Arcane Universe Chapter 410

If Feng Chou can have a +2 tracking Divine Item, don’t say that it is a storm Goddess, even if it is the gods of hunting, it is also looking for Feng Chou only by the generals of the temple and believers, unless otherwise Incarnation, also shortening the distance from Feng Chou to a certain range can we be traced to feng Chou.

Made + 1DIVine Item tracking boots used to track the fancy, the remaining 8-point trace gods are in Universe Pagoda, enough to block the storm Goddess.

Going out of Transmission Gate, FENG CHOU, looks for the direction, walking towards the street to Southwest.

passed through the two blocks, the scenery on both sides of the streets no longer desolate, and the walls of the streets gradually became more and more loud and loudly roaming.

In the roar of the steam engine, Feng Chou passed through an old messy neighborhood, and at least three people were sent along the way, they came to the streets with public carriage and patrol guards.

He took a public carriage and then transferred Carriage, spent more than half an hour, came to the bustling Golden Great Dao.

feng Chou takes the rental Carriage to get to the gouting engineer club in the middle of Golden Great Dao. He stayed in the club for more than an hour.

When he leaves the club, there have been a lot of intelligence information in the Storage Ring in your hand.

These intelligence information takes nearly 20,000 Sol, but Feng Chou feels that this is entirely worth it.

These intelligence includes some Major Event, South-North Continental trade, some of the situation of some acquaintances in the Northern Mainland of South China, Feng Chou …

Of course, some of the above All are some semi-disclosed intelligence, don’t say 20,000 SOR, they are far more than 20,000 Sol.

In the information purchased by Feng Chou, it is really worth the information related to the Floating Void City named Ognain.

After leaving the club, Feng Chou looks like Aimless along the bustling Golden Great Dao, in fact, he is listening to the universe pagoda pine to report the intelligence content after the finishing.

FENG Chou purchased is not small, and it is made up of many zero-scattered intelligence, although there are many first-hand information, but I want to read such a scattered intelligence, not an easy thing. Even more How these intelligence is more than 10,000 words.

Fortunate in Feng Chou has universe Pagoda, induction of this kind of intelligence, is the expertise of Universe Pagoda.

Ovin Dell Floating Void City crashed in the central part of the central part of the South China.

The central plateau in the South Continence is very broad, and its area occupies nearly 1/4 of the entire South, just like the ridge of the South Continent.

The terrain of the central plateau is very strange, it gradually increases from all around to the middle, and is not gradually rising, but presents a vertical step-up.

The highest layer of the entire ladder is located in the southern part of the plateau. This area of ​​the highest plateau in the Salun mainland accounts for approximately 1/4 of the entire central plateau, and its area is even more than Saren World, Ognin The total area of ​​the Dell Empire is still large.

The highest platform is not completely flat. Its all arrone has a towering Mountain Range, and the terrain of the entire site is also high, and the middle is gradually low.

So, there are not many precipitation and glaciers on the ground, concentrate on the middle of the field.

These water flow form a series of star-rated large lakes in the middle of the platform.

Under the moisturization of these rivers, the middle of the platform has formed a large plateau meadow, and some WHITE DRAGON tribes live on this barren plateau.

In the middle of the platform, there is a huge lake of hundreds of thousands of square kilometers. The surrounding area of ​​the lake is the most abundant area.

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