Arcane Universe Chapter 408

This day, Feng Chou led more than 20 Legendary levels and hundreds of Grandmaster Rank Naga Powerhouse, just successfully hunting an Ancient Dragon level double-headed snake dragon.

The somracy and scales of the snake dragon will change slowly with age, in the teenage stage, the snake dragon length has only thirty-forty rice, scales present ash-gray; adults, they will go to Fifty-Sixty Mi long, the scales will become cyan-gray color, after entering the elderly, they will grow to Seventy-Eighty, and the scales will become Azure.

In the Ancient Dragon phase, a major transformation occurred in the snake dragon, and their scales become Azure Black, the length will grow more than 100 meters, but more importantly, they will lead to the second head, become Double head.

Ordinary Snake Dragon is Water Attribute Magic Beast, while the second headed double-headed snake Dragon-Like will increase Thunder Attribute.

The double-headed snake challenge level with water and Thunder will reach terrifying twenty Fifth Level!

and the feng Chou hunted this double-headed snake dragon is a challenge of 2LEVEL 6 High Ancient Dragon, which is the most powerful creature in this Sea Territory.

In addition to its own power, this double-headed snake dragon also slaves a group of snake dragons.

Snake Dragon is the descendant of the wisdom of the snake dragon and some water, just like the draft on the land, they have the powerful Innate Talent brought by the Snake Dragon Bloodline, but from Bloodline to the Snake Dragon. Willing to be a slave.

The shape of the snake dragon and Naga are somewhat similar, they have the top half of the snake, the upper body and arms of the class, and a head of a snake faucet.

Like the snake dragon, the snake dragon has a scorpion of Cyan-Gray Color, the body of the adult snake dragon and the four-arm Naga, just the lower body longer, when they stretch the body in the water, the length will reach ten Rice or more.

The snake dragon BLOODLIN has brought powerful forces and Water Element class Spell by the Snake Dragon, and the adult snake dragon has a biological level of Level 12.

In order to deal with this powerful double-headed snake dragon, and he tens of thousands of snake dragons slave, Feng Chou dispatched all the strengths, he saved thousands of bones in his hand, and attacked double snakes. Dragon’s nest, attracts most of the attention of the Snake Dragon.

After successful use of the bone magic, after the attention of most Snake Dragons, Feng Chou led more than 20 Legendary Naga, and hundreds of Grandmaster Level’s Naga Powerhouse, using Dahai Chuan. Double-headed tackle dragon’s old nest.

Actual Shuangdon Dragon’s nest guard has not been followed by Lured The Tiger Away from the Mountain, here’s high-order snake dragon guards, hundreds of Grandmaster Rank snake dragons.

Like the snake dragon, the Snake Dragon Power will also grow older.

When Feng Chou enters the snake Dragon’s lair, he even found that in the double-headed snake dragon, he even guards the seven eight Legendary level snake dragons!

In order to win this snake dragon, Feng Chou even throws out the attention of the Snake Dragon, and the Stroke Magic, which is not suitable for Water.

The steel system is not suitable for operation in water, because under the resistance of water, the steel magic is not fast in Same Level, it is not a big discount, it is not a remote attack method, it is difficult to catch it. The flexible aquatic magic creature in the water.

However, under the accurate space of Universe Pagoda, the Ozang Magic and Squang Magic is a non-small role in the battle of the double-headed snake dragon.

Universe Pagoda Put these magic as a weapon-like space to snake Dragon Body, the attack of the Magic, although the huge double-headed snake dragon is untenicular, but it is not good, especially the steel magic, The Shougang double sword in their hands can easily tear the strong screwage of the double-headed snake, giving him a deep cockroaches, which makes the double-headed snake dragon to throw the magic in the Water Element field. .

If the universe pagoda has only a few such magic images, you can’t harass the double-headed snake dragon. He can easily use these nasty flies open, but there can be more than 20 in the universe pagoda. Legendary Magic, Universe Pagoda transmits these magic of a set of groups to the double-headed snake Dragon Body, each group must have one or two steel magic images …

After a few times, the double-headed snake dragon had to deal with these invadiors fly.

feng Chou is taking this opportunity, with his own 傀儡, we fully kills the seven-eight Legendary snake dragons of the Snake Dragon.

In the final enjoys the battle of the double-headed snake dragon, ordinary Legendary Naga clams did not even have a lot of roles. All relying on Faski using the ocean and storm deparamnous power to suppress a double-headed snake dragon Element and Thunder areas, Feng Chou turned Golden Dragon, in many Divine Items, fighting through the body brush, talentedly dragging this double-headed snake dragon into the universe pagoda.

feng pick captures the double-headed snake dragon, has not come and pine tones, Lai in the depths of his heart, have been suddenly a task to him for a long time without movement!

“to pay and pay the desire to altar!”

Task Description: At the end of the Arcane era, Grand Arcanists got the information from Star Realm, and built this powerful altum in Floating Void City.

find this device and its information, and pay it.

Task Duration: One year

failure punishment: Opticing

Task Reward: Time Dragon’s Blood Essence

After reading this task, Feng Chou is not a long time, although he is strong enough today, it is already between ordinary Legendary to play between the applause, but this does not change him just a piece of chess, one can be smoked at any time. fact.

Feng Chou is stronger, the more knowledge, the more knowledge, the more you feel that he sent him to the excitement of this world, the Terrifying of his existence through the round-side mirror.

Even if Feng Chou is now a leader known for the project, he still can’t understand, what is the force makes him this alien soul, in the rules of this World, what is the power to make Qiankun His alien alchemy product is not destroyed by this world rules, Feng Chou even can’t understand what the round-side mirror is something, which is to strive in his own heart.

Looking at the rewards and punishments of this task, Feng Chou believes that the wheel back mirror is very thoroughly mastered by his psychology.

Feng Chou is currently mastering the Legendary road only ARCANE lord, this path is not strong until the floating void city is not rising, this is a road to Have Accumulated Knowledge and Deliver IT Slowly.

However, the professional data of Floating Void City has long been hidden by this world’s gods. Feng Chou even suspected that this world is not related to this profession.

feng pick selection Arcane Lord This is neither a strong, no future Legendary road, just helplessness.

If the non-project lord is not enough, Feng Chou does not always transform Golden Dragon and is desperately desperate.

After entering Legendary, human beings have gradually chased and exceed Giant Dragon, so Feng Chou’s Golden Dragon turned into more and more unique.

and Legendary Dragon Bloodline is an excellent solution to the shortcoming of the feng Chou current Battle Stregth.

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