Arcane Universe Chapter 413

In fact, the feng chou did not cultivate the magic Ceremony information of the real Evil Spirit, and he only had “subsequent Evil Spirit Ceremony book”.

“secondary evil spirit ceremony” is actually a simplified version of “Evil Spirit Ceremony”.

feng pick is first to do is to restore the simplified “subtle Evil Spirit Ceremony” into the original “Evil Spirit Ceremony”.

This is also Feng Chou why first increases intelligence to 70 points, his time is a bit nervous, he needs to restore Evil Spirit Ceremony with the fastest speed.

After half a year of hard work, Feng Chou finally derived full version of “Evil Spirit Ceremony”.

Next, he spent a month, collecting materials, completed the early preparation of Ceremony.

looks at this huge magic Array, feng CHOU TOOK A Deep Breath, looking back to the universe pagoda tower spirit around you, Tower Spirit Without The Slightest Hesitation walks into array.

Waiting to Tower Spirit to the center of Array, feng Chou Took A Deep Breath launched CereMony.

“Evil Spirit Ceremony” duration is completely decided by the Ceremony host, during the duration, there is a need to consume a lot of soul stone.

If Feng Chou converts all one hundred million Soul Power in his hand into a soul crystal, and all put it, enough to make the entire Ceremony last for several years, and finally cultivate a Terrifying God that cannot be imagined.

but feng pick does not do this, if he is doing this, the only next thing is the god of the gods created by himself, and it is slavery.

Feng Chou’s host of Cautiously, a continuous touched and university Pagoda spirit, explored the limits they can withstand and control.

1 month later, Feng Chou took the initiative to stop Ceremony, at this time, more than 10 million SOUL POWER, in fact, only less than 10 million.

This 10 million SOUL POWER will lose half of the soul crystal, in Ceremony, will lose half, and finally “only” less than 25 million SOUL POWERs obtained by Universe Pagoda Spirit.

I want to know, even the Soul Power of Primary Legendary Powerhouse, it’s not one thousand!

fenge Chou as Legendary Golden Dragon, part-time Legendary engineering lord, soul this is more powerful than ordinary Legendary, and the professional level of the project has reached two Level 13, only one step from the intermediate Legendary, his SOUL Power is still two thousand!

What does two hundred and 500,000 SOUL POWER mean? Means the sum potinary Person of the universe Pagoda Spirit!

This is a thought that I can change the real’s world, when dozens of millions of people believe in a matter, then there is always much thinking about this matter, it is likely to become a reality.

and the soul of the god is huge to Equivalent to dozens of millions!

What does this mean? It means that God does not need believers, as long as he believes, you can shake World Rule!

I think, so World changes!

This is why the gods are bilk to God!


Although Feng Chou is already very careful, he still underestimates God’s terrifying.

feng pick stopped “Evil Spirit Ceremony”, re-activating the Universe Pagoda Spirit, reconnecting your soul and universe pagoda spirit …

On the first moment of universe pagoda open eyes activation thinking, Feng Chou suddenly felt that his thoughts were like an old machine that was about to arrive at the end, Zhi Zhi struggled, struggled, slower, slower ……

When the thoughts of Feng Chou will be completely stopped, the Reincarnation Realm in his Sea of ​​Consciousness is suddenly moved.

This quaint mirror flew out of Feng Chou Sea of ​​Consciousness, hanging in his back, rapid rotation, after a moment, a colorful paste, hanging from his brain.

With the rotation of the glutinous wheel, the thinking of Feng Chou is like a lubrication and new motivation, and the speed is gradually accelerated, and the hard gradually retreats.

Waiting for his thoughts to reply to normal, Feng Chou suddenly happened, he suddenly took a cold sweat.

If it is not Reincarnation Realm today, he may have become an idiot.

Although Feng Chou is very cautious, he still made a mistake. When the Universe Pagoda is in the Evil Spirit Ceremony, it is in a sleep state. At this time he goes to test, naturally, the real pressure is not true.

Waiting to universe Pagoda Spirit, Feng Chou is again connected to the Universe Pagoda Ling Soul, Universes Pagoda Lingzhi is a bit of the stress generated by his huge tall soul, like Heaven overflowing giant wave impact His soul.

If there is no Reincarnation Realm shot, Feng Chou must be impacted by Universes Pagoda Spirit God!

At the At this Time, Reincarnation Realm suddenly turned back after the feng chou brain, turned a colorful aperture.

At the same time, a colorful aperture has also emerged after the universe pagoda spirit.

With the appearance of the aperture, the thinking of Feng Chou quickly recovered.

Restore thinking, realize what happened just now, Feng Chou suddenly felt a hAVE One’s Hair Stand on End.

Let Feng Chou feel that Have One’s Hair Stand on End is not he just almost diluted with Universe Pagoda, but he suddenly realized that why he suddenly became so reckless.

feng CHO is always a cautious and calm person, and it seems that it is not his character at all, regardless of the cultivation of Universe Pagoda.

According to the character of Feng Chou, even if you want to cultivate universe pagoda, it should be strengthened, not such a step.

I think that someone can do my own thought, Feng Chou feels cold and chestnut.

I thought about it for a long time, Feng Chou sighed and started to induce the brain.

He found that the Reincarnation Realm of Sea of ​​Consciousness has disappeared in his own Sea of ​​Consciousness, and the colorful aperture after his brain seems to be rimmed.

This colorful aperture seems to help Feng Chou to save souls to avoid dilution and impact by Universe Pagoda.

feng Chou has been repeatedly protected, found that the aperture after the universe pagoda’s mind and his brain have some link, he can drive the Universe Pagoda Spirit through this aperture.

After calming, Feng Chou found a past reckless cultivation of the evils caused by the universe pagoda.

Because Universe Pagoda Spirit suddenly becomes too powerful, the universe pagoda of his body is already beaten!

At this moment, if you want to save Universe Pagoda, there is only one way to upgrade for the universe pagoda!

Feng Chou just used the SOUL POWER and merits that were previously accumulated, what to get to upgrade universe pagoda.

The answer is the information of the top project leaders and Arcane lord!

Is this also one of the purposes of thinking before the Reincarnation Realm?

feng pick is an angry, producing a crazy idea of ​​reincarnation realm peish together, but he Soon after he vent, because he found that he did not even qualify himself and Reincarnation Realm Perish Together, he didn’t even know What method can destroy the Reincarnation Realm.

Finally, Feng Chou is still retiring the project leadership of the original intended, and the information of Arcane Lord.

These materials have exchanged for 50,000 merits, and more than 20 billion SOUL POWER.

Reincarnation Realm Tips at the same time in his mind, “Congratulations, you have completed five thousand merits in 50 years, and the mandatory task of 50,000 merits of merits in more than 100 years.”

“You must get 500,000 merits in the next two hundred years!”


universe pagoda returns to the ice, feng Chou leaves Universe Pagoda, and there is no expression of Universe Pagoda issued an upgrade command.

Different from the past, universe pagoda upgraded this time, although all the features of Universe Pagoda, the Universe Pagoda is not retracted in the tower.

feng chou is not surprising, with the power of Universe Pagoda, it only needs to separate a small portion of the universes Pagoda, it is enough to assist universe pagoda to complete the upgrade, for this point of feng pick confirmed in advance Otherwise, the universe pagoda upgrades an About a year, the mandatory task of “Wish Altar” has expired …

Universe Pagoda’s Spirit of Universe Pagoda has made a high-transparent giant for tens of meters high.

feng pick is flying into a translucent giant’s chest, sitting on the knee, and slowly walking in the universe pagoda spirit.


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