Chapter 122 Become a strong leader (1)

Superior Spirit Summoning!

It was just Elrick’s best warrior Derrick.

‘When you become a Superior level, you will be able to use technology to fuse Spirit!’

The enormous miracle that Derrick fuses with Kasa and then wields his sword does not leave his mind.

I can do it too!

Would not it be worth fighting against Lee Chang-wee?

“Anyway, it is certain that the next Mission will collide with China.”

Cha Ji-hye said.

“The story of Mr. Odin defeating pirates is famous. Six people were killed and China would come back and revenge. “

“I think so. Not one or two, six, no matter how many China, I would have turned upside down. Maybe the Nordic Exam Group will have an official protest. “

“It will not happen. I can not say that I have been plundered by a group of pirates. “

I have a national face … .

It means that you will be retaliating unofficially, which is more scary.

“Anyway, you are more likely to hit pirates, so you have to prepare for the war. I think it’s better to get a Karma compensation. “

“I think so.”

At the end of the meal, I met Cha Ji-hye in a quiet place.

It was in order to discuss how to receive the Karma compensation.

“I’m going to make Spirit Summoning a Superior Level 1.”

“I think that is the best choice because you have raised that much Karma.”

I once summoned the slab and raised Spirit Summoning to Superior Level 1.

-Spirit Summoning (Main Skill): Summons a Superior Spirit to exert the power of nature, and it is naturally stimulated by nature, resulting in a dramatic improvement in physical abilities.

* Summable Spirit: Sylph, Kasa

* Superior Level 1: 10 hours summoning time, Spirit can fuse with the power of Spirit itself.

– Remaining Karma: +5,600

The moment I raised the skill, I could not see the warmth of my body began to flow overflowing.

‘It is the energy of nature!’

I was overwhelmed as if I were wearing a Synthetic Muscle Suit.

People with Aura control wanted to feel this way too.

‘That’s why Derrick was able to run faster than usual.’

Furthermore, even if you have raised Intermediate Level 2 to Superior Level 1 at once, you still have 5,600 Karma left!

‘This really was a great hit for the seventh time.’

Corrupt Examinees seemed to know why they were careful.

Thousands of Karma come in for free if you kill just one!

Examinee did not have such a good prey.

“If I know that six people are dead, the Chinese Mission swimmers will have a lot of trouble.”

One thing to worry about, however, is that the Chinese are enthusiastic about my family.

The Nordic Exam Group protects my family, but it was not enough for China to try to retaliate.

‘I have to be strong and go back to Korea.’

Once Spirit Summoning became a Superior Level 1, it was stronger to some extent.

I told Cha Ji-hye.

“The rest of the Karma will once Mission the power of Superior Spirit Summoning.”


Meanwhile, she said she had a total of 4,100 Karma.

“There is something I did not tell you.”

“What is it?”

“The last three item backpacks that Kim Hyun-Ho presented to me.”

“Yes, you just used one and the two were refunded to Karma?”

“I learned this skill and Special Skill with it.”

“What is Special Skill?”


“… Yeah?”

“You can pay 400Karma when you die and be resurrected.”

“You can resurve at any time with 400Karma?”

“Yes, I have to choose the resurrection within 60 minutes of my death.”

I was surprised.

If you pay for Karma, you can revive even if you die. It’s not entirely a scam!

“congratulations. I really envy you. “

“Thank you.”

They do not want to die, so they fight hard.

Having a Special Skill that can be resurrected even in death was a blessing for Examinee.

“Then you must leave 400Karma.”

“I think so.”

It will be the target of China in the future, but it lacks one or two lives.

Cha Ji-hye raised the Intermediate Level 1 Aura control to Intermediate Level 3. I invested 3,600 Karma in it and said that I would just have 500Karma left.

She seemed to be concentrating on one or two things rather than learning a few skillful skills like me.

It seemed that Odin, who became one of the strongest players by concentrating on one or two skills, was used as a role model.

As such, I imagined Cha Ji-hye, who unfolds Aura Blade’s Twin Blades with Aura Master.

“It’s cool!”

That cool Cha Ji-hye makes Twin Blades look glamorous! Derrick’s human female version!

“What do you think?”

“Ugh! Oh, no. “

In Cha Ji-hye’s question, I was frustrated and out of my mind.

However, an uninvited guest rushed in.


It was Mari.

Marie came in suddenly and looked at Cha Ji-hye alternately,


I put on my arms and look at Cha Ji-hye with a gaze.

“What happen? We were receiving Karma rewards. “

Examinees usually get rid of their positions when they receive Karma rewards. How to write Karma was the biggest secret.


“Yes Yes.”

“Go back to Korea?”

“Yes, it is.”

“do not go!”

“I have to go. I’m worried about my family. “

“do not go!”

Marie screamed out.

But I did not have a seizure like before.

Marie has been mentally stable so long that she has not been hysterical.

The lowered mental age did not return easily, but the aftermath of the curse was good.

I stroked Marie ‘s head and said,.

“I still have to go. Do not worry, I will come again. “

“Nope. I do not like Hyun-Ho. “

Marie repeatedly repeatedly “hated” because she was in a weird situation.

“You can go to Korea together.”

Cha Ji-hye said without hesitation.


I doubted my ears.

“You can go to Korea with Marie Johanna, too.”

“Huh! Then it becomes! “

Marie laughed and nodded headlessly.

“Will Odin allow it?”

“Huh? allow? Why do you need it? “

Marie stared at her head.

“I will go if I want to go. I do not need permission. “

As a child, I am aware of the fact that there is no need for a guardian on a topic that is full of curiosity.

“I’m going to Korea! I’ll tell you! “

Marie disappeared.

It was also lightning stones that appeared and vanished.

I looked at Cha Ji-hye.

“What are you thinking?”

“What do you mean?”

“Marie Johanna. Do not you feel uncomfortable with her? “

“Are you uncomfortable?”

“I do not like Cha Ji-hye secretly.”

“I’d like Johanna.”


“It’s cute like a cat.”



I liked this woman cat. Especially Sylph.

Oh, I think you should see how Sylph and Kasa evolved into Superior Spirit.

As I thought, I summoned two Spirits.



Both were quite different from the past.

Sylph’s body was intact, but the hair became longer, so I felt a little cuteness.

Kasa, on the other hand, has grown from dog to dog. It was not a big dog, for example, it was about the size of a large Jindo dog.

The two of them still climbed over my body on a bigger topic.

Sylph ‘s long hair and Kasa’ s big size made her crazy.

“… ! “

Cha Ji-hye’s eyes shook for the first time as she looked at me like that.

Cha Ji-hye’s gaze was apparently following the Sylph’s line.

“Would you like to see Sylph?”

“Oh, no, it does not matter,”

“Yes, you do not tell me to cut off?”

“I do not want to hate …

I flicked Sylph and threw it to Cha Ji-hye.


Sylph fits comfortably into the arms of Cha Ji-hye, with both arms extended.

I was satisfied with watching Cha Ji-hye, whose eyes were shaking like crazy.

Since becoming Examinee, I have seen Cha Ji-hye’s human appearance for the first time.

After a while, Odin and Marie came.

“Even if Marie is going to follow Korea,”

Odin looked a little tired. Mari would keep on swarming.

“I also want Johanna, and I think Johanna is even better when there is a threat from China.”

Cha Ji-hye said. That was the real reason. It was not a privilege to come along just because it was cute.

“Can you do it? You’ve felt it enough, but I have a lot of hands. “

“It is not a child. I’m an adult! “

Mari threw the knife and shouted. Odin sighed, grabbing the flying knife with his right hand.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, we are fine. Unless you’re hurting the Nordic Exam Group …

“What is going to happen? I wish Marie’s presence helps your safety. You two are not part of ours, but they have already done it. “

“Haha, yes.”

The Nordic Exam Group was already developing a small reconnaissance satellite to take to Arena.

For me and Cha Ji-hye, the Nordic Exam Group was the most reliable ally.

“But did you get a Karma reward?”

“Not yet. For the first time, I have raised Spirit Summoning to Superior Level 1. “

“Hoo, Main Skill is superior. That’s Superior Spirit Summoning, like Derrick of Zelkova Village? “

“Haha, yes.”

“Interesting. In fact, when I had a chance with Derrick, I just wanted to have a fight. “

Odin then looks at me with provocative gaze.

I laughed and said.

“I would like to see Mission. May I ask Dalian once? “

“Good. But, let’s go without weapons. “


I decided to fight with his Aura Blade or my guns or dangerous weapons.

“Follow me. There is a good place. “

We took the elevator together and went down to the basement of the Nordic Exam Group headquarters.

It came down from the 6th floor of the basement and was closed with a thick steel plate.

A thick iron gate reminded me of a place I had kept dangerous materials.

“I made a wall with an alloy. I do not care if I jump in my heart. “

It sounds like you are ready to jump in the rough.

Odin and I opened the iron door and went inside.



“Well, can you fuse with me?”


Sylph nodded.


Sylph jumped into my heart.

Then I’m sucking into my body and sucheuk.


Suddenly, a gust of wind was blowing around my body. I was caught in a small whirlwind.

The energy of nature in my body began to climb up.

“Oh, that’s Spirit fusion. Then I will go too! “

Odin caused Aura.

The blue Aura began to flow from his entire body.

As Odin ran, I reflexively punched him. Then,

Boo Woong!

My fist poured out a tremendous amount of power.

I looked at Odin, flying backwards, and I was flabbergasted.

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