Arcane Universe Chapter 406

This Austrian polish has given a lot of powerful Water Element SPELLs by Feng Chou, allowing it to be flexible and fast in the water, and can use “sea delivery” to transfer. Apart from this, this octopus structure also has a powerful Water Element Spell such as “water cannon”, “water blade”, “water energy shield”, “hydroelectronics”, etc.

In addition to Water Element SPELL, Austrian Steel Octopus also has “Entropy Monitor”, “Anti-Magic Spring” These two from entropy energy SYSTEMs.

Entropy Ram is a high-energy ray with Terrifying radiation, with Formidable Power, which exceeds Level 9 Spell.

Anti-magic stand is the Powerful Ability with all Legendary Magicians, which is the ability to confront the Legendary Magic against Legendary Powerhouse.

Of course, the cost of opening the anti-magic stand is that the Ohcoves will also lose its application.

When the Austrian Steelmad and South Diz intelligently binds, he has a “water energy area” in his own.

Water energy is a powerful control area. In this field, the owner of the field can make the soft water thread to the iron, which can tear the enemy as the power field.

Austrian polish fish Avatar manufacturing success Giant Black Shark Man Legendary Level.

After the BLACK Legendary shark, Feng Chou was shameped, and his second Legendary intelligent points, and finally injected into the body of the Legendary fish.

feng chou with this Legendary shark man Avatar controls the gray tooth shark man tribe.

After mastering the gray tooth shark, Feng Chou has directed the drama after it, and the Fasci Mistress also led the old nest and attacked the captive.

After two weeks of Pagoda Universe, Feng Chou has the third Legendary intelligent points …

Reality World is an hour later, South Dis, Fasci, and their enemy Black Legendary shark man appeared at the place where it was played. They quickly brought the rapid, they left.

Legendary shark man returns to the tribe, starts to clean up the rotten stall, and South Diz and Fasci have returned the previous battlefield to the previous battlefield, leading to the Naga Powerhouse, which participated in the raid, returned to the old nest.

After a replacement of FENG CHOU and SEM, Fasci suddenly announced that he won the Water Element’s “Isatis” after more than a month of brewing. oracle.

Faski claims that the great Istati is reminding her, Naga should have its own Guardian God, and Naga’s Guardian God will be the natural from God from the God of Water Element.

Faschi also claims that great Istati has given the seability of her ocean and storm field.

On the one hand, Fasci is the secular and spiritual double leader of this tribe. In addition to South Dis, no one is eligible to oppose her, and South Des will not be against her. Instead, fully cooperate.

On the other hand, Fasci shows the greatness of the gods, which is not believed by non-authority.

So she has established her belief in the Grelan tribe.

In order to maintain the mysterious sex of the seature, Faski began to close the temple in the depths of the temple. Only a few high priests can see her, she entrusted the secular thing of the tribe to Nan Diz.

After half a year, Fasci suddenly announced that he has swallowed the human main god “Ocean and Storm” Hetos, which is now integrated with the Hunter Island.

Next, under “Fasci” and “Hetos”, the Hunter Island’s human and Grelanna tribe quickly established alliance relationships.

South Disi and Feng Chou represent Naga and human beings for friendly meetings.

In fact, Feng Chou and his own Legendary, I met, playing the scene, Feng Chou will be injected into the Legendary context of South Disi soul, and reinject into Nan Di Si WITHIN THE BODY, his own soul returned his own body and returned to the Hunter Island Lord.

A large number of magic equipment that specializes in Naga is infined from the form of the Capada, and Naga is promised to pay attention to the rich magic materials in the ocean.

After the armed forces of magic equipment, the strength of Naga has grown.

In addition to magic equipment, Feng Chou also awarded all spider skeletons in your hands.

After the spider-type magic is in the water, it will become an octopus model, which is very suitable for operation.

In addition to external armed, Feng Chou also equipped the armed armed for Naga, religious thoughts!

After two years of religious brainwashing, most Naga believes that their Mistress Fasci is the great Water Element God selected from God, and she will be the owner of the sea, the dominance of the storm, Naga The main god! All Naga is going to be at the foot of Fasci Mistress!

There are magical equipment and bone constructs armed, and there is a fanatical religious ideological armed, Grelanna tribe has become a elite religious armed.

feng pick will of course not look good, he wants to fight for him!

around the hunter island, there is a total of thirteen Naga tribes, the Grelan tribe is the biggest one, the other twelve Naga tribes, there is one or two thousand people, the small only seven or eight hundred people, This thirteen Naga tribe, most of the Legendary Powerhouse is sitting in the town, with two Legendary sitting in the town, only another large tribe called blood coral, this tribe is less than a little bit, but also different Nothing.

In the thirteen Naga tribes around the hunter island, there are only one thousands of small tribes, and these four small tribes have their own Legendary Powerhouse, so they all attach the powerful tribe survival.

Grielang has two vassal small tribes.

These two confident tribes are actually separated from the Grelan tribe. For the Naga group, the three thousand people are almost the limit, and they are big, and they are half-fishing, semi-planting. Social forms cannot be supported, unless they are chasing fish groups like sharks.

Wo hunting like a shark, it will not usually compete with sharks.

Naga’s individual power is strong than the shark, but also strong, Naga, which is difficult in this situation, does not have a more fertility, and more than a larger shark man competition, so Naga Will hide in the sea.

According to God, the Grelan tribe first swallowed his two attachment tribes and.

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