Arcane Universe Chapter 407

The process of annex is very smooth. In this Powerhouse Like Forests sea, there is no harder to live in the town of LEGENDARY, and they can’t return to the strong mother, but because of food problems, mother The tribe is not allowed to live.

In order to solve the food problem after the Grieng tribe population expansion, Feng Chou migrates the Garryran tribe to a bay near the island Southwest Part, the hunter lake downstream.

This bay is larger than the bay of Big Bay, but the bay is very open, it is not a good habitat.

This is of course difficult to do not fall, and in the hard work of the engineering condiments that have been intelligent, in just more than one month, a broad and strong longeike appears. The sea exit of this big bay …

In short three months, a comfortable tribe habitat appeared in front of Gridonna.

This miracle makes Nana’s beliefs in Fasci.

At the same time in the construction of Naga, feng Chou also built a port city on the shore of the Hunter Lake.

This port city will be the trade town of Naga and human beings.

Alchemy raw materials from Seabed and alchemy products from land and food will be exchanged here.

At the same time, this port city will also be the starting point for Feng Chou conquest this ocean.

feng Chou will transfer the harbor from the armed Merchant Ship from civilized World, and established an Ambriti Fleet on the basis of these armed Merchant Ship.

The Grieran tribe is familiar with the new home, and again, their THIS TIME’s goal is a small Naga tribe of only one thousand and two hundred.

This tribe is not large, but there is a female Legendary Naga sitting in the town.

This time, from South Des led more than a thousand Fully Armed Naga as the main force, Feng Chou led a first fleet of Anbart, which was composed of more than 10 armed Merchant Ship in the sea.

Although the warship cannot participate in underwater battle, it can be used as a moving fortress that the Naga army can rely on.

, the Green Dragon people on the fleet can also be used as Naga’s aid soldiers to participate in underwater, and each Merchant Ship carries a lot of spider-shaped bones, and can also put in battle at any time.

When this water army has appeared in front of the Naga tribe named Kerr Su, when South Diz description, the leader of Keru’s Legendary looked at South Diz and Feng Chou. Two Legendary Powerhouse, as well as the group of Naga, who is armed to the teeth behind them, only considering a small meeting, agreed to the San Diz’s consolidated tribe, and change the requirements of Fasci.

This is the purpose of conquering this small tribe from the Power of the Lion Bun. The soldiers are not blood! Because his main purpose is the population.

Next, Feng Chou led the fleet and Naga’s water underwater water, and a big cleaning was carried out on the SEA TERRITORY of the Hunter Island Southwest Part.

Taking Feng Chou current power, ran into the Islands Mediterranean Sea in the Northeast of Hunter Island, challenged the number of millions of shark people, tantamount to Striking A Stone with an Egg.

So, Feng Chou intends to take this finely broken Sea Territory in the hunter island, gathered close to Naga tribe, developing strong biga tribe, using Naga tribe to collect rich alchemy resources in the sea, using these alchemy The refundry of the resource production armed Naga, and it can also cultivate a batch of alchemists in the hunter island.

He is also intended to use the professional system to enhance the strength of Naga. For the powerful creatures of Naga, you only need to use the SYSTEM effective professional system to train, strength can be more .

In this process, Universe Pagoda can also collect more sects with hunter people and Naga’s beliefs to advance Demi-god.

When Feng Chou has Demi-god, he will enter the Mediterranean after a strong Naga army that is enough to fight any shark people.

Only when he has such a force, he is likely to be in a large cross-portrait in the Mediterranean Seventh larger shark people.

The shark people of the Mediterranean are not a piece of iron. In these sharks, there are Ambitious, there is also heretic that does not believe in the big, and the different beliefs make these shark people with deep hatred.

After the Keru tribe, the South Discharge led the Greteran tribe army into the Kru tribe.

On the same day, Fasqi passed to the Mistress Krusus of the Kru tribe, and several important high priests in the tribe.

Take advantage of this opportunity, Fasci and South Disi and Feng Chou three Legendary work together, all Kru tribe members in Krus and Great Hall have all made Universe Pagoda.

After a few minutes, the Kru tribe returned to Great Hall, but their Legendary Mistress has become Feng Chou new points, and other members were washed away by Universe Pagoda, I didn’t remember it. Things that happened.

There is Legendary Mistress Kerssus, and the Kru tribe is brought back to the Grener Radian New Home near Hunter Lake, and quickly incorporates the Grelan tribe.

At the same time, Feng Chou led the first fleet of Ambritt and the Grelan Naga army leading from South Diz, and successfully conquered several small tribes and changed these small tribes. Legendary Powerhouse It became the spirit of Feng Chou. Under the coordination of 傀儡, quickly digestion absorbed these small tribes.

The behavior of Grelan tribe has caused panic of other Naga tribes nearby, and they began to jointly confront the Grid.

But this is unreasonable. With the increasing tribe of Grelan, the strength of Feng Chou is also growing, and when other Naga tribes reacted, Feng Chou already has a whole eight Legendary points!

Although the hostile tribe is united, although there are ten Legendary Powerhouse, but the cohesiveness is not strong, and the Feng Chou will conquer the Legendary Naga, which has become his own points, such as the arm, essentially It is not a discriminating opponent, Even more How, although the hostile Naga is united, but in fact, it is actually like a Grelan tribe, and it is still distributed, and it is still divided by the Feng Chou with no differencey. Powerhouse is airborne The tactics, one break, the joints of the opponents have little effect.

feng pick is only used for a long time, there are more than ten of the Naga tribes near Hunter Island, and the Grelan tribe quickly expands from a two thousand Naga tribe into a super large-scale tribe.

After integrating Niha Tribe, Feng Chou is not stopping with a powerful Naja army to clean the other forces near SEA Territory.

is just in Feng Chou, and when you are ready to do, a pot of cold water suddenly splashes.

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