress’s TRIDENT in the thorn, in the thorns of the opponent, the dramatic electricity, lightning and Trident pierced the shark man together The chest!

and the shark people’s Lance just pierced Fasci Mistress’s defense Spell and Legendary field, and even pierced her bone armor, but by the last line of defense by Fasci Mistress, the scales on the body blocked!

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