Arcane Universe Chapter 405

At this time, at this time, Fasci’s Guardian, South Des also rushed to the legs of the Legendary fish, tatten behind the Legendary shark man.

At this time, the incredible change happened, and the Trident of South Diz suddenly turned into a shark person, passed through the shark people, and integrated Fasci stab.

The Trident’s Trident is close to the shark people, from the magic shield and Legendary field, and the crack of the osteoporites in the crack of the bone armor, with no differencey pierced Fasci’s natural score, thorn Into my chest, the killing of the sacred Fiercely’s tearing Fasci’s chest, also torn her strength and will.

At this time, the Legendary shark man also held his hand in his own chest, and South Disi took Fasqi to the space of Very Quiet after her body …

Fasci is headed into the space door, it is immediately wrapped immediately, disappeared.

feng pick turned several treatment fatal injuries to the Legendary shark.

In the treatment of SPELL, the shark man chest Terrifying wound quickly recovered, and there was no left.

Treated Legendary shark people, Feng Chou flew to the island of the tower.

There are two islands in the sea of ​​Pagoda Universe Small World, an island is naturally a beautiful island, and another is a half-bit island of Amazon Arcane.

Piece is flat, forest dense, a giant Grand Plaza, a giant Grand Plaza, a giant graza, a giant graza, a giant Tower.

feng pick enters Giant Tower to start busy in a huge laboratories in the upper layer.

With the auxiliary of Universe Pagoda, five huge array began to be quickly formed on the floor of the laboratory.

feng chou is being arranged is an Legendary Ceremony he just created.

fenge Chou gives this Legendary Ceremony name “Intelligent Different Ceremony”

The purpose of this CereMony is to use your own soul and a strong soul of a Legendary level, and use a part of the Zhizhen’s principle to make a strong points similar to the universe Pagoda spirit.

This CereMony involves the thorough shackling of Legendary soul, the integration of Legendary soul, with a combination of a silk Avatar, allowing the fusion of the soul and Feng Chou to produce the soul synchronization, using the blended blank soul, Building a similar intelligence brain structure and procedure, making the power of the mind with the powerful computing power of the brain …

Ceremony manufactured Legendary points because it is used by the intelligence of the computing model of the intelligence, so there is basically no loss of failure to get rid of the owner’s control.

This Ceremony is the results of the latent time of Feng Chou. He uses the Universe Pagoda acceleration function, which spent five years, successfully created Legendary Spell Ceremony.

In order to create this Ceremony, feng Chou needs to reproduce the Cultivator’s Divided Spirit Technique in this World, and the part of the manufacturing principle of Universe Pagoda is also needed to reproduce in this world.

The light spent three years, this is fortunate that Feng Chou has achieved a lot of achievements in the research of Cultivation CultiVation Technique.

The soul of the soul and the soul of the soul, Feng Chou has made inspiration from the heart of the magic.

Feng Chou captured a wonderful magic in the West Coast, these years of land, the successful research, Feng Chou found that the communication between the world is not relying on the language, but the direct mind communication, Some intimate 心 魔 can also produce a soul link.

After in-depth research, Feng Chou found that all this is based on the unique spiritual abilities of the world. The so-called mind is actually a special Spirit Stregth, which is higher, quality than ordinary spirit strength. Higher, strength is also stronger.

According to the results of the study, Feng Chou improves the composition of Spirit Stregth, so that his Spirit Stregth has some of the spiritual powers, on this change, Feng Chou achieves The soul and the soul have established a long-term stable spiritual synchronization.

In this process, Feng Chou also Unexpected Harvest has an additional 30% of Spirit Stregth and has a unique Spell, which is a unique SPIRL.

After completing the creation of Ceremony, Feng Chou first made the soul of Legendary Nagan Des into his first intelligent points.

After winning the first smart, Feng Chou has specially created a powerful body for him.

In order to make a strong body that matches the Legendary level, Feng Chou takes some technical and special substances for manufacturing Austrian steel.

Made of the most important technique of making Austrian steel magic is to entropy energy technology, the most important substance is entropy material.

Entropy substance was initially discovered, it was after the eternal blade, Legendary Spell, was displayed.

Masters have found that there is a terrifying radiological substance on the land destroyed by eternal blazing. This radiological material will kill the plants, even if it is not killed, the animals and plants in the radiation will also change. Terrifying monsters.

In the Arcane era, Arcanist has been deeply studied the radiation material generated by eternal blazing. They found that this radiological substance is actually an elementally granted product, and Arcanist is named entropy material to this substance.

Entropy substances include Terrifying radioactivity, contains almost never depletion of energy, so Arcanist combines this substance and conjunction with the magic image technology.

The energy problem of Legendary Connector and the Magic Image has been plaguing people. The Legendary level constructs undoubtedly have powerful power, but to maintain powerful power, you need a huge amount of energy.

Even with high magical constant operation, it is impossible to provide such a huge energy, depending on the elemental channel established by the elemental soul, can also maintain such powerful energy consumption, and the volume of element pool and elemental furnace is too large, unable A non-giant unit mounted in the conjugate.

So, before the Arcane era, whether it is a conjugate or a magic image, it can only be maintained below Legendary, and can only win until Grand Arcanist Sultivos invented entropy energy SYSTEM.

Entropy System is an alchemy system that can safely use huge energy in entropy substances, this SYSTEM is enough to provide inexhaustible huge energy for Legendary conjugates and magic images.

The energy core of the Arcane Tower of the Amazon ARCANE, who was captured by Feng Chou, is a huge elemental furnace, so there are many entropy substances in her storage, as for entropy energy SYSTEM, it is necessary for the project Knowledge reserves.

feng chou uses entropy energy SYSTEM as the energy core of South Diz’s new body, this new body shape does not take Naga’s shape, but takes the shape of giant octopus.

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