Arcane Universe Chapter 409

According to the information obtained from the Arcane Tower of Morra, this World except for ordinary dragons such as five-color dragons, metal dragons, and more powerful Legendary Dragons.

Morrila’s information recorded three Legendary dragons, which were Rainbow Dragon, Li Suqian, Time Dragon.

Rainbow Long masters the field of Hongguang, and force the dragon to master the field of strength, and Time Dragon has mastered the time field.

Whether it is the field of Hongguang, it is also a very powerful field, and the time is not to say.

If Feng Chou can get the blood essence of these three Legendary dragons, and successfully fusement Bloodline, you can make up the problem of his Legendary occupational Battle Stregth, and let him keep the Arcane Lord Legendary path. Powerful research capabilities.

So, the blood of the Time Dragon is the things of Feng Chou Yearn for Something Even in Dreams.

Although Feng Chou is currently mastered in Bloodline Ceremony, but he believes that the powerful research capabilities of Arcane Lord have created corresponding BLOODLINE CEREMONY in the case of time Dragon’s Blood liquid Just a matter of time.

Although the reward of this task is Feng Chou Yearn for Something Even in Dreams, it is more likely to feel cold. Because this reward is undoubtedly explained to him, even his thoughts, all in the Reincarnation Realm!

Return to Hunter Island, feng Chou encloses yourself in the Master Tower for a whole three days.

After three days, I walked out of the feng pick of the Master Tower.

After leaving the Master Tower, Feng Chou has arranged the territory.

Hunter’s human Duchy is actually nothing to arrange, Feng Chou has established a stable organs here, and there is no powerful foreign enemy, even if feng Chou is not there, the territory can also operate as usual as usual.

It is necessary to arrange the Naga tribe in the sea.

Feng Chou left all Legendary 傀儡. He and Universe Pagoda have developed a detailed plan for conquest and unified hunter southern Sea Territory, giving them to the point of mind.

In addition to the conquest plan, Feng Chou will focus on the Master Tower on the Universe Pagoda and Hunter Island, and keep in touch with the points of interest, and remote control.

Maintaining this connection is not just to remotely command, but more importantly, to prevent it from betrayal.

Although these 傀儡 of the use of magic manufacturing, these artificial intelligence is more secure, but if the long-term out of control, these artificial intelligence is not unable to create self-cognition, betrayal may.

The reason why it is not taken away because of the Feng Chou, the STRENGTH OF FAITH income brought by the Islands Plan is really too important, and it is not allowed to give up.

In addition to properly arranged Naga tribe, feng Chou is still a long talking on the Amazon Legendary Arcanist Morrila in the bottom of Universe Pagoda.

Finally, Legendary Arcanist agreed to the Employment of Feng Chou, and the two had changed a part of the soul through Ceremony, signed a master-owned contract with Feng Chou.

Of course, as the soul that occupies the active Feng Chou is much smaller than Morra, and this result is that once the two sides have breach of contract, Morrai’s end is death, and Feng Chou is the finals The soul is seriously injured, and leaving the soul wound that is never compensated. This wound will greatly hinder the future professional path of Feng Chou.

It’s all over, Feng Chou has left the hunter island …

Golden Port is a port city. The core of this city is Golden Great Dao on the verge of the sea. Here, the closer to Golden Great Dao is more prosperous.

is close to the urban area of ​​Golden Great Dao, gathered in the Golden Harbor, Shop, Shop, Pub.

The neighborhood from Golden Great Dao is densely covered with various steam factories, and the farther place is the civilian district where the factory workers live.

In the northern edge of the factory area, there are some abandoned steam plants. It is rare here, and weeds are born, as if they have been forgotten by people.

This day, in the morning, between the two waste plants, on the desolate road of weeds, a Transmission Gate suddenly opened, a big body, dressed in reddov, head wearing a Black triangle, wearing a linen brown Pants, a pair of Black deer boots, Middle Age Person with a thick gray black hair and beard, came out from the inside.

This person is naturally a FENG CHOU, and his dress is the favorite dress of the captain of the Northland.

This time, Feng Chou did not wear a mask, and did not use Spell to change his appearance. He just had a long beard and used dye to use his hair and beard Change Color.

This simple dress makes the feng CHOU image change, even if an acquaintance is difficult to recognize him.

But this is only valid for Ordinary Person.

According to the reason, Feng Chou has been on the storm Goddess Blacklist, and the port city of the Golden Port is definitely courten.

God can use the believer and the temple as the node, for the investigation and monitoring of WITH NO OPPORTUNITY in a region, the more densely intended this area, the more strict the monitoring of this area.

Golden Port is undoubtedly a region of storm Goddess.

In the South Continent, especially in the coastal area, the storm goddess believers are almost all, and most of the sailors belong to storm Goddess. Of course, in addition to the Amazon people, other ethnic sailors believe in storm Goddess, most of them are because fear.

Even if it is Legendary thief, in such a place, it is difficult to hide the storm Goddess.

but feng pick dares to come from this place, naturally has his reliance.

The reliection of Feng Chou is the “tracking boots” wearing on his feet.

“Tracking Boots” Although just a Primary Level Divine Item, it is also enough to fight against storm Goddess through believers’ general detection.

Because the storm Goddess does not have a sacrifice or hunting God, in the tracking field, unprofessional, if Feng Chou is crime is the god of hunting, then he will never dare to be near the opponent Sway.

Morrila hidden in Universe Pagoda is more don’t worry, these years, Feng Chou conquer the indigenous tribes near Hunter Island, the most harvested, in addition to power, is hunting and hunting gods, both With more than 20 points, Feng Chou took a total of thirteenth tracking from these hunters and hunting sexy, if not feng pick can now make Primary Legendary Item, these gods are enough to make one +2 Divine Item.

A creature if he gains 10 points of god, then he will receive the use of the use of the world underlying rules, with some of the characteristics of some gods, people will receive these authorities, called DEMI -God.

is injected 10 points of god Divine Items also have the same authority and qualities as Demi-god.

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